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Oreo88 Local Star

Joined 02 February 2016 Melbourne, VIC

  • Borek Bakehouse

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    If you want boreks made fresh daily, this is the place to go! It's authentic and great value. My favourite is the spicy lamb one.
  • Crystal Jade Restaurant

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    This place is always packed, especially on a Saturday night. Luckily, the wait wasn't that long for our table of four. Recommend book in advance. Although a little more expensive compared to other Chinese places, all their dishes are flavoursome. Highly recommend!
  • Black Ball Tea @ Chinatown

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    Came back here on a Saturday night after dinner after more than a year ago. They have introduced a new waffle menu. The mango waffle was sold out so didn't get a chance to try it though. However tried their number one choice, a cold and a soy bean hot. Both was ok and tasted similar.
  • picketts

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Located on the corner of the queen Vic market, this place serves great coffee around the area. They sever rotisseries with salad, rolls and also other dishes.
  • Moroccan Soup Bar

    Restaurants Fitzroy North, VIC
    Came here on a Tuesday night and the wait was 40 mins. Customer service was great when we sat down although at times we had to get their attention. We ordered the special banquet and soup on the side. Very filling and heavy vegetarian food. Between the two of us, we didn't even finish half. Overall, very flavoursome and generous portion size.
  • Fresh Chilli Deli

    Takeaways St Albans, VIC
    The best place to get a Vietnamese roll. At $5 a roll, it's good for brekkie or a lunch time meal. They also sell fresh bread, sweets and Vietnamese coffee.
  • Thuan An Restaurant

    Restaurants Sunshine, VIC
    Prompt service and a big portion size. Although some dishes lacked flavour, they make us in some. They have an extensive menu to choose from and great for large groups.
  • Hinoki Japanese Pantry

    Specialty Food Fitzroy, VIC
    One of the best places for sushi and it's fresh! A Japanese grocery store with a sushi Bar. They are made fresh on the spot and you can also buy side dishes straight from the fridge and a drink from the store! Definitely will be back!!
  • Weylandts

    Department Stores Abbotsford, VIC
    A unique high quality furniture place with a cafe as a side. The coffee art is pretty and also have a food menu, although we didn't order food.
  • Sushi Hon

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    For $3.30 a standard plate, the price has gone up! I found that the size has also reduced too. Not so much good value anymore for around $20 pp
  • Fukuryu Ramen

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Good place for nice warm ramen. They have traditional ramen and also a modern twist menu. For a free green tea ice cream, you just have to #tag them on Instagram!
  • Three Monkeys Place

    Cafes Doncaster East, VIC
    Popular place on the weekends. Their brunch dishes are mostly Instagram worthy. If you have a sweet tooth, then you must try out their sweet menu options!
  • Sartoria

    Restaurants Preston, VIC
    Excellent service, food was a good portion and had good flavour. Coffee was average but the food made up for it!
  • Telstra Store Melbourne Central

    Mobile Phones Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    Great customer service! The guys there know what they're doing and are always checking in to let you know how long the wait is.
  • Mizu

    Restaurants Prahran, VIC
    Cravings for a nice warm ramen on a cold winter's day. Rate it 5/10 as it was a bit too salty for my liking and also fatty pieces of meat. Staff was friendly served with a smile!
  • Old Town Kopitiam Mamak

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Came here for lunch. Average dishes and nothing special. Their drinks are good though!
  • Gold Leaf

    Restaurants Springvale, VIC
    I often come here with family on the weekends. Staff are not exactly the friendliest as when you ask them for something they come across rude. however food is great and decent pricing, approximately $25 pp
  • Mamak

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    We ordered a salad dish with prawn crackers, cucumber and heaps of sauce. Not a big fan of the packed on sauce as it was too sweet. Can't go wrong with roti, nasi lemak and skewers.
  • Joy Cupcakes Exhibition

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Great selection of cup cakes. They treat light and not too sweet. The red velvet cupcakes or not food coloring but beetroot.
  • LuxBite

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    Came here to get a few cakes for a birthday. I got the matcha one, the chocolate and a caramel and banana tart. All was delicious but was a bit pricey for around $10 each.