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petie131 Newbie

Joined 29 November 2012

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  • Majestic Aquariums

    Aquariums Taren Point, NSW
    Not a bad thing to say about Majestic Aquariums! Luke is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met when it comes to Marine fish and being the enthusiast I am, I have had a large number experiences with a number of different aquarium stores. Paul is always willing to help out and has even come to my home to view my tank when I have had issues in the past. Not once havent they been able to help me out. So appreciative of Paul and his team. Definitely a 5 star store!!

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  • Had a less than average experience from these people.
    Some staff are lovely. Most are not. Biiiiiig rip off! They will sell you anything and tell you want you want to hear each and everytime. We purchased an expensive tank and here is the low down of what happened upon delivery.

    Were suppose to be here at 10 so I waited and waited and they didnt get here till 1.30 and scratched the base while bringing it in.

    Then had to go back for the glass.

    Arrived back around 3 with a cracked tank. Said they are aware of the situation and they are happy to replace it. Set it up anyway till i decided where to go from there. Didn't leave till after 5pm.

    Water was all over the carpet. Didnt bring towels or anything. Used half of our BIG bottle of water ager to fill it.

    when adding the coral they put coral ontop of coral and left one sprig lying flat on the sand.

    Doesn't overflow , makes alot of noise , water running out in the filter and pumping air back through.

    Crack, only held together by the backing plastic.

    Was told they were aware of the situation and that it wasn't structural and that apart from the crack there's nothing wrong with it.

    If and when the cracked glass falls off water will be flowing over the back and the pump wont be held in there properly.

    When i told them the next day it wasnt overflowing they said it shoulnt be on carpet. That was never mentioned before purchase LET ALONE when it was getting installed!

    Took our fish net, and didn't run through it all with me because quote "we have to get back to the shop cos it's going to close. Didnt even have a look over the tank otherwise they would have noticed it wasn't overflowing.

    Left foam all over the house and outside and inside the tank.

    Called the shop on Friday and said before we had a chance to go over it properly that instead of replacing it we will just get a few things

    Eg salts and chemicals, foods and fish ect. and said i would come down to the shop in a couple of hours and we would go over it and discuss it.

    While on the phone i told them it wasnt overflowing and told me it shouldnt be on carpet and to get a level and measure it and to put something underneath it to make it level.

    This isnt our job! It should haver been installed correctly.

    I went to the shop and told them we have decided to get it replaced instead. They raised their voice, yelling at me saying;

    '' No! You cant do that. You cant just change your mind. I have already paid for the stuff.No.''

    As discussed on the phone, I was coming down to the shop to go over it. They shouldn't have purchased the stuff till after we had discussed it.

    They asked me to take it outside so they could continue fighting me about it mind you I was heavily pregnant!!!

    I told them, they were the one who broke it, they were in the wrong.. They WILL be replacing it. And I'm certain they will be able to get a refund for the products they purchased half an hour ago FROM Majestic.

    They continued to be rude and aggressive saying that ''I Cant just change my mind.. What happens if i change my mind again, NO!''

    Was told they were aware of the situation and that it wasn't structural and that apart from the crack there's nothing wrong with it. And it would take a month to build a new one and they HAVE to Install it because they are the Only one that does installations for majestic.

    I said no and i will arrange someone else to install it and they Proceeded to tell me i cant have anyone else.

    After that.... Nothing but dramas with it. The design is so flawed and they charge you a fortune.

    I received a pitiful apology on my voice mail from them 2 weeks later.

    • It sounds like you used one of their contractors to install your tank. Can I please mention that what happens upon delivery is NOT Majestics fault. Sure, you use majestic to make your purchase and they organise it, it is 100% not their company that deals with the deliveries and installments. I know this as I am a customer of theirs and have used their contractors to install my tanks in the past. I would call Majestic to get this sorted cause the management would hate to hear of your experience. They are all about ensuring his customers are happy with their service