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PeeCeeLark Local Star

Forever on the hunt for a regular favourite Brisbane cafe - instead I'm compelled to try somewhere new every opportunity I get

Joined 19 January 2016 Milton, QLD

  • Bryher Cafe & Catering

    Cafes Launceston, TAS
    There's no question Launceston is full of decent cafes - let me tell you right now that Bryher is one that is absolutely worth your time. The owners craft an impeccable menu every single season and the food is just to die for. They really care about their food and their customers and Bryher, and it makes the atmosphere warm and welcoming. You might be overwhelmed with choice as to where to try next in Launceston, but I tell you, Bryher should be top of your list.
  • Harlequin Jack

    Pubs & Bars Brisbane, QLD
    I'll be honest, each time I walked past this bar on my way to and from the train station, I thought it looked like the stingiest bar going. But I happened to be at an event at the Sofitel, and the after party was held at Harlequin Jack. Nothing else would have brought me into this central station pub but to be honest - inside it was a pretty solid bar! There was a DJ cracking out some decent tunes, a dance floor was going, it felt clean and fresh - even the bathrooms were well kept. I guess what I'm saying is, it may LOOK like a dingy pub, but I honestly think Harlequin Jack is worth at least a second look.
  • Sea Fuel

    Restaurants West End, QLD
    Coming from a person who doesn't even like fish: this fish and chippery is incredibly good. Ok, so it might not seem like your average fish and chippery when you first approach it - there's no greasy counter top or enormous tub of hot chips constantly being scooped from. But I promise, the food will knock your local out of the park AND you'll genuinely want to eat in. The style of Sea Fuel fits with west end perfectly - open space and wooden furniture - but at the same time it's the kind of place you'd like to meet up with friends and family to share a big meal. And no matter how much you order you won't regret it - everything on the menu is perfection.
  • Alfred and Constance

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    In recent years Alfred and Constance has become too crowded and noisy. It started out as a great place to share food and cocktails, but this awesome little venue basically got turned into a club thanks to its sheer popularity. It does manage to retain its old feel at lunch time though, so if you'd like to experience A&C like it should be, try lunchtime instead.
  • Comuna Cantina

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    A really great selection of food - and such a good value happy hour.- Espresso Martinis and Margheritas for $5, every day from 4. Pretty impressive. The tacos, burgers and chips board are all delicious and the service super friendly. I'd highly recommend!
  • Burger Project

    Specialty Food South Brisbane, QLD
    After all the hype I've heard about the burger project, I was seriously impressed by these burgers. I was definitely looking forward to finally trying them, but I was also pretty sure I was going to be disappointed. I think it's their special sauce that does the trick, but my goodness were these burgers good. Juicy, flavoursome, filling - everything you could want in a burger. The chips were fantastic too! Even if you've been turned off by the hype, I would definitely recommend at least trying the Burger Project. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Sakana Japanese Dining

    Takeaways Clayfield, QLD
    If not for the length of our wait time, this lovely place would be top rated. Our meal was delicious, especially the teriyaki wagyu, and every one of my companions was enormously satisfied with their meal. I love the atmosphere of the place too, with the Japanese signature and wooden tables - and the service was lovely. I think the wait times are probably related to the bento boxes - they seemed to be fiddly and time consuming to make. When our food arrived it was definitely worth it, so I can't fault them too much.
  • Corner Store Cafe

    Cafes Toowong, QLD
    Best breakfast in Toowong, hands down. I love the decor and the outlook of the whole place. The menu changes regularly enough that it's worth coming back - and the food is always exceptional.
  • Josie North

    Cafes Toowong, QLD
    A great local coffee stop. Delicious croissants, a fantastic atmosphere - don't be put off by the slightly dingy walkway to get down there, Josie's is absolutely worth your time. I can't wait until more like Josie's move into Toowong!
  • Aether Brewing

    Restaurants Milton, QLD
    A great addition to Milton's growing bar scene. Great brews, a nice quiet location down Railway Terrace, super friendly service. I'll definitely be returning!
  • Lake House

    Restaurants Daylesford, VIC
    We had an incredible Easter break at the Lake House. The rooms were fantastic, the location and scenery perfect and the restaurant delicious. Everything worked together to make it such a great holiday. I'm so keen to go back!
  • Gelato Messina Coolangatta

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Coolangatta, QLD
    I'm not sure if they make their ice cream in house at the Coolangatta Messina, but somehow the ice cream didn't have the usual Messina pizzazz. I must say I was kind of disappointed. It is a weird spot for Queensland's first Messina, but I think they'll have to up their game now that there's another at South Bank.
  • Murielle Vuilleumier Swiss Chocolatier

    Chocolatiers Teneriffe, QLD
    An absolutely incredible chocolate shop. I attended a Saturday morning workshop and had the most fantastic time. It was fascinating to learn about the particulars of chocolate - and Murielle's chocolate is just amazing. The passionfruit truffle... I will spend the rest of my life craving it. You have got to try the chocolate at Murielle's - I swear you'll never look back.
  • Atticus Finch Cafe

    Cafes Paddington, QLD
    As one of the Paddington cafes on my list, Atticus Finch was a disappointment. The food was pretty standard and the cafe itself well positioned - but the service on this particular day really let them down. I felt like we were inconveniencing them for turning up. Maybe it was just an off day but I haven't been tempted to try again.
  • Paddington Station

    Cafes Paddington, QLD
    Five stars purely for Brisbane's beat porridge. Paddington Station is an adorable cafe on Rosalie. It's cosy and friendly and did I mention the porridge is incredible?
  • Phat Elephant

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    Fantastic Thai and a lovely atmosphere right in the heart of the city. I'm a sucker for a gimmick, so I'll admit that it was the fried rice in pineapple that got me in in the first place, but the entire menu is fantastic. Wonderful service and delicious food - finally a place in the city I can find a decent dinner regularly!
  • Jamie's Italian

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    I'm not sure why I was expecting more from Jamie's but I found myself a little disappointed. The menu was great and I probably would have enjoyed myself more had I ordered one of the share boards, but my food wasn't anything special when I really expected to be impressed.
  • Jimmy's On The Mall

    Takeaways Brisbane, QLD
    Jimmy's renovation gave the place a much-needed freshen up - it's just a shame they didn't freshen up the menu too. The food is far too variable for them to be able to perfect one good thing, and it's pretty over-priced for what is genuinely pretty average food. They're always busy and the service has never been disappointing, but unfortunately that's all they have going for them.
  • Pizzantica

    Takeaways Brisbane, QLD
    I truly believe these guys do the best pizzas in brisbane. Such simple toppings on the most amazing pizza base. And a perfect dinner size! Whenever they're at an event in Brisbane I head straight for their truck. And I always save room for their dessert Nutella pizza - just as good as the savoury options.
  • Toobirds

    Pubs & Bars Brisbane, QLD
    Top notch spot for a workday lunch. They have some great lunchtime specials, and the chicken schnitzel always a solid choice. Service is fast and friendly, which helps on a workday, and it's one of my favourite spots to take a break from the office.