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mumsrite Local Star

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it (",)

Joined 10 July 2011 Northern Beaches, NSW

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  • ASN Transfers

    Airport Shuttles Warriewood, NSW
    Our first time using ASN and never will use their service again.

    We had just come off a long flight with two kids and the last thing we would expect was to wait blindly for our transfer serivce. We had prepaid our transfer and were not given any details about our driver nor any indication on what time we should expect him. After a 40-minute wait, I decided to ring the office and to my disappointment, the gentlemen who wasn't in any way polite, claimed he had no idea who my driver was and how long we would have to wait. Now upon learning that from the office, that is a clear indication that they are not an organised service provider. In the end, we waited a very long 80 minutes!

    It was during our journey in their bus I overheard the driver on the phone about having to pick up passengers the other driver wasn't able to do so earlier; which unfortunately we believe those passengers were us.

    What I wish ASN had done was to give us a call to inform us that our designated driver wasn't unable to pick us up as planned but another would be on the way and to expect him significantly later. Had we known what was happening, we would have better spent our time at the airport instead of waiting blindly.

    Regardless of their claims on their website, or how reasonable their tarriffs are, we are definitely not using their service again. They are not reliable nor friendly and have no clue about customer serivce. ASN doesn't even deserve half a star!
  • Ginseng Health Foods

    Health Markets Frenchs Forest, NSW
    I went in to inquire about the availability of a product which they stock. I understood they were awaiting its arrival but simply wouldn't tell me what the price was. The body language was unpleasant and unwelcoming. His repelling attitude has successfully sent me shopping for health related products somewhere else.
  • Cafe Gioia & Pizzeria

    Cafes Leichhardt, NSW
    I don't recall having a bad meal here. The food is consistently good and reasonably fast.

    6 of us ordered 6 different meals besides garlic pizzas to start with and each one turned out great. Serving size was just right and service was friendly.

    It was another great night out.

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  • mumsrite Local Star reviewed Rebel Sport
    Really good service, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The assistant I spoke to was really helpful right from my phone inquiry to the moment I needed advise at the store. Thumbs up!
    • mumsrite Local Star 
      Hi Gareth, if my memory serves correctly, it was Brendon from foot ware department who helped my 11-yo daughter with her purchase. My daughter and I were really pleased with the outcome. Cheers.