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madee-x Local Star

a big foodie. love a good meal out. work in real estate.

Joined 23 May 2017 Brendale, QLD

  • NYC Bagel Deli

    Bakeries Chermside, QLD
    Highly recommend. The bagels are delicious. The blat is a must try. Fresh orange juice is also great
  • Coco Bliss

    Cafes Paddington, QLD
    Amazing friendly staff. Food is always fresh and tasty. Deffinetly recommend.
  • Gallopers Sports Club

    Restaurants Hamilton, QLD
    Had my 21st here. Really great place for functions. Really beautiful location! Friendly staff... Awesome food also.
  • Red Rooster

    Takeaways Deagon, QLD
    This red rooster is one of the busier ones as there isn't too many around. I have never had an issue. The chicken has always been fresh.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Deagon, QLD
    Always have a good experience at this KFC. It is never too busy so always get the food pretty fast. Food is always fresh too..
  • Three Little Pigs Tavern

    Restaurants Stafford, QLD
    Great food & quite affordable. They do a steak or fish special for approx $15. Really tasty. Small tavern though but it doesn't seem to get too busy so always have room.
  • Hoyts Cinema

    Cinema Stafford, QLD
    So glad they did a renovation! Those reclining seats are awesome. The staff are friendly. The movie is cheap and they are now licenced for alcohol! The only down fall is there food is quite expensive $17.50 for a coke and popcorn medium combo.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Albany Creek, QLD
    The one maccas that every time you go here, forget something in your bag! Very annoying - especially when your going through drivethrough and then have to hop out and go into the store. Defeats the purpose.
  • Tsuru Sushi Cafe

    Cafes Albany Creek, QLD
    Really fresh and delicious sushi. Only downfall is sometimes their chicken is a bit gristly. Still worth it though.
  • Woolworths

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Brendale, QLD
    Only just built about 2 months ago and it's fantastic. The team are lovely and I love the layout of the store. Deffinetly my preferred woolworths.
  • Zambrero

    Takeaways Aspley, QLD
    Went here for the opening day and it was awesome! Everything was $5 and it tasted great. Would deffinetly check it out again. The food is fresh and its a healthy version of mexican.
  • Ocean View Winery

    Restaurants Mount Mee, QLD
    Went to a wedding here on the weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. The view is phenomenal. The food was excellent. All in all, great venue. Would highly recommend
  • Bellissima Girl

    Beauty Salons Griffin, QLD
    Absolutely phenomenal at last extensions. Had them done at a dodgy place and she fixed them right up. Her makeup line is great too.
  • Spray Tan HQ

    Tanning Salons Kallangur, QLD
    Charmayne is awesome. She takes pride in her work and does a fabulous tan! Prices are fabulous too. One of the best tan places going around.
  • Brisbane Skin Clinic

    Skin Care Newstead, QLD
    Shobhan is honesly the best. If you want anything done - I can 100% recommend him. He takes care and is very careful and puts your mind at ease. Also Krys who does injections is fabulous. She was so friendly and sat with me while I waited for my treatment. The clinic is always so keen with super friendly girls..
  • The Bavarian

    Restaurants Chermside, QLD
    really great pub. Came for a wine after work and enjoyed it. Great atmosphere.
  • Kinn & Derm

    Restaurants Chermside, QLD
    What a place! Really cool vibe. Awesome set up. Even the menus are awesome. The food was great! We shared a main which we didnt even finish and that had the deep fried egg plant and gosh it was good! highly recommend!
  • Kmart

    Department Stores North Lakes, QLD
    Love a good kmart. The checkouts bother me though. You honestly could almost walk out and not realise... It just doesnt seem functional having them in the middle of the store.
  • The Rusty Burrow

    Restaurants Stafford, QLD
    Lovely location with lots of parking. Staff are friendly.
  • Sushi train

    Restaurants Chermside, QLD
    This is my least favourite of the chains - only because it's in a shopping centre so the wait is always long. They also only have 2 booths. But in saying that the food is always great and the staff are always friendly. I'd just prefer to go to a stand alone store.