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mlwoo13 Local Star

Joined 11 September 2008 Heathmont, VIC

  • Tint a Car Ringwood

    Windscreens Ringwood, VIC
    I recommend these guys to everyone! I have had a few cars tinted here over the years and have never had one flaw with the tint. They are well priced and it's reassuring to have the lifetime guarantee against bubbling or peeling.
    Recently I sold a car that I had tinted here, and the roadworthy mechanic was saying that the tint was too dark acccoring to his meter. I took the car in for the guys at Tint a Car to look at the same day, and they checked it using their meters which showed it was within legal limits. They were so helpful and wrote a letter to the mechanic to verify the readings.
    The mechanic was happy with their assessment (saying their meters would be more accurate than his) and it saved me having to pay to remove the tint and redo it!
    Fantastic service and so friendly!
  • Daisey's Hotel

    Hotels Ringwood East, VIC
    We came here for a family dinner and I was pleasantly surprised.
    Daiseys had a really bad reputation for a while (as per the older reviews on here), but the whole place has had an update and it looks great.
    They have a great kids play area with a huge playground, the menu is modern, and our food tasted great.
    The only downside of the restaurant is that there are stairs everywhere! When you are carrying drinks back to the table you have to watch where you walk. It also restricts being able to bring family members who may have limited mobility and can't manage stairs.
    Overall very happy with our experience and would go back again. Give this place another go if you haven't been for a while!
  • Castello's Croydon Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Croydon, VIC
    Croydon Hotel has had a massive revamp recently and it is fantastic!
    The decor is very modern and the kids play area is huge and visible from most areas of the restaurant. Great menu and I loved the chicken avo salsa burger that I ordered. Kids had the pizza and cheeseburger and the servings were huge! They also got a drink and ice cream with their meals, so it was great value.
    There was some mix-up with our son's meal, so it didn't arrive until after the adult mains. Without us even complaining they told us his meal would be free. That is great customer service for you!
    On the way out, I saw a bar area called 'the Social' which seemed to have a large seating area and outdoor beer garden? It is somewhere I can see myself going for a few drinks with friends on a kid-free night :)
    This listing really needs to be updated as it may be confused with Castello's Daisy's in Ringwood. Croydon Hotel doesn't seem to have an affiliation with Castello's from what I could find online...
  • Zagame's Boronia Club Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Boronia, VIC
    We hadn't been to Zagames for years and were pleasantly surprised by the update it has had recently. As we had 6 kids with us for dinner, the huge play area was very appealing and did not disappoint. They had a kids entertainer im the room who seemed to be able to draw all of the kids into the activities.
    Our food arrived exceptionally fast, and a staff member arrived to ask us how our meals were before we could even start! Meals were pretty good overall, my hubby had the fish & chips and I had calamari. We also had the duck spring rolls for entree.
    Kids had frankfurts and chips, but the chips were a bit on the soggy side. The ones that came with my calamari were much nicer.
    We will defintely be back for more family dinners! Great service and lots to keep the kids happy (they didn't want to leave)!
  • Utsav Indian Restaurant

    Takeaways Heathmont, VIC
    Came here with a group of friends recently and we tried a large variety of dishes. All tasted amazing and some of the best butter chicken I've had in a while. The service was great and we were surprised by how cheap the bill was at the end! Nice modern decor and open so you don't feel like you are squished in. Highly recommended!
  • After Dark Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping Rowville, VIC
    Jessie is a fantastic accountant and has done a great job with our tax returns the past few years. We have an investment property and she is excellent at explaining what we can and can't claim and makes sure we get every possible deduction. She is so friendly and takes the time to have a chat with clients and get to know you on a personal level. Highly recommended!
  • Sofia Pizza House

