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mlwoo13 Local Star

Joined 11 September 2008 Heathmont, VIC

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  • Tint a Car Ringwood

    Windscreens Ringwood, VIC
    I recommend these guys to everyone! I have had a few cars tinted here over the years and have never had one flaw with the tint. They are well priced and it's reassuring to have the lifetime guarantee against bubbling or peeling.
    Recently I sold a car that I had tinted here, and the roadworthy mechanic was saying that the tint was too dark acccoring to his meter. I took the car in for the guys at Tint a Car to look at the same day, and they checked it using their meters which showed it was within legal limits. They were so helpful and wrote a letter to the mechanic to verify the readings.
    The mechanic was happy with their assessment (saying their meters would be more accurate than his) and it saved me having to pay to remove the tint and redo it!
    Fantastic service and so friendly!
  • Daisey's Hotel

    Hotels Ringwood East, VIC
    We came here for a family dinner and I was pleasantly surprised.
    Daiseys had a really bad reputation for a while (as per the older reviews on here), but the whole place has had an update and it looks great.
    They have a great kids play area with a huge playground, the menu is modern, and our food tasted great.
    The only downside of the restaurant is that there are stairs everywhere! When you are carrying drinks back to the table you have to watch where you walk. It also restricts being able to bring family members who may have limited mobility and can't manage stairs.
    Overall very happy with our experience and would go back again. Give this place another go if you haven't been for a while!
  • Castello's Croydon Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Croydon, VIC
    Croydon Hotel has had a massive revamp recently and it is fantastic!
    The decor is very modern and the kids play area is huge and visible from most areas of the restaurant. Great menu and I loved the chicken avo salsa burger that I ordered. Kids had the pizza and cheeseburger and the servings were huge! They also got a drink and ice cream with their meals, so it was great value.
    There was some mix-up with our son's meal, so it didn't arrive until after the adult mains. Without us even complaining they told us his meal would be free. That is great customer service for you!
    On the way out, I saw a bar area called 'the Social' which seemed to have a large seating area and outdoor beer garden? It is somewhere I can see myself going for a few drinks with friends on a kid-free night :)
    This listing really needs to be updated as it may be confused with Castello's Daisy's in Ringwood. Croydon Hotel doesn't seem to have an affiliation with Castello's from what I could find online...