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Mzz Karen Sommers

Joined 27 June 2010

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  • Expresso Carwash Cafe

    Car Wash West Ryde, NSW
    They charged me $400 to detail my car, for almost 3 weeks the seats were soaked and took forever to dry, the musty smell and moisture built up inside my vehicle almost causing wiring issues!!
    The car's exterior was no where what a drive through could achieve, they literally threw my gear onto the ground out of the vehicle causing two lenses to crack in my camera bag. Beware of these ones I will NEVER return there!!
  • Bloomex Australia

    Florists Lidcombe, NSW
    I placed an order on Wednesday 28th Nov, 2012
    Here's my review
    Delivery 10/10
    However didn't get what was ordered. for a colleague who was leaving the 'Tropical Chic' which was described at checkout as
    Tropical Chic $89.95
    Gorgeous, long lasting, colourful Birds of Paradise! Each head contains multiple blooms that will pop out one by one to reveal an array of bright colour. Ideal as a business gift, gift for men and women, or anyone you know who has an exotic taste in flowers. Included in this rare, exciting bouquet are 4 Birds of Paradise and assorted fresh greens. Measures approximately 22" tall.

    I also ordered a teddy bear and chocolates which with the flowers set me and the team back $153.84 all up with delivery.

    When the courier arrived he presented a lovely big box
    We were all waiting with baited breath to see her expression when opening it, although she was non the wiser, we all gasped!
    The bear and chocolates came but the floral arrangement was totally the opposite!
    It was a bouquet which was pretty but for what it was all worth I could had driven down the road and bought some from the back of a van on some highway for $12 that would had looked just as good.

    I tried contacting them only to be hung up on, twice.
    I emailed them asking why they changed the order without advising me. They still to this day have not replied or even attempted to.amend it, considering she has now left the team I did, provide them her address so they could honor the original order, I accept human error can occur however the fact they have not attempted to rectify this leaves with a bad taste in my mouth.

    I for one will NEVER use this service again!
  • Frightnight Comedy Theatre

    Comedy Clubs Leumeah, NSW
    The buffet is NOT help yourself the itty bitty bite size pieces of sandwich meat were hardly what one would say was satisfying, and since you were aware there were kids in the audience you might had toned down the foul language and inappropriate slurs on your patrons with the attempt at gaining a laugh at their expense.

Latest Comments

  • I took my staff to Frightnight a few weeks ago and i tell you we had the time of our lives, ive never seen so much energy and talent at any show ive ever seen before, I would highly recommend Anyone to go and see you all, You guys are so funny.
    Timmy you rock by the way :-)
    • Oh com'on you work there you left a comment saying 'a person's post was by another company to make us look bad' why take it so personal if you don't work there! I'm sure if you all cleaned up your act you might actually get genuine positive feedback on here.