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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Adelaide, SA

  • Subway

    Takeaways Brisbane, QLD
    As a tourist it's always good to find a local to help you out - and I found that here. After taking my order the staff here happily chatted away (but didn't slow down their making of my lunch - they were quite prompt) and when I asked about local places to sit they gave a great suggestion including directions. It's the little things like this that make good customer service.
    Whatsmore when I asked for extra jalapenos they happily obliged and the sub was really delicious. I'm a happy customer.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Brisbane, QLD
    Love the atmosphere of this little hidden away spot in the train station, although they could do with another 20 seats - I ended up having to sit next to someone else as there were literally no seats available & many are long bench seats.
    Friendly smiling staff and quick service, burger and fries both fresh and tasty. Convenient location.
  • Suburban Taxis

    Taxis Kilburn, SA
    Booking online I was worried that my 4.30am taxi might not arrive, or might toot his horn and wake everyone. I need not have worried - just as I had asked he waited, was on time, and got me to the airport in a timely manner. Friendly driver, nice warm clean taxi and no booking surcharge. I'm a happy customer.
  • Tourist House Souvenirs

    Cards & Gift Shops Brisbane, QLD
    These guys specialise in cheap souvenirs so if that's what you're looking for then it's definitely worth a visit. They even have this massive 'ball pit' of stuffed Aussie toys. Unfortunately some of their cheap goods are too cheap including one item that misspelt the word 'Australia' which is just tacky.
    Quite a big range though, I found most things that my various family members were looking for and didn't have to pay the earth. They also have a 'cash back' on their receipts so depending on how much you spend you can redeem it on your next purchase - I love bargains so that's why I gave them an extra half a star than I would have otherwise.
  • Australia the Gift

    Cards & Gift Shops Brisbane, QLD
    Having visited another tourist shop first and not finding what I wanted, I didn't hold much hope here. They impressed - having just what I wanted! Actually I wished I'd come here first so would recommend you do too.
    Great range, still cheap prices but also some nicer quality items than just cheap tourist bibs and bobs. Friendly staff too even though they were closing in 5 minutes & were literally vacuuming when I went through.
  • Hungry Jack's

    Takeaways Brisbane Airport, QLD
    When the Hungry Jacks app chooses this Hungry Jacks store and offers a Hungry Jacks discount, one would think you could use it at this Hungry Jacks store. Seemingly not - "We don't offer those discounts here".
    Even after this, I still had a hankering for a whopper so ordered. The resulting whopper was very sloppy, took forever to be made, was accompanied by cold chips and no friendlier service.
    Really unimpressive - especially as prices are higher here because they're in an airport.
  • Velocity Espresso & Bar

    Cafes Brisbane Airport, QLD
    Yes, it's in an airport - so you could expect prices to be higher than the local pub. However I was surprised that they weren't *that* much more. And the staff were super friendly, made it a pleasure to be sitting there, comfy seats too and quite a range. I can certainly think of worse ways to spend a few dollars while at the airport.
  • Cafe 63 West End

    Restaurants South Brisbane, QLD
    Absolutely brilliant iced coffee here, amongst the tastiest and most genuine I've had anywhere. I was genuinely surprised too that although they were busy and there were plenty of customers it was literally ready in a quick time.
    Really nice sitting area outside, and their menu of foods and drinks generally was varied - when I saw what others were eating I wished I'd ordered food!
    Prices were also surprising in that they were so cheap especially for the CBD. Great little spot.
  • Friday's Riverside

    Pubs & Bars Brisbane, QLD
    Having read some great reviews about here maybe I expected a bit much, and came away with a sort of 'meh' type feeling.
    It's clear that perhaps the best part of Friday's is the view and seating area - it's hard to find somewhere that's this chic & just really nice to sit at. I went on a Tuesday night so it wasn't busy at all.
    What disappointed me though was that they rave about their steak and first of all it took a mighty long time to come out (especially for a not busy night) and although it was 'nice' I wouldn't rave about it. The sides were generously sized (and included in the price) and really tasty.
    Staff were stand-offish, didn't really know anything about the menu (I asked 2 questions and they didn't know the answer to either), and their drink range was really just pub-ish. I was hoping for more local drinks (as they pride themselves on local food) but the best they could offer in a cider was 'something made in Australia'.
    I'd go back for the view, and that's about all - but it sure is a nice view.
  • Papparich

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    This place has the feel of a streetside food stall in Malaysia - which has some definite pro's as well as a few things I think could be better.

    The pro's -
    Great food, a massive range, really delicious (the chicken skins are great to share, and it's a huge plate so don't order more than one!!), and just a nice place to eat;
    The price was fantastic, especially as serving sizes were really generous

    The things that I didn't love -
    No bill splitting at all, and we HAD to order in groups of 4-6 even though we were a group of 20 people who didn't really know each other and so had to awkwardly add up our bills and group cash together;
    No pre-booking and so we had to wait for a table;
    That our food and drinks came out in a really random order (someone even got their dessert before their main!!)

    Things that 'sat in the middle' of good & not-so-good -
    That ordering was on these little sheets of paper, it did mean you got to make sure your order was right but it was really fiddly to work out what went where;
    The staff, some were friendly but others really just ran around delivering food from one spot to another, and they didn't all seem to understand questions we had about different dishes.

