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mumsrite Local Star

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it (",)

Joined 10 July 2011 Northern Beaches, NSW

  • ASN Transfers

    Airport Shuttles Warriewood, NSW
    Our first time using ASN and never will use their service again.

    We had just come off a long flight with two kids and the last thing we would expect was to wait blindly for our transfer serivce. We had prepaid our transfer and were not given any details about our driver nor any indication on what time we should expect him. After a 40-minute wait, I decided to ring the office and to my disappointment, the gentlemen who wasn't in any way polite, claimed he had no idea who my driver was and how long we would have to wait. Now upon learning that from the office, that is a clear indication that they are not an organised service provider. In the end, we waited a very long 80 minutes!

    It was during our journey in their bus I overheard the driver on the phone about having to pick up passengers the other driver wasn't able to do so earlier; which unfortunately we believe those passengers were us.

    What I wish ASN had done was to give us a call to inform us that our designated driver wasn't unable to pick us up as planned but another would be on the way and to expect him significantly later. Had we known what was happening, we would have better spent our time at the airport instead of waiting blindly.

    Regardless of their claims on their website, or how reasonable their tarriffs are, we are definitely not using their service again. They are not reliable nor friendly and have no clue about customer serivce. ASN doesn't even deserve half a star!
  • Ginseng Health Foods

    Health Markets Frenchs Forest, NSW
    I went in to inquire about the availability of a product which they stock. I understood they were awaiting its arrival but simply wouldn't tell me what the price was. The body language was unpleasant and unwelcoming. His repelling attitude has successfully sent me shopping for health related products somewhere else.
  • Cafe Gioia & Pizzeria

    Cafes Leichhardt, NSW
    I don't recall having a bad meal here. The food is consistently good and reasonably fast.

    6 of us ordered 6 different meals besides garlic pizzas to start with and each one turned out great. Serving size was just right and service was friendly.

    It was another great night out.
  • New Star Kebab Restaurant

    Restaurants Auburn, NSW
    This place is crazy busy at dinner hours. See if you can squeeze in to order your takeaway. The aromas of cooking at New Star is very welcoming. But best of all, they sell great lamb mince pizza! I love them so much I buy a few, maybe more, to freeze as I don't live close by.

    Can't wait to return for more fabulous food.
  • Nicholas Seafood Traders Pty Ltd

    Seafood Pyrmont, NSW
    I have had positive experience here in the past but I couldn't say the same this time.

    Apart from buying several seafood items, I also asked for marinara mix. Somehow this lad doesn't seem to understand the mix shouldn't comprise of mostly shellfish even after being told a couple of times. I've never paid for such a lousy bag of lesser mix of seafood mix.
  • Waterman's Lobster Co.

    Restaurants Potts Point, NSW
    Nice little place with lovely outdoor setting although the chairs aren't the most suitable (comfortable) for dining.

    I'm rather disappointed with the lobster roll. The taste isn't quite what I've anticipated, unlike the Australian lobsters that taste like sea, this lobster doesn't carry that taste. The breadroll is tiny although nicely toasted with a crunch on the outside, it isn't of a satisfying portion even topped with lobster.

    On a positive note, the service was great and it was nice to be tended to by a friendly waiter.
  • Jasmin1 Lebanese Restaurant Leichhardt

    Restaurants Leichhardt, NSW
    I was there at lunchtime with a friend and sat in for over 2 hours. We couldn't believe how quiet it was. It's a lovely restaurant and my family has enjoyed many wonderful meals there.

    This place serves great food that's reasonably priced. The mixed kebab platter was generous and the eggplant dip was nice and smokey. Can't miss the cinnamon tea. The fatteh here is just as good as the one in Auburn. Best comfort food!
  • Jasmin Auburn

    Restaurants Auburn, NSW
    Customer service here is great. Every customer is served with water, cinnamon tea as well as pickles regardless of what you order.

    The lamb shish is smokey, flavorsome and tender. Love the fatteh which they serve all day long, a dish of tahina, yoghurt, bread and chickpeas layered in one bowl. My absolute favourite dish!

    This place is excellent in my opinion and the crowd is an indication of its popularity. Thumbs up!
  • Andersons Of Denmark Pc

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Sydney, NSW
    It is well after 11pm on a Thursday night and the restaurants hoarding the water front are already cleaning up for the night and even the bars that open until early hours have closed their kitchens for chips and desserts, this little ice cream counter is still bustling with customers. One good thing about Andersons besides their reliable ice cream quality is the fact that you can pay with a credit card if you're short in cash. So if you have a late night ice cream craving while at the Darling Harbour, you now know this is the place is an option.

