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Latest Reviews

  • Danny's Seafood Restaurant

    Restaurants La Perouse, NSW
    After talking about trying Danny's for years I finally took my wife there for dinner last Friday.
    We ordered the golden fried calamari as an entree... I was not impressed, you could tell it was packet stuff from the freezer... For a restaurant to serve that stuff is very disappointing when it is not hard for a good chef to make it from fresh squid. Plus it was $13.50 and there was only about 8 rings,absolutely outrageous! For mains I had a barramundi Cleo which was absolutely beautiful, it had a king prawn on top with hollandaise sauce and was served with chips... The prawn was a little over cooked. The wife had a snapper mornay, also served with chips and that was also very nice. The fish for both the mains was cooked beautifully and tasted very fresh. We sat outside at a wobbly table on some cery uncomfortable plastic moulded chairs overlooking the bay and the waiters were quite friendly and patient but it was a very quite night for the restaurant. They also had 2 filipino classical guitarists walking around playing some very lovely flamenco style tunes which made us feel as though we were on holiday.
    The decor of the restaurant is about 15 years outdated and the carpet inside is pretty crummy and has a bit of a fishy smell lingering around inside the place so we were glad to be seated outside. All in all it wasn't too bad,the entree was terrible but the mains were good, more like overpriced pub food to me. In fact I've had much better meals at pubs for around half the price of Danny's so I guess I don't think me and the wife will be back nor can we really recommend this place to anyone. Thanks for reading my review.
  • Angelo's Traditional Pizzeria

    Takeaways Padstow, NSW
    Ordered pizza from them when I moved to padstow and the pizza was ok. So I kept ordering from them and the pizza seemed to get worse every time. The pizza has a soggy base, the ribs are rubbish and the pasta was swimming in so much oil and was so disgusting that we threw it in the bin(not to mention over priced)! Never again will I order food from this shop again. The 2 stars is for the friendly service.
  • Doytao Thai

    Restaurants Padstow, NSW
    This is the worst Thai food ever in padstow! Very plain and hardly any taste, I could tell the ingredients were not fresh and poor quality.

Latest Comments

  • What a find! This family owned winery isn't anywhere I would have expected to find such a huge range of incredibly value priced wines. They bottle it all themselves so I'm told - and you could believe it as the presentation of the place isn't at all corporate, it's basically just their basement. However, the wines I tasted (and they don't care how much you taste) were all really delicious. You might not believe it, but they're also all around the $5 mark, including their really sweet sticky dessert wines, port, and all manner of red & white varieties. Cheaper again by the case, I'll be back there next time I'm looking for good wine at a great price - and the drive out there is real nice too.
    • Thanks for leaving this comment,I'm taking my father for a drive out there this week end.
  • The staff at angelo's are so friendly and helpful, we ordered pizza's and my partner has to be carful about what he eats, the man on the phone was so patient and wonderful, even though I could hear that they where very busy! Then we got the pizzas and they were absolutley delicious! Can't wait until the next time - please keep up the great work guys, it's nice to see some businesses still have their customers as number one priority!
    • I moved to padstow back in September 2011 and ordered from Angelo's pizza, the pizza was delicious. So I ordered from them again and was very disappointed. The base was soggy, I thought it was a one off, so I didn't lose my faith and ordered again a few weeks later when I had friends over, we ordered a 2 pizzas, 2 pastas and a full rack of ribs.... here is the lowdown..........Th pizza was soggy, the ribs were rubbish and had a crap bbq sauce on them and the pasta was swimming in so much oil that we couln't eat t and just throw it in the bin!! After ordering from them so many times and being disappointed with the quality of food, I will never order a thing from them again.