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PeeCeeLark Local Star

Forever on the hunt for a regular favourite Brisbane cafe - instead I'm compelled to try somewhere new every opportunity I get

Joined 19 January 2016 Milton, QLD

  • Julius Pizzeria

    Restaurants South Brisbane, QLD
    The queue winding out the door at Julius might entice some people - for others, me included, it might be reason to seek somewhere else. We happened to need dinner one night at 930 and miraculous walked right through the door. Now that I've actually eaten, I can testify that the queue is not based on Julius' exclusivity - it's there because the food is genuinely good. Pizzas are obviously top of the menu, and they do them well - perfect bases with minimal ingredients. But it's not just pizza available, so don't think your pigeonholed into just one meal. I mean, you're really missing out if you're NOT ordering pizza, I'm just letting you know there are other options. It's a great atmosphere and the service is attentive despite the amount of people crammed into the building. Definitely give Julius a go -and don't let the queue turn you off!
  • At Sixes And Sevens

    Pubs & Bars Fortitude Valley, QLD
    A really lovely place that's lent a fresh air to the somewhat high class atmosphere of James St of late. As a venue, it's got a huge variety of spaces to cater to large groups or intimate dates. Indoors has a great moody atmosphere, whilst outdoors is open and refreshing - there's an area to suit you whatever mood you're in. Service is friendly, and the food, though probably standard pub fare, is great.
  • The Art Of Hanging

    Professional Services Nundah, QLD
    Have used these guys twice in two very different apartments and have been really happy with the results. Not only is it a really easy way to hang pictures straight and correctly placed - these guys just know what they're doing. They know what looks good, which pictures look good together - I can guarantee they'll do a better job than most of us could.
  • The Klay Oven

    Restaurants Teneriffe, QLD
    Hands down, the best Malai Kofta I have ever found in brisbane. It is absolutely perfect - the flavour, the sauce, the kofta balls - it's just the most incredible curry I have ever found. And usually if I ever find a great curry it comes at the cost of naan bread - the Klay Oven do exceptional curry AND incredible naan bread. My favourite Indian in the whole of Queensland. What's more, the service is fantastic and the owners love what they do and their customers. There's so many reasons to keep coming back here.
  • Wickham Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Fortitude Valley, QLD
    Since the renovation, the Wickham has transformed itself into quite the snazzy bar. With the courtyard out the back and sidewalk tables set up under lanterns down the side, the Wickham has become a great place to while away the afternoon. Super friendly and always a good time, with clientele that are loyal and ready for a laugh. It's a great atmosphere for a casual drink or an all night session.
  • Elixir Rooftop Bar

    Pubs & Bars Fortitude Valley, QLD
    A little on the expensive side, but Elixir was one of Brisbane's first rooftop bars, so you have to give it to them for beating the trend. The set up on the roof, though small, is well done, and it's a great place to unwind on a sunny afternoon. The drink selection is well curated and the cocktails creative and what else can you ask of a bar, really?
  • The Prickly Cactus

    Restaurants Launceston, TAS
    The cactus has been serving decent Mexican out of their Launceston restaurant for years. Equally a good choice for cocktails, the prickly cactus does their staple well, and have maintained a loyal customer base over their lifetime in Launceston.
  • Black Cow Bistro

    Restaurants Launceston, TAS
    They do their steak well at Black Cow - and I suppose you'd hope so, considering it's their specialty. The food is consistently good, no matter what meat (or veg) you've chosen, and the service generally friendly. The restaurant is modern and well set up, and though possibly it thinks itself to be a little better than it is, the quality of the food more than makes up for any perceived snobbery.
  • Rosevears Waterfront Tavern

    Restaurants Rosevears, TAS
    A lovely venue and perfect for a smaller alternative to Rosevears Estate. The tavern feels cosy and welcoming, and the menu would suit a variety of appetites. It's a little out of the way and doesn't have the winery views to justify the trip like Rosevears Estate, but nonetheless the tavern is a worthy stop if you happen to be driving past.
  • Rosevears Estate

    Vineyards & Wineries Rosevears, TAS
    An awesome venue, whether it be for larger parties or smaller meals. Great views and well worth the drive - it's worth having a quiet wander around the vineyard post meal as well. Rosevears have been serving fantastic food for years, and they've Got it down to a fine art.
  • Cube

    Cafes Launceston, TAS
    A nice spot on the seaport, and it's always my first port of call for gelato. Friendly service and great views, and very reasonable prices. It's maybe not one of the best food launceston has to offer, but I'd say this is the pick of Seaport.
  • Relish Everyday Cafe

    Restaurants East Launceston, TAS
    Very impressive waffles, and I'm quite picky about my waffles. Relish is a delightful cafe somewhat hidden in the suburbs of east launceston. It does a great trade with the locals and it's all thanks to its friendly service, creative menu and spot on food. It's worth checking out, even if you're not in the area.
  • Tea Drop

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Coburg, VIC
    The Lavender Grey tea by tea drop is one of the best teas I've ever had. If you see one around and your a tea lover, don't hesitate, just try it. It's a great earl grey flavour which just the right hint of lavender - I can't live without this tea, it's that good.
  • Velo Wines

    Vineyards & Wineries Legana, TAS
    A great little winery just outside of Launceston. The restaurant attached does some fantastic pizzas. Call into the cellar door for a taste, and then enjoy a bottle on the deck overlooking the vines.
  • Josef Chromy Wines

    Vineyards & Wineries Relbia, TAS
    One of the most awesome locations in Launceston. The food is delicious and the scenery just incredible. Try to get a table outside - on a sunny day, it's just the greatest place for a glass of wine and a long lunch.
  • Bounce Inc

    Gymnastics Tingalpa, QLD
    Such enormous fun, said as a 26 year old 'adult'. I've been to bounce twice now and both times I've loved every minute of my allotted hour. Turns out it's actually exhausting, bouncing up
    and down on a trampoline, so it's even a good work out. Hopefully they come up with more creative trampoline sections in coming years - but with the current set up, it really is great fun and pretty affordable.
  • Mud Bar & Restaurant

    Restaurants Launceston, TAS
    Such a good location and such a boring place. There's so much opportunity here to make Mud into a really great bar, but people keep pouring in so no one has the motivation to do it. Their cocktail selection has no creativity, the bar staff are completely demotivated by their job, and they don't even really take advantage of their own awesome location. Try harder, Mud, and you could be such a great place.
  • Aroma's Fine Food & News

    Cafes Launceston, TAS
    Aroma's is a pretty standard Charles St breakfast. Counter service, a varied menu, newspapers for morning customers and tables both inside and out. But I can honestly say that I have never managed to find anywhere that does granola better. Never. It's the perfect ratio of yoghurt to muesli - so many places get it wrong and you end up having to ruin it with a little milk right at the end. I tell you, you haven't lived if you haven't tried Aroma's granola. Go, right now. Don't even wait for breakfast.
  • Stillwater

    Cafes Launceston, TAS
    Stillwater's a great place for a quiet coffee by the river or an early morning breakfast. The restaurant is well set up and really takes advantage of its position. The food is always on point, and though it can at times feel a little too posh for its own good, I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal here, so perhaps it's warranted.
  • Elaia Cafe

    Restaurants Launceston, TAS
    Elaia is usually a pretty solid option for breakfast or lunch. The menu is not all that exciting, and having been set up on Charles St for a number of years, they rarely change it up. But you're guaranteed decent food and friendly service in a modern cafe.