  • Lindt Cafe

    Chocolatiers Sydney, NSW
    If you aren't picky with the cheap outdoor setting that is often left dirty and messy but with the focus on your chocolate fix, then this place is definitely an option. This place is often buzzing with tourists when I frequent, so much so that the staff are reluctant to be friendly. If I weren't partial to the water frontage, I would rather frequent the Lindt Cafe at MLC.

    Yes, the hot chocolate is great and the brownie slice is addicting. It is the ultimate chocolate affair with sugar and it is GOOD!

  • Abode Bistro Bar

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    The bistro is rather pretty; has a clean and cheerful outlook that is pleasant to the eye. Although I it was rather dim when I was there for dinner one night, a little too dim for my comfort.

    As a fan of squid ink, I would highly recommend the Black Squid; strips of squid encased in crispy squid ink batter. Delightful on its own.

    The Charcuterie Board is good too. I particularly enjoyed the chorizo ball and I would have enjoyed it more if it had been softened a bit by warming it up gently.

    The Cone Bay Barramundi Risotto is really tasty and fresh. Seasoned well to the tee.

    The portions here are generous, so if you're adventurous and enjoy tasting different dishes, I would suggest go in a group preferrably with a healthy appetite.
  • Thanon Khao San Thai Restaurant

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    This is a Thai restaurant where I would return in a heartbeat. It has my favourite dish which is hard to find in Sydney and am so glad that not only do they serve it, but it is as authentic and tasty as in Thailand. I can still remember the first taste!

    With a cute tuk tuk on display at the restaurant, you can't miss it. And not to mention the array of freshly made desserts at its frontage; very eye-catching!

    The service is fast, no matter how busy they are. In fact, they are always busy even on a weeknight. It is evident the restaurant is popular judging by their fleet of Thai staff, and the many ever faithful Thai and foreign customers dining there.

    The taste of Thai dishes is rarely subtle but with flavours in full force, be it fish sauce, coconut, lime or chilli. The one dish I cannot miss there is the spicy papaya salad with crab and anchovy, a full-on fishy and heady recipe not for the faint-hearted. A small point to note is a flaw with their curries is the amount of coconut cream which masks the spice flavours.

    Another dish I would rave on about is their BBQ beef tenderloin. It is cooked to perfection, flavoursome; sweet, salty and slightly tangy, still pink on the inside. This is one taste I cannot forget.

    The Pad Thai is great too. I'd say I've had a fair share of mediocre Thai stir-fry at various locations but this one will put a smile on anyone's face. Sweet, it is no doubt but it is cooked well; noodles still firm but cooked enough and beef is tender. Love the crushed peanuts on the side but the lone wedge of lemon is usually not enough for my liking, so I have to ask for more.

    The prices are reasonable on the whole and definitely worth travelling for. YUM!!!

  • Yasaka Ramen

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Last night, my son and I were scouring the streets of Sydney CBD looking for a Japanese restaurant. After a long tedious hunt, we finally settled for Yasaka Ramen and so glad we did. Here's why:

    The ramen noodles are made on the premises, assuring customers of the freshest noodles. There is a gallery at the entrance where you can see the making of the noodles, which is pretty cool. Their ramen bowls are kept warm in a contraption with hot water in it so you know your noodles will stay piping hot for longer.

    We sat at the counter where the kitchen is in full view, where you can witness the kitchen staff meticulously prepare the food, much like many small restaurants in Japan. They were busy but it was a relief that none of the staff members were stressed out or yelling at one another. Quite the contrary, they were orderly and organised, spoke in courteous manner.

    We ordered the most spicy ramen in the house, crispy chicken cutlets on rice, teriyaki tofu, lotus root chips and pork dumplings as well. It would be difficult to pin-point which dish was the best because they were all good. Yes, all of them were good. The chips and chicken were crisp, crunchy and flavoursome, the tofu super silky on the inside but crunchy on the out; they were really delicious! The pork dumplings were simply excellent; they were succulent and we could just taste its freshness too. Lastly, my ramen! The texture of the noodles was just right, slightly firm with a little chew and not too thick, definitely not soggy. The broth was spicy, slightly bitter as you can expect with the bowl filled with mostly chilli, even then the miso flavour could still be identified. The ramen was of generous portion with a thick slice of rolled pork, corn kernels and a sheet of nori. I also noticed that the broth was only mildly salty, just ample so you can taste the ingredients in the bowl.

