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Oreo88 Local Star

Joined 02 February 2016 Melbourne, VIC

  • Topshop Topman

    Clothing Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    As a result of their closing down sale, all their clothes are on sale. It looks really messy inside which heap of people searching for a bargin or two. A bit overwhelming for me though.
  • Groove Train (South Yarra, Jam Factory)

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    This place used to be good with large portions and good quality. Have recently came back again but looks like service and food have lowered.
  • Cafe Greco

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    Good food which a wide range of menu options and decent priced. They have a big portion for a casual meal. However, customer service is average and a bit slow.
  • Lindt Chocolate Cafe

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    If you're after a rich hot chocolate or prefer a coffee, this place is a bit fancy but decent priced catch up. You can also purchase some lindt chocolate on the side or to take home!
  • Hunky Dory

    Takeaways South Yarra, VIC
    Fresh fish and chips if you're after a Little fancy lunch/dinner meal. Fairly priced for what it is but i prefer this place over a local fish and chips as you can taste the slightly better oil used.
  • San Churro

    Cafes St Kilda, VIC
    Consistent quality and service as their other franchises. Good place for a small treat and a catch up.
  • Market Lane Coffee

    Takeaways South Yarra, VIC
    One of the best coffee places around the area. Staff look like they know what they're doing and are serious about their coffee with it's expected for $4 a pop!
  • The Kettle Black

    Cafes South Melbourne, VIC
    We were a table of 6. The wait was around 20 minutes on a Sunday. This was quicker than previous on a weekend. The food is consistently good and have a good menu and friendly staff.
  • Drugstore Espresso

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    Another good place to get a morning coffee. Service was good but was a bit slow in making the coffee.
  • Caffe Sienna

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    Great place to just chill on the weekend to grab a coffee and something to eat. Staff was friendly and also have a good vibe about the place. Enjoyed the seat, watching people pass by.
  • Galleon Cafe

    Cafes St Kilda, VIC
    Average lunch spot on that we stumbled across to get a coffee and small bite to eat. It was hard to get the staff's attention after we were seated. Nothing remarkable to come back again.
  • Witchery

    Clothing Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    A large witchery stores with a whole range of good quality fashion. Currently they have sales for shoes and jackets. They're good investment in the long run even though they're a bit pricey. Friendly and down to earth staff
  • Sephora

    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    They have all your beauty needs. Make up, perfume and skin care. Staff are knowledgable and you're free to browse without staff hassling you to buy!
  • Vapiano Flinders Lane

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Fresh pasta and pizza made on the spot. Orders are placed on a card and paid as you leave. Great place for groups and accept bookings for more than 10 people.
  • Vanilla Bean

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    Located on the corner of little londsale and exhibition street, this place offers dinner and lunch. We booked a table at the back which is great for large groups. You can order your drinks at the counters and staff will bring it in. There is also a large TV if you want to project if required or just listen to MTV. You can also control the room temperature as well.
  • Nosh On Collins

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    Convient spot and good value for money. Staff prepares the meals quickly. They also have plenty of seats for customers who grab a lunch meal around the area.
  • Coles Supermarkets

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Melbourne, VIC
    Good location located in the Spencer street outlet if you're driving to the undercover carpark. Same sales as you would expect in a local suburb Coles.
  • Dan Murphy's

    Bottle Shops Melbourne, VIC
    A conveniently location in QV, it's great to grab a bottle or two for celebrations or for a present. Prices are cheap compared to other bottle shops. Staff are always friendly and knowledgeable for recommendations.
  • Kelvin Bar

    Pubs & Bars Northcote, VIC
    Stumbled across this hidden bar in Northcote. As soon as you walk in, it was rustic and smokey smell to it. I ordered a virgin cocktail which tasted like a strawberry slushy. It was cheap as well given the time and effort to make the drink. It's a great place to catch up with mates on a cold night and it's cosy inside! Would like to visit again soon.
  • Wings of glory

    Cafes South Melbourne, VIC
    A good place to get your fried chicken fix. You can order fried chicken, rice, chips and a drink for under $20. A bit more expensive than your standard fried chicken place but it's a tasty concept.