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mrwarwickjones Newbie

working class hero

Joined 10 November 2012 Mosman, NSW

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  • Ascot Car Rental Pty Ltd

    Car Rental Mascot, NSW
    my sister was on holiday in Sydney from the UK and we rented her a car from Ascot Car Rental, they offered the most competitive car rental rates in town, we called nearly every car rental business we found on google and Ascot Car Rental had the best rate and the best insurance cover in town, we hired a new toyota yaris hatch for $29 per day for a 47 day period and they gave us an excess of only $250 which is simply unbeatable, they even offered FREE delivery and pick up to our home which we took advantage of, i have to say that we have rented many cars over the years and the service that Ascot Car Rental gave my family was great, normally you think cheap rates cheap service but the service was great and the car was new, only had 4,000 klm on the speedo, my sister loved the new car smell and at the end of the rental they picked up the car and even gave us a voucher for a next rental giving us $5 per day off our next rental which was kinda nice. I will tell all my friends about Ascot Car Rental and my father is coming to visit Sydney in Feb next year and i will take advantage of the $5 saving per day, we loved doing business with Ascot Car Rental, thank you Ascot Car Rental.

Latest Comments

  • i own a mechanical workshop and i have rented with Ascot Car Rental many many times, when i have a client who requires a car while i repair their car i rent a new car from Ascot Car Rental, as i have a business they offer me a great corporate rate of only $29 per day for a new hyundai i20 or similar for $39 per day for a new toyota camry or similar, great rates compared to the other rental companies in the market place, they deliver the car to my business and pick the car up when the client is finished with the car. All my clients are happy and i always tell me friends to rent from Ascot as the rental deals cannot be beaten, at the moment i have 6 cars on rent from Ascot and they always provide me with the best service and always look after my clients, i have rented with Ascot for 24 months now and have never had any problems or issues like i had with another rental company that is why i looked and luckily found Ascot Car Rental, i highly recommend Ascot for your rental needs for personal or business you cannot get a better deal.
    • see Ascot Car Rental gave Mr Mechanic a corporate rate of $29 per day, i am not even a corporate and they gave me the same rate for a new car which shows the price they offer is unbeatable and best by far, thank you Ascot.