    All up it was good and to be honest some of the above are really just 'part of the experience', I'd be back.
  • Grand Central Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Brisbane, QLD
    On a cold wet night when I didn't want to walk far I slipped in here and felt like I'd moved back in time. This was mostly good, although I seriously wonder why they had a VCR playing very scratchy tapes of 80's dance music on their TV - I don't think it added anything to the atmosphere. However the vibe all up was good, especially in the newer part of the bar.
    The prices were really good, mostly regular pub grub and I had a steak that was ridiculously cheap while being genuinely tasty and a good size. The bar staff were friendly and the choice of drinks was wide. Unfortunately for some bizarre reason they couldn't open a tab for me - I've very rarely been at a pub where they won't.
  • Oaks Lexicon

    Serviced Apartments Brisbane, QLD
    I had the privelege of staying here for 4 nights in a one bedroom apartment. Fantastic view, the location is great for the CBD and eating places too - only literally a 5-10 minute walk to dozens of choices. Staff were super friendly and helpful especially as I didn't know my way round Brisbane, although they could have done with a little more local knowledge about the eating places around there, google was more help.
    The room was clean and neat and well furnished, TV wasn't huge but was big enough for the room. Bed was comfy & plenty of spare pillows etc available.
    Shower but no bath sadly. A shame too that there's no on-site breakfast & that the internet only had 1/2 hour free (which had to be consecutive & was per 24 hours) then ridiculously expensive prices.
    I'd be happy to go back again.
  • Civic Park Family Restaurant

    Takeaways Modbury, SA
    I went back here after not visiting for a few years, and after eating I remembered why I hadn't rushed back.
    The night we went wasn't busy at all (maybe because their EFTPOS was down so it was cash only - that was disappointing too) and this meant they didn't refresh their food very often at all. So what sat in the trays was congealed and what was tasty quickly ran out and wasn't replaced without asking. Roasts were put out 3-4 slices at a time only.
    Staff tried but didn't really meet the standards I'd expect - for example the girl behind the bar couldn't serve alcohol so had to get someone else (and there were only 2 of them) and they'd run out of some of their wines.
    On the positive side kids were free that night (not sure if that's normal) and so the price was good though it's not worth the full price. Drinks were cheap and desserts were nice. Not enough to get me back though.
  • Cibo Espresso

    Takeaways Adelaide Airport, SA
    When at the airport, it's not often that I've got a lot of time to stand around waiting for coffee and a snack. To be honest I chose cibo because I thought they'd be quick, but I was disappointed in that. It took an age especially to grill a ham & cheese croissant because the staff in the kitchen seemed unable to multi-task, instead wrapping one item then taking it out to the front then calling out the customer's name then going to the order rack then getting the food to cook...and so on.
    Coffee was ok though I wouldn't rave about it. The croissant was delicious though, even though it took so long to be prepared. Price was what you'd expect from an airport - that is overpriced.
  • Home Grain Bakery

    Bakeries Aldinga, SA
    This is a genuine 'old fashioned' bakery. Staff are local and friendly and actually willing to make suggestions on what's yummy; a massive range of both sweet and savoury baked goods that are actually baked on-site; open when you want it to be. Plenty of parking just outside or across the road, and a few outdoor tables.
    And the food is delicious. I've loved both sticky creamy cream buns and hot fresh pies. Prices are faitly good too, though perhaps a bit more than I'd like to pay. But I'll be back!!
  • Hungry Jack's

    Takeaways Ingle Farm, SA
    On a quiet night at about 6.00 my family of 3 dropped by here for tea. When I say quiet, we were about the only people in the place.
    That's why I can't understand why it took 10 minutes to prepare our meal. A couple of cars went through the drive-thru, but otherwise I'm not sure what took the 4-5 staff's time up.
    The food was ok, although for some odd reason the fries weren't hot despite it taking so long. Also they didn't give us a couple of items. So really it's hard to say they did their job. I won't be back - especially if I'm in a rush.
  • The Unley

    Restaurants Parkside, SA
    A bit torn here...If I reviewed on the main course, this'd be a 3 stars at the most. If for the dessert, a 5 star. So I'm going in the middle - but be warned, the desserts are decadent so if you don't want to be tempted for seconds of delicious sugary tastefulness then have an average main first to fill your tummy ;-)
    I had the menu item called pizza, but to be honest it more resembled little bits of pepperoni on pita bread with a tiny whimper of cheese on top. The pepperoni was local (from Hahndorf) and a lot of their other options starred local foods so a + for that too. I had some grilled haloumi too, at $8 the price was ok and flavour great though a bit more on the plate wouldn't have hurt. The chips were crunchy and good.
    Dessert was "Salted dark chocolate set cream, chocolate soil, orange dust, burnt orange caramel sauce and vanilla bean icecream" - quite a mouthful. A delicious mouthful at that - and for only $10 I was very happy with it. Great range of tastes that mixed together and gave variety, and beautifully presented too. Would happily have it again and if the other desserts (all also $10) were as nice I'd be very happy with them.
  • Healthscope Pathology

    Pathologist Modbury, SA
    If you're going to have someone stick a needle in your arm and suck blood, you want it to not take long and for them to be friendly without laughing at your discomfort!
    Here that's true, from entry to leaving the staff are efficient but nice, and certainly seemed to know what they were doing; I didn't have any bruising afterwards which is a good sign. Right in the hospital too, so plenty of parking.
  • Womens & Childrens Health Clinic-North Eastern

    Doctors Modbury Heights, SA
    Very happy with the drs & allied health professionals here, never had a problem getting an appointment especially now that there's a handy app for that. Male and Female doctors, also can take blood samples literally in the same building which is handy. My regular clinic!
  • Tea Tree Plus Shopping Centre

    Shopping Centres Modbury, SA
    This shopping centre has picked up a lot since Savers moved in, although it hasn't really helped their parking which is pokey. At least it's got a busy vibe now, and not empty stores like was happening before. Toys R Us is another bonus, and if I want a quick drink and can find a park there's options too.