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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Adelaide, SA

  • Tea Tree Gully District Football Club

    Sports Clubs Banksia Park, SA
    Went to an event at their clubrooms here, the rooms have a nice friendly 'real' atmosphere, and there's a great range of drinks for sale. Unfortunately their mixes are ridiculously expensive but I later found out their 'house wine' is fantastic and well priced.
    Plenty of seating and tables, nice outdoor area too and lots of parking. And a footy ground of course ;-)
  • Dawnbreakers DJ 's

    DJs Paracombe, SA
    I attended a sporting club breakup where this company DJ'd. There was nothing 'wrong' with them, but to be honest they didn't really thrill me either. I felt like they missed atmosphere, really just playing music - I could have done that on a CD player. Sound quality was great and they did have a good range, but there was nothing stand out about it.
  • Tea Tree Gully Golf Club

    Wedding Planning Fairview Park, SA
    I've been to some really nice functions at this golf club, the food is great quality and tasty. The disadvantage is it's a pricey spot either for a meal with friends or a function. Lovely location though, especially in Spring and Summer looking out over the golf club.
  • Mb Orthodontics

    Dentists Greenacres, SA
    My daughter has had braces fitted through MB Orthodontics at their Modbury North clinic and we've been more than happy with their service. She's not the bravest teen out there but the staff are super friendly and have set her mind at ease. They're also very professional and make things clear, they set out a timeframe at her first appointment of when things might happen & so far they've been spot on. We appreciate too that their pricing is clear from the beginning - no hidden costs - and that we could set up a payment plan rather than needing a lump sum of money up front. Prices are a little cheaper than some other orthodontists we got quotes from too. Certainly recommend them to you.
  • HotelsCombined

    Hotels Sydney, NSW
    I am never convinced by advertising - especially when somewhere claims to be the cheapest. So I took a while to head to hotelscombined because I just didn't believe them. Now whenever I go to book a hotel I just head here. I think what makes them different is that they're not a booking site, but they do have an impresssive list of booking sites they link to. I'm always astounded when I look at the range of prices for any hotel to see the price difference, literally often $40-50 per night, between sites for the same room at the same hotel.
    The only couple of things I'd change is they do link to a couple of booking sites that I'd consider a bit dodgy, also I find other sites' searching & narrowing down options better - to be honest I'll often look for a range of hotels on another site and then take that list to hotelscombined.com
    I'd also love to see them show discount codes for sites because that can often save some more dough.
    However I do it I know I save money though, it's that simple.
  • Hotels.com

    Hotels Sydney, NSW
    I'm not going to claim that hotels.com are always the cheapest because the market changes so much, but can certainly say after looking round at dozens of sites including discount codes I found them the cheapest for an upcoming holiday. Website was also very easy to navigate & to narrow down options and most hotels had enough reviews on the site to give an idea of whether the hotel's any good or not. 24 hour phone assistance is encouraging too.
  • Creative Activation

    Marketing Greenwich, NSW
    I do regular mystery shops through Creative Activation among other companies, and really appreciate that these guys make their instructions clear, pay within a reasonable time frame, have phone support and have a quite large number of mystery shopping opportunities. Their portal to pick up work is easy to use and incentives are generous on the whole too.
  • Morisset Country Club Ltd

    Bowling Morisset, NSW
    The drinks prices here are simply fantastic - honestly. $2.80 for a house wine, $4 for a schooner of beer. It's like they lost their menu and picked one up from 1982!
    Food prices aren't as cheap although on their special nights they're pretty close - otherwise on a normal night it's pretty much regular pub prices. The schnitzel was a good size, nice creamy bacon sauce and filling. Others enjoyed their meals too. Fast service, friendly staff.
  • Banksia Park Netball Club

    Sports Clubs Banksia Park, SA
    My daughter has played for Banksia for 6 seasons now and we love the family atmosphere here. Even their AGM includes everyone and isn't just some dull occasion. I'm always impressed at the turnout at their awards ceremonies too, even from the senior side. Coaches are encouraging and empowering. Parents and friends attend games, even if it's not 'their' team.
    Half a star off because (probably mostly because they're small) their admin could do with a boost, can't believe the number of times they talk about people not paying or that we get late notifications. Of course I could always go on the committee if I were that annoyed - and they'd welcome me even more into the family, because that's what they do.
  • Sushi-Ya

