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PeeCeeLark Local Star

Forever on the hunt for a regular favourite Brisbane cafe - instead I'm compelled to try somewhere new every opportunity I get

Joined 19 January 2016 Milton, QLD

  • Paddock Bakery

    Cafes Miami, QLD
    One of my favourite places on the Gold Coast, I make a habit of stopping here whenever I can. Adorable egg soldiers come in an egg carton, the ice coffee and sweet treats in the cabinet are the perfect afternoon snack, and the tables under the trees in the sun the perfect spot to while away an afternoon. Such a fantastic spot!
  • The Brass Barrel

    Restaurants Paddington, QLD
    I had the most incredible buttermilk fried chicken burger here, and nothing will ever surpass its glory. The service was fantastic, and seemed reasonably popular on a quiet Wednesday night. The Brass Barrel is really improving the local cafe scene in Rosalie and I will definitely returning again soon.
  • Story Bridge Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Kangaroo Point, QLD
    A solid pub and a probably one of the best attempts at a counter meal in Brisbane. Very decent food, and it's spread over various restaurants and pubs, so you can choose the space that suits you. A good range of beers on tap so it suited me fine!
  • Watt Restaurant + Bar

    Restaurants New Farm, QLD
    Stopped at Watt for a drink after spending the afternoon at the Powerhouse. It's the perfect spot on the river for a beer to while away the afternoon. A nice relaxed atmosphere - keen to return to try the food!
  • Rick Shores

    Restaurants Burleigh Heads, QLD
    Honestly, with a location like this one, they don't even have to make an effort with the food. They do, however, which makes this place a fantastic spot for dinner. Right on the beach, you can step out the door and onto the sand. When the tide's in it's almost like the waves are lapping at the windows. As for the food, I enjoyed everything on my plate and on my companions - and there were 6 of us. Can't recommend the bug rolls enough - absolutely incredible flavour, and the perfect thing to be eating on the shore.
  • Winner Winner

    Cafes Paddington, QLD
    Truly great fried chicken in yet another great late night place in Paddington. There was a time when I couldn't find anything open past 2pm in Paddington - now there's a huge range of options. The burgers and chips are both delicious, the beers come fast and cold - and it's usually pretty popular but there's space downstairs as well that not everyone seems to know about.
  • Ben's Burgers

    Restaurants Fortitude Valley, QLD
    Had heard from others who rate this place one of the best burgers in Brisbane - but I'm sorry to say I wasn't feeling it. Great service, and a cute little place tucked down Winn Lane, but the burgers themselves seemed pretty ordinary to me.
  • The Gresham

    Pubs & Bars Brisbane, QLD
    Pretty decent city pub, usually pretty popular on most afternoons. Some unexpectedly inventive cocktails are hidden in this menu, and if you can manage to squeeze inside it feels like an English library - cozy and old fashioned.
  • Holey Moley Golf Club

    Pubs & Bars Fortitude Valley, QLD
    A truly awesome night out. If you'd like to spend a Saturday night - or any time of the week - doing something a little different, try Holey Moley. The putt putt course is excellently put together and the perfect activity for sharing drinks with friends. Service comes round to you as you play, so there's no need to return to the bar. The only thing that would make this place better is if you could choose either the front 9 or the back 9 holes - at the moment you can only do the back 9 of you pay for the 18 holes.
  • Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

    Takeaways Sunnybank, QLD
    Truly great fried chicken - but a word of warning. Fried chicken is what these guys sell, and fried chicken is what your going to get. If you can't eat antiretroviral breast of fried chicken - I recommend you share. And I can almost guarantee you won't be able to fit any fries in on the side. But if fried chicken is what you want, Hot Star know exactly what they're doing
  • Woolly Mammoth Alehouse

    Nightclub Fortitude Valley, QLD
    Don't be put off by the darker atmosphere downstairs at this Valley pub - head straight upstairs and find yourself in a marvellously light, turf-covered rooftop style bar. Woolly Mammoth is full of games both upstairs and don't and has enormous range of beers. Get a beer paddle if you can't decide! The burgers are great, the beer flowing - and come on, how can you not love a place that lets you name your price on a newly opened keg every Friday!
  • Suburban Social Neighbourhood Bar & Kitchen

    Restaurants Chapel Hill, QLD
    Delicious food, great atmosphere and a fantastic neighbourhood cafe/bar. Everything on the menu looked amazing - but despite my struggle to choose I didn't regret the chicken burger. Highly recommend to Indooroopilly/chapel hill/Kenmore locals - and to everyone else, this place is honestly worth crossing town for!
  • Hillstone St Lucia

    Venues & Event Spaces St Lucia, QLD
    A really fantastic wedding venue. So nice to move from room to room in the one venue for the duration of the wedding, and the staff were fantastic at organising all the guests toward different stages. Excellent food, fantastic staff and a great venue.
  • Maleny Cheese

    Restaurants Maleny, QLD
    Genuinely affordable and delicious geese for sale, and a decent menu to sample before you buy. I tried the deep fried Brie - so filling I couldn't finish it, but my god it was delicious. A great range of other gourmet products to buy as well, and I loved the 'picnic packs' they sold - we took one down to Gardners Falls for an incredibly affordable mini picnic.
  • Montys of Montville

    Cafes Montville, QLD
    The biggest range of milkshake flavours I've ever seen, and a very cheerful man to sell them. You can also make up your own thickshake flavours with ice cream as well. Be warned, the milkshakes are incredibly sweet, but I'd recommend just for the experience of trying a genuinely original milkshake flavour.
  • Cocobean Chocolate

    Chocolatiers Melbourne, VIC
    Delicious chocolate, delicious beverages and delicious desserts. I am slowly working my way through the entire menu each time I visit Launceston. It breaks my heart that it's not open longer on the weekend, as I quite often miss it - and I spend my life craving their lavendar popping chocolate.
  • Naked For Satan

    Pubs & Bars Fitzroy, VIC
    A really fantastic bar. Even when it's thrumming with people you can find yourself some space. An excellent range of vodka infusions, fantastic atmosphere, and brilliant views. One of my favourite bars in Melbourne.
  • Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    Legitimately the best lunch of my life. I came here just for the instagram gimmick of the fairy floss hot chocolate - I returned the next day because the lunch my boyfriend ordered was so incredible I had to have one all to myself. Super friendly staff (that remembered us from the previous day) and a lovely open and refreshing cafe. If I lived locally I would be coming here everyday.
  • Apex Smash Repairs

    Vehicle Body Work Milton, QLD
    Got two quotes for my smashed in divers side mirror/door and Apex came up $1000 cheaper than the second place. They did a good job and offered me ways I could save my money on fixing the mirrors.
  • Austral Volkswagen

    Car Dealers Newstead, QLD
    I will say they are reliable service, but you have to be prepared to pay an exorbitant cost. I know that Volkswagen parts are expensive, but I don't know anywhere in Brisbane that will charge you more for them. I feel confident that they will look after my car, but when they offer to replace your fuel cap for ~$90~ I go elsewhere.