    The bill was a humble one even though we ordered more than we could manage. I must say that my son and I had one of the best Japanese dinners last night, no different than the restaurants in Japan. Yasaka exceeded our expectations in taste, professionalism and cost and given these reasons we're bound to return soon.
  • Coles Supermarket

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores North Manly, NSW
    We all know what Coles are about but today, I'm writing a review about their service, something I've been meaning to do so for a while now and today just warrants it!

    I should commend on the attitude of the staff members whom I have interacted with. They are from but not limited to the bakery, deli and dairy, they are always happy to answer my questions and help me with my requests even if it means going round the store to look for the appropriate person for assistance. Today I've had the pleasure of dealing with a young gentleman who provided me with such excellent service, whose work at the Asian food aisle was interrupted by me, diligently went hunting down a staff member from the dairy department so I could have the products I needed. Now I wish I took notice of the name of the gentleman who did all the legwork!

    Thank you for your help today!
  • The Great Australian Ice Creamery

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Torquay, QLD
    This place now has plenty of benches and tables outside where customers can sit down to enjoy their ice cream, which really is way better than the few odd tables and chairs that they had in the past. That's the good news.

    The lesser of a good news is they no longer sell the pineapple ice cream. They still sell many great flavours of ice cream which still leave their customers a difficult task of choosing.

    As one can imagine, customer service isn't equal throughout the week depending on who is on duty. Some are not only friendly but also considerate while others care a little less, their service is pretty good on the whole and definitely will return when we are in the area again.
  • Maddigan's Seafood

    Takeaways Torquay, QLD
    We have the pleasure of visiting Hervey Bay again this summer and most importantly, taste the great fresh seafood that the Maddigans prepare.

    This time, we dine in every other night and there isn't a meal there that we don't enjoy. The grilled salmon and barra, salt & pepper quids, oysters, etc. But, the king of seafood there is the mud crab. Although it isn't cheap nor is it something one would have frequently, it is certainly worth every penny. The crab is so fresh you can taste it. It is cooked to perfection, its flesh naturally sweet and salty at the same time, so good that every inch of the crab is savoured preciously!

    On the service front, the staff is friendly and efficient. And quick! But the wait is always worth it! Will definitely return if given the chance.

    THUMBS UP!!!
  • Hawa Charcoal Chicken

    Takeaways Granville, NSW
    Trotting along South Street one day, we notice there aren't many dining options, so my friend and I settle for Hawa. At lunch time on a Thursday, this place is busy with a line out the door, but the service is reasonable quick and we are able to order quicker than anticipated.

    Looking for seating, we wander into the dining area to discover that this place is spacious with cool air-conditioning perfect for that particularly warm afternoon. As non smokers, we are disappointed that there is a smoking section within the enclosed dining area, nearer to the toilets.

    Our food comes quite quickly even though the kitchen is obviously busy. Our platter of kebabs and dips is of great portions and not to mention the fresh bread that comes with it. All the kebabs are very tasty, really tasty. The chicken is great, however, I wouldn't rave about it. Perhaps I should give it another chance and try it again on another occasion, it may very well change my mind. But to me, the highlight is actually the baba ghanouj! It is smokey in flavour, creamy and full of eggplant. It is so good, I can't stop thinking about it. I know that I'll be back again for it, no doubt.

  • Fix It Now Plumbing

    Plumbing Narrabeen, NSW
    Paul is undoubtedly the one whom I will recommend to anyone in need of plumbing service, big or small. His service is simply the best. He is honest, reliable, patient and quick. As a customer who has used his service before, I did not hesitate calling him up again to help solve our problem. And indeed, Paul is once again our go-to man. Thank you very much for your help!!!
  • Ipoh on York

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    This place is always buzzing like a frenzy whenever I walk past, thought I'd find out why.

    My only time there, I had the Ipoh hor fun, which is a rice noodle dish. I hadn't anticipated a bowl of soupy noodles as my Ipoh hor fun experience in Malaysia was noodles in gravy. The broth wasn't too fantastic although mildly tasty. I'd be happy to try a different dish next time.
  • The Naughty Chef

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    This place gets really busy at lunch time so if you don't want to wait, turn up early.

    I noticed their noodle salads are the popular dish, I've only tried the spicy lemongrass noodle soup. It's tasty although I couldn't taste the spice nor lemongrass but sugar in the broth. Will try something else next time.