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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Adelaide, SA

  • Healthscope Pathology

    Pathologist Modbury, SA
    If you're going to have someone stick a needle in your arm and suck blood, you want it to not take long and for them to be friendly without laughing at your discomfort!
    Here that's true, from entry to leaving the staff are efficient but nice, and certainly seemed to know what they were doing; I didn't have any bruising afterwards which is a good sign. Right in the hospital too, so plenty of parking.
  • Womens & Childrens Health Clinic-North Eastern

    Doctors Modbury Heights, SA
    Very happy with the drs & allied health professionals here, never had a problem getting an appointment especially now that there's a handy app for that. Male and Female doctors, also can take blood samples literally in the same building which is handy. My regular clinic!
  • Tea Tree Plus Shopping Centre

    Shopping Centres Modbury, SA
    This shopping centre has picked up a lot since Savers moved in, although it hasn't really helped their parking which is pokey. At least it's got a busy vibe now, and not empty stores like was happening before. Toys R Us is another bonus, and if I want a quick drink and can find a park there's options too.
  • Surrey Downs Licensed Post Office

    Post Offices Surrey Downs, SA
    Tucked away in a little known shopping centre is the friendliest most helpful Post Office I've ever visited. Postman Pat himself couldn't improve it :-)
    It's never busy, staff are actually available and wanting to help you choose shipping options and help you pack things well, and all with a smile and a genuinely friendly chat. The letterboxes are literally half a step outside the door too.
  • Hungry Jack's

    Takeaways Ridgehaven, SA
    It's true that in the past I've found this store to lack both friendliness and speediness. However recently I've had a couple of positive experiences with nice staff and speedy drive thru. Never had an issue with quality of food and it's a nice enough dining room, bright and a bit of a view.
  • Caffe Buongiorno Tea Tree Plus

    Cafes Modbury, SA
    I went here the other night for coffee with a friend. At 8.15pm they told us it was nearly their closing time. To be fair by 9.05 when they politely but firmly told us to leave there wasn't anyone else left, but I was disappointed at this early closing time.
    I had a hot chocolate that was deliciously sweet and a banana caramel pie that was to die for! A bit pricier than I would have liked but certainly fulfilling. Just wish I hadn't had to gulp it down...
  • Sago Fresh

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Crunchy roll, an abundance of fresh fillings, a great price, ready straight away and most importantly it was delicious. I'm a happy customer!
  • Wild Loaf

    Bakeries Adelaide, SA
    As I walked through the Central Market, a grumbling in my stomach told me that it thought I needed something sweet to complement my lunch. It might have been lying, but I decided to believe it anyway.
    I went past all sorts of stalls til this one grabbed my stomach's attention via my eyes and nose.

    So many choices consisting of so many pastry type items, it was hard to choose. I was even tempted to get savoury because their fresh bread looked so soft and fresh and yummy but my stomach won out with sweet - I chose a sugar covered doughy yummo thing that I can't remember the name of because the deliciousness of it stole my mind.

    It was most definitely fresh, the price was good, they gave me a bag to put it in for the 30 seconds in between buying it and gobbling it up, and thankfully they gave me a serviette too for the blobs of sugar left on my hands.

    I'm still not sure my stomach was telling the truth about 'needing' something sweet, but I'm glad I chose here anyway ;-)
  • Haircut Express

    Hairdressers Elizabeth, SA
    Here's a list of things in my life that have taken 3 minutes:
    * Visiting the bathroom (often even takes longer...)
    * I can't think of much else. Oh hang on, here's one more:
    * Getting my hair cut here.
    Now I know the store is called Haircut 'express', but honestly there is no way that any haircut is ever going to be any good if it takes 3 minutes. Even for $12 I expected more.
    The person who cut my hair put the cape thing on me, asked what number I wanted (to be fair he allowed 2 numbers - one on the side & one on top), took a shaver number cutter out of a dodgy looking container, put it on his electric cutter, ran it over my head, threw the one he was using into that container and swapped it for the other shaver number cutter, ran it over the side of my head, took off the cape thing and walked to the cash register. He did have a comb in his hand the whole time but he didn't use it on me. I'm sort of glad about that because it did still have the previous customer's hair in it. I'm not making this up!
    He then charged me an extra 50 cents for me to use my card, it almost took longer to pay than to get my hair cut.
    While I was paying a lady came in who had her hair done a day before, she wanted a re-do because they'd missed some bits. They took her in without question and that's when I noticed the sign on their counter that said (in broken English) that they don't give refunds for bad hair cuts but they will fix anything you're not happy with up to a week after. I suspect this is the source of most of their business.
    I gave them 1.5 stars instead of 1 because I actually don't need a super duper hair cut, and the end result was acceptable - though I'll never ever go back.
  • Dumpling King

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    On a cold wet night I dripped in here to experience some hot fresh dumplings. I wasn't disappointed overall. Price was really quite good especially for the serving size. The dumplings were most certainly freshly made - I know this because they took 15 minutes to come out to me which wasn't what I expected. They were delicious though, full of meat and the sides on the table were generous too. Lots of choices (although they'd sold out of some by the time I was there - 5pm on a weeknight). A reasonable choice of drinks, the staff had almost zero customer service skills unfortunately. But the dumplings were yummy which is what I went for!
  • Lavazza - A Modo Mio

    Bottle Shops Neutral Bay, NSW
    I contacted these guys after my Lavazza machine stopped working on one sad dark day. It wasn't brand new but not too old either. I was super impressed with the quick answer to my call & the professionalness and helpfulness of their support staff. They gave me some advice that I tried and when I called back the next day and that hadn't worked they were more than happy to send me a replacement - literally shipped the next day. Fantastic.
  • Unique Auto Detailers