    Restaurants Croydon, VIC
    We met my mum here for lunch yesterday and the only reason they get one star is for their kids play area. It is fantastic as it has a fort-like cubby house with a slide that my kids loved climbing up and sliding down over and over.
    When I walked in the door, there was no one to greet me, so I walked over to the table to meet my mum. I asked her if we order at the register or if they have table service and she had no idea. A waitress was walking around but didn't even acknowledge us until I asked her how we were meant to order. She said if we wanted to order together on one bill she could take our order, but if we wanted to pay separately to go to the register. We said we were happy to pay together, but then she walked off, seeming to be distracted by something. In the end, we gave up and paid at the register, and were served by who I assumed was the manager, and he couldn't even crack a smile.
    The food was cheap ($10 lunch special for a small pizza/pasta and post mix drink), but for some reason the kids meal cost the same.
    Unfortunately you get what you paid for and the food was awful - overly heavy gnocchi carbonara and the kids nuggets and chips were so greasy you could see the oil shining on them. The service ended there. We were never offered water for the table and the coffee my mum ordered with her meal never arrived, so she had to ask for it when she finished her meal. No acknowledgement when we left the restaurant and didn't ask how our meals were. Poor for how few customers were there. Decor is dated, there was random clutter around the restaurant and the exterior of the building looks like it needs some maintenance.
    They have clearly lost the passion for the business and it shows.
    Won't be going back.
  • Barclays Cafe

    Cafes Heathmont, VIC
    We used to love going to Barclays for lunch, but have been so disappointed by our last few visits that we won't return again.
    We have received dirty glasses, the menu never seems to change, and we have been given the wrong meals. They also took ages to serve our meals last time, and we had 2 hungry kids with us who had only ordered toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. Any good cafe knows to get the kids meals out quick coz no one likes hangry kids!
    It's a shame the place has gone so downhill as I love the back courtyard which is heated so you can even sit out there in winter and look out at all the trees & hear the birds - no other cafe in Heathmont has this! All of the other cafes have their outdoor seating at the front, so you get all the road noise.
  • Fleming Security Doors & Screens Pty Ltd

    Home Decor Retailers Montrose, VIC
    Fleming installed two security doors at our investment property & I was so happy with them.
    Their turnaround time was very quick, the installer was friendly and chatted to me the whole time he was there, and the quality of the doors is brilliant.
    I had a security door installed at home a year prior with a different company, and the fit and quality is so bad in comparison.
    They also did a great price for me, which was less than what I was expecting. Doors are still perfect 6 months later.
    If you need security doors don't go past Fleming!
  • Techniblock Pty Ltd

    Building Construction Boronia, VIC
    Techniblock restumped a whole house for us in Boronia a bit under a year ago and we were very happy with the work and the service. They provided the most professional quote that was also well-priced (we had a budget so I got a lot of quotes!). We hit a few problems with asbestos found buried under the house, but they communicated with us throughout the entire process, and were respectful and friendly to the tenant living in the house while works were being done.
    Highly recommended!
  • Target

    Department Stores Ringwood, VIC
    I really like this Target store as it is very large, but very quiet most of the time as it is located in a smaller set of shops away from Eastland. They have a great range, and I love the clothes - especially their jeans and work pants/skirts. I tend to buy most of my underwear here as well, as they have very cute prints and designs. They have heaps of changing rooms too, so you are never waiting around to try things on. If you can't be bothered with the crowds at Eastland, head down the road to Target Square instead! Just make sure that you park at the back entrance, or else you may have trouble finding a spot. The front carpark also caters for those shopping at Coles and Aldi, so it is usually very busy.
  • Harris Scarfe

    Department Stores Ringwood, VIC
    This is my go-to store if I ever need any homewares, manchester or small appliances. They always have huge sales (40-50% or more), and if you keep a look out for their catalogues, you can grab an absolute bargain. Their clothing range isn't bad, especially the sporting clothes. However, I have found that sometimes the sizing can be a bit hard to judge, as their small seems to be more like a size 10 rather than an 8. The store is huge, and is located in the building where Officeworks used to be on Maroondah Hwy. It has it's own carpark out the front, and you can always get a spot easily.
  • Warran Glen Garden Gifts Cafe