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    A confession - I've only eaten from here when they offer their 'end of day' food @ $5. Having said that, it strikes me that if the 'end of day' food is THIS great then the 'during the day' food must be INCREDIBLE!
    I've tried the salt and pepper squid and it's squid-licious. I've tried the Beef Black Bean and I've bean satisfied. I've had the stirfry veggies and they stirred my tastebuds right up. I've had the rice paper rolls and rolled out with a happy full tummy.
    I love the happiness of the staff here too, even at the end of the day there's a smile on their face and they're chatty. Love it.
  • Community Bridging Services

    Crisis Care Accommodation Gilles Plains, SA
    This company is made up of genuinely caring staff who are there because of a passion and desire to help rather than to fill a job. From the HR manager who I've interacted well with to the caseworkers there's a desire to help their clients achieve the most they can. Their scope is wide, all across SA, and I have seen they're trained well. Highly recommended.
  • Sa.fm 107.1

    Radio Stations Unley, SA
    Hit 107 (as this station is now called) is full of fun - especially on the drive to and from work. Unfortunately a lot of it is syndicated from the East Coast so local SA content is minimal (apart from the ads) but it's a lot of fun to listen to and I love the mix of older and new music, keeps my kids happy in the car too that it's not all 'old people's music'.
  • Mix 102 3

    Radio Stations North Adelaide, SA
    When I want my mind to wander back into sunny carefree days I'll tune in to Mix. Always good for music I remember and lyrics I can understand - and announcers who will put a smile on my face. I like too though that they have a decent (and local) news service even on the drive home, helps keep an ear to what's happening in the world.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Not the cleanest Maccas in the world, but certainly convenient when rushing through from the train station to work, and fast service. Don't enjoy sitting there because it's a bit squeezy.
  • Miss Mai

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    This is THE place to go for Vietnamese rolls in Adelaide - ask anyone I work with! It's true that there's closer spots (and maybe cheaper - though Mai isn't expensive by any means) but this is the only place we'll go.
    Why? Well, the fillings are nicer, the bread is fresher, the dressings are tastier and the service is faster.
    Can't really say much better than that. Head along and tell them Sean sent you!
  • Flight Centre Southern Cross

    Travel Agents Adelaide, SA
    This store has a fresh new shopfront facing Rundle Mall, and so I thought I'd drop in to discuss airfares for an upcoming trip. I had a very good idea of what a reasonable airfare was as I'd been researching for weeks and expected them to at least consider this when quoting me - I was certainly open to booking throught them as a 'bricks and mortar' store.
    I was truly disappointed when the consultant typed my dates & destination into his computer and told me the price. When I mentioned it was about $200 more than I could pay elsewhere he replied that this was their best price and that I should book elsewhere. When I asked about their 'best price guarantee' he told me that was up to management and that I could book through him (at the higher price) and then see if they would match. I can't imagine why I would do that.
    Furthermore he didn't take my name or phone number to see if prices got any better, nor actually show any interest in me.
  • SA Loan Options

    Mortgage Brokers Fullarton, SA
    When considering a loan broker I wasn't sure what to expect - but figured they'd be pushy and keep spamming me forever. I couldn't have been more wrong when it comes to Joe. Not only did he give me all sorts of options and a comprehensive overview of what could be possible, he hasn't spammed me even once (though to be honest I would have preferred at least a follow up phone call which there also wasn't). His whole manner was friendly but incredibly knowledgable and honest. I wasn't in the position to continue this time but when I am I will be absolutely confident calling him to arrange my loan.
  • Delectaballs

    Caterers Adelaide, SA
    I bought a delicious 'bucket o balls' from these guys at an event in TTG recently. What probably surprised me the most is their affordability, especially given that other food stalls around them were $1-2 more for similar sized meals.
    Generous amount of toppings, although to be honest I thought the actual 'meatball' part of it lacked some flavour, I would have liked it to star a bit more.
    Friendly vibrant staff. Great genuinely local business.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Golden Grove, SA
    I've been disappointed of late with the speed of service here - both drive thru and dine in. They upgraded their drive-thru to have 2 lanes but any time I've been through they still only have one staff member taking orders & another making orders and so it's no quicker than before (infact it can be slower because there's more cars waiting).
    In store I waited 10 minutes for a simple order of 2 burgers and drinks, and no apology about the wait at all. Disappointing.
  • Modbury Plaza Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Melbourne, VIC
    Can't count the number of times I've been back here because I've so rarely had a bad meal. I think their prices have gone up probably a bit more than I'd like and their 'specials' tend to be more about quality than price but again it's good quality food - both main and dessert. They've kept their salad bar too unlike many other pubs, and there's plenty of seating.