    Car Wash Para Hills West, SA
    Absolutely super impressed with the service here.
    I'd struggled to find a business that would just steam clean my engine without charging the earth for other things I didn't want done. My mechanic recommended here, and I'd join him in recommending them to you. $55 for an excellent steam clean, in and out in under an hour. They were ready for me when I arrived (to be fair, most of their business is from the car yard they're out the back of, so I'm guessing they're often not busy).
    The 'waiting area' is nothing special - it's a 70's house living room complete with brown everything, so bring a book if you're waiting.
    The things that impressed me were that the guy that steam cleaned took me outside after he'd finished and explained to me in great detail what he'd found as he cleaned - I have a small leak but it's not clear where it was coming from. He had clearly paid attention and pointed to the spots he'd seen things and gave me a rundown of it. Whatsmore as I was leaving he even warned me about a blind spot out the front, suggested where I stop so as to be able to see - basically he cared.
    It is a cash only business, but they told me that when I booked and they did give a tax receipt to show they're genuine.
  • Seaford Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Seaford, SA
    More commonly known as The Beach Hotel, the exterior of this place is quite nice, as are the hallways and open areas. Unfortunately I found the dining room pokey, even though I'd booked well in advance we ended up in an odd corner that felt like the table had been put there as a last minute thought. What's weird is that they used up a massive amount of space for their bar so it looked nice but they could have halved its size with the same effect and actually had space for tables to be spaced out.
    I loved my steak here (and I'm fussy about steak), cooked just right and just the right amount of fat on the side to give it a flavour but plenty of meat too. At $20 it was certainly reasonably priced - and they didn't skimp on the gravy either. Fries were nice if a little salty.
    Others on my table enjoyed their meal although some said the descriptions on the menu were more inviting than the meal ended up being, especially the "Spit Roasted Adelaide Hills $19 Free Range Chicken served with oregano, yoghurt & red wine jus with a side of Roasted Vegetables & Buttered Kale" which was actually just chicken with veg in the end.
    Staff were super friendly which was worth half a star. Service wasn't fast however.
    All up I think I'd go back, even if just for the steak and friendly atmosphere.
  • Kawaii

    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers Elizabeth, SA
    $2.80 doesn't buy much. Normally. But here I was astounded at the number of things I could buy for $2.80 (even things I didn't realise I wanted) because everything is $2.80. I'm not kidding when I say that I reckon pretty much every category of goods were covered too, we bought some storage containers for $2.80; Stationery was $2.80; socks were $2.80; snacks were $2.80 - I think you get the picture!
    Having said that, it wasn't just all randomly shoved together, the store was well laid out, wide aisles, well stocked.
    Next time I've got $2.80 I reckon I'll come by here again to find what I didn't even know I wanted again!
  • Aldi

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Golden Grove, SA
    Whilst whittling away some time waiting, I thought I'd drop in here. 15 minutes later I walked out with probably the best bargain I've had for years - a TV marked down from an already cheap price by another $150. One happy shopper!
    Having said that, I also looked at their meat here and wasn't impressed that the prices were really even competitive with their competitors. Other goods were ok priced, for some reason their dips were super cheap. So I guess if I wanted to dip and watch TV this'd be the place to go...
    The store was spacious, though their car park is horrid - a mighty long walk to anywhere. Took a while to get through the checkouts too.
    But that TV bargain, wow!
  • Aroma Pizza House

    Takeaways Golden Grove, SA
    One real positive of this pizza house is that they don't charge extra for half n half - which gave me the rare chance to have my fave (and the rest of the family's 'not fave') seafood pizza while they could choose what they wanted too.
    We were all happy with our choice, and the garlic pizza we shared was delish too. Generous toppings, and good quality ingredients.
    Couple of negatives though, one being that it's not a big spot and parking is sparse. Also they took a bit longer than they said, and had to fiddle with the bill - we'd used a voucher and it took them ages to work out how much the bill should be. Without the voucher the price was just ok.
  • Mad Mex

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I'd avoided this place because I figured it would be expensive and tasteless. In this case I'm glad I was wrong. Packed with flavour, and really filling fillings! Whatsmore the staff were more than happy to talk about the different options and add in as I wished. Quickly prepared and not costly especially given how full I was at the end. I'm a happy little Mexican!
  • Soya Kitchen

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Just another Asian food court takeaway spot, which isn't a bad thing if you're looking to fill your plate with various tastinesses but not something you'd take a special someone on a date to. I did like the Honey Chicken, not too thick and the chicken was cooked nicely, not burnt at all like often happens. Good price.
  • Master Chef Indian Tandoori

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    I didn't really expect much from a food court Indian restaurant - but I was positively surprised here. First up the price (which also made me think it would be 'just ok'), about $11 and I was so full at the end that I didn't need anything more. Second up the variety - plenty to choose from, both spicy & not. Third that they gave me this delicious chutney when I asked and didn't charge me a cent for it. Fourth and perhaps most important was the flavour - rich and strong.
    The only negative is that I don't feel it was as hot (temperature wise) as I would have expected, though it was served on a metal tray which could have cooled it down.
  • Highlander Hotel Motel

    Pubs & Bars Gilles Plains, SA
    Looking for cheap but cheerful inspiration in a drink I parked in the bay of the drive-thru here. They've actually got a reasonably large selection, as much as my local liquorland. Trouble is not much of it was cheap and the service wasn't really cheerful. It felt more like somewhere you'd buy a good bottle of wine on discount than a drive thru where you'd look for range and value plus some suggestions rather than the grunt I got when asking for suggestions.