    Cafes Warrandyte, VIC
    We recently discovered this cafe while visiting the nursery to buy a mother's day present, and it is gorgeous! It is set amongst the gardens at the top of a hill, so the view is amazing. There was a great choice of food for lunch, but it was a tad expensive, especially for the soft drinks. Although they seemed to have a lot of staff walking around, you still have to go up and place your order at the counter. They have a huge selection of cakes and slices, so we will definitely be back to try them out!
  • Kinross Podiatry

    Podiatrists Boronia, VIC
    I have been a patient at this bulk-billing practice for about 5 years. It is a nice and modern clinic, with friendly reception staff. The doctors are all lovely, and although they are very busy (as you would expect with bulk-billing), they don't rush you in and out the door. You will need to make an appointment vs just 'walking in', which also means that they don't have really long waiting times (I find that I usually wait between 10-30 mins). They also have pathology services on-site.
  • Peninsula Hot Springs

    Day Spas Rye, VIC
    I came here for a Hen's Day, and we spent the afternoon in the thermal baths. There is a great variety of temperatures and sizes, and we had fun testing them all out. It can get a bit busy, so you will sometime have to wait or share a bath with another group. We also had dinner as part of the package, and the best part was that we all sat at the table in our bath robes = absolute bliss! The food was amazing, and there was a really diverse menu. It is a bit pricey, but worth every cent. A great place to go and indulge with girlfriends, or as a couple.
  • H&R Block

    Accountants Boronia, VIC
    I have been here a couple of times to get my tax return processed, and I was very happy with the service. They were friendly, fast, and tried to get every deduction possible. Their prices are also very reasonable, and you can claim back the cost.
  • Chemist Warehouse

    Chemists Ringwood, VIC
    I go out of my way to shop here for prescriptions, health and beauty products. You save an absolute fortune as the prices are much less than a usual pharmacy. It is a huge store with everything you could possibly need. The prescriptions counter can get very busy at times, with a usual wait of about 20mins. The good thing is that you can shop around while you wait, or head over to Eastland and come back later.
  • Village Cinemas

    Cinema Wantirna South, VIC
    These cinemas are great, especially Gold Class, but it is always extremely busy! I have had to sometimes wait in excess of 1/2 hour just to buy tickets on a Sat night. If you can, I would recommend to pre-purchase online before you go (I buy discount vouchers through a rewards program at work, so I don't have the option to do this). It also means that you can pick your seats before everyone else. I have sometimes had a movie sell-out before I can get to the end of the line, or there are only seats left right up the front. There are so many great dinner options in Knox Ozone to choose from before your movie, and you have Trampoline ice-cream and Coles nearby for movie snacks.
  • Hoyts Cinemas

    Cinema Ringwood, VIC
    After living in Boronia and being a regular at the Village Cinemas in Knox, it has been a very refreshing change to now be living in Heathmont and having Hoyts as our local cinema. It is so much quieter, and you don't have to line up for 1/2 hour to get your tickets (often there isn't a line at all!). They have recently revamped their 'xtremescreen' cinema, so it now has super-comfy leather seats. We have also been to La Premiere a couple of times and it was pretty good. It doesn't really compare to Gold Class at Village however, as you are just up the back of a regular cinema, and you don't have the nice comfy recliners. The chairs are still comfortable, and the bonus is that you get free popcorn and drinks. The catch is that the cup and container they give you are tiny, so you have to keep going back for refills. Some of the cinemas are located quite far from the single DIY 'refill area', so you miss some of the movie from running up and down the corridor to top yourself up. There are always plenty of session times for each movie, with 2D and 3D options. They also have a good rewards program, where you can build up points to get free candy bar items or tickets (can take a while though!).
  • Subway

    Takeaways Bayswater, VIC
    This is our local Subway, and from going there at least a dozen times, I can say that they are consistently good with their service and quality. It can be a very busy store at times, but you never seem to have to wait long. They have plenty of parking, and a decent 'dine in' area. This particular part of Canterbury Rd can be a pain to access as you can't turn directly into the driveway if you are heading towards the city. You will need to do a u-turn a bit further up, and then when you leave again, will need to do another u-turn at a slow set of traffic lights to head back in the direction of the city.