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  • SJK Floorsanding and Polishing Service

    Flooring Penrith, NSW
    I cannot possibly recommend SJK Floorsanding and Polishing Service to anyone. I am also horrified by the way this company has conducted its business with me and by their absolute lack of skill and professionalism.

    I came across this company via the internet late last year when I was looking to have my brand new floorboards polished. After a number of phone conversations with the management, and after browsing their website, I felt assured that this company could handle the job and that their price was reasonable. I arranged to have them come over to begin the job, and the night before we moved all of the furniture out. I arranged to have our family stay elsewhere for the three days I was told it would take. This was no easy task and caused us considerable inconvenience. They did not turn up on the day they said they would. There was no phone call to explain their absence. They turned up the next day, but not the day after. Again, no explanation. They then assured me they would be there the following day to finish the job but did not turn up or respond to my many phone calls. When I finally managed to get a text message through to them, they told me they would be there to finish it the next day, which they were. The management then messaged us that night wanting to organise payment. We transferred the money straight away, but had not yet had the opportunity to look at the floors because they were still wet and we couldn't get to them. When we looked at the job they had done the following day we were horrified--there was a huge amount of dust and grit and fluff from the roller that he had applied the varnish with stuck into the floor. The finish was very rough and there were patches with no varnish at all. We tried to get hold of them to come back and fix it. They came round a week or so later to re-sand the worst affected area but they obviously sanded and re-varnished it without a good vacuum and it now looks much worse than before. The floors are an absolute mess. I can't understand how it could be that bad--the boards were brand new and it is their trade!!

    Communication with this company has been a complete nightmare. They seem to only communicate via text message and don't answer phone calls, don't respond to messages, and completely ignore phone calls and texts from paying customers just to suit themselves. There has been no professionalism at all--the job we employed them to do is a disgrace and will have to be redone by someone more capable at our expense, simply because this company doesn't take any pride in its workmanship.

    I sincerely hope this testimony saves others from the awful experience that we have had.
  • Georges River Roofing

    Roofing Medlow Bath, NSW
    Drew came very highly recommended to me and he was fantastic. I needed someone to fix the leaky roof on the house I had just bought. A number of attempts had been made to fix it by previous owners, but the water was still coming in, even when there was only a little rain. Drew saw the problem straight away and explained it all to us. He was around the next day to fix it. Two days later Sydney was hit by a huge storm-- and the roof no longer leaked! Not only did Drew diagnose and fix the problem correctly, he was reliable (he called when he said he would call, he was round when he said he would be round) and his price was very reasonable. I very highly recommend him.