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Random DinDins Local Star

FOOD } MARTIAL ARTS | POLITICS #2 Zomato, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp, True Local, Instagram joe@randomdindins.com www.randomdindins.com

Joined 26 November 2016 Sydney, NSW

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  • Sirocco Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurants Potts Point, NSW
    People forget that you don?t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy 4-star luxury! The new upgrade to Holiday Inn Potts Point?s flagship bistro features historical prints on the walls from the National Archives, an open kitchen and on it?s rooftop, harbors beehives in which honey is extracted and used in their Panacotta!

    What?s surprising are the substantial proportions of entrees, mains and share plates priced very competitively in comparison to other venues in the area making it the perfect destination for both the visiting traveller and nearby residents. Kids under 12 even dine for free with an adult paid main - now that?s value.

    The new menu is hearty, comforting and uncomplicated. An after work meet up called for an epic feast.

    Entrees, could seriously be a meal on their own! There?s a perfect balance in the CRISPY FRIED SALT & PEPPER SQUID - many places in my opinion go a bit too far with the salty element, but they?ve toned it down here which is really to my preference! The MARINATED FRIED CHICKEN features cornbread, baby rocket and jalapeņo aioli and there?s a mix of ideas in this remnant of the deep south of the U.S.A with hints of Latin America, set to guarantee this as a major favorite. Aesthetically, the ROASTED & PICKLED BABY BEETROOT SALAD wins hands down and delivers some seriously tantalizing flavor. Jeweled burgundy beet rough cuts & pearl white blobs of bocconcini on a bed of baby spinach greenery, sprouts of lentil, specks of quinoa is a bordello of texture play with intermittent crunch from the caramelized walnuts. It?s all bound together with a cooked wine dressing (Vincotto). Exquisite.

    Share platters of CHAR GRILLED SCOTCH FILLET & PORK RIBS and GRILLED ATLANTIC SALMON were the perfect mains from land and sea. Chunky cuts of Salmon, large ribs and well cooked steak. It was a smorgasbord of sweet and sour.

    The homemade BAILEY?S CREME BRULEE was a nice change from the standard vanilla custard cliche, simple and satisfying.
  • Mister Dee's Kitchen

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    This place is hidden from the main strip right up the back to the left of Aldi?s in Oxford Village. I?ll be honest and say I love the claustrophobic sushi place in the complex - but alas was closed during my Easter visit. Lucked out when finding this place. Great open setup with configurations for groups and solo dining.

    The food was great, the service friendly helpful and attentive, but I?m not sure about the portion sizes matching the price tags and am still deliberating on how I feel after the experience. Was the meal satisfying - Yes it was, so we?ll leave it there for now as the verdict is not out yet?

    Har Gau Prawn Dumplings were fabulous though I?m very easily impressed. Seafood Rice was good, but you?d have one prawn diced into 4 pieces, same with the calamari and I felt it was a little stingy. The Beef Flank was great with simple seasoning, but again - portion sizes are the issue. All in all was a hearty meal.
  • Bakehouse Cafe

    Cafes Belmore, NSW
    Absolute stunner of a venue which is the result of a $100m redevelopment project to Canterbury Leagues Club making it competitively a south west destination worth exploring! You?re welcomed at the grand entrance to the warmth of sunlight beaming through the atrium roof that radiates tranquility from the fountains and greenery.

    To the left is the Bakehouse which is now open 24 hours presenting a menu for it?s clientele of casual diners, in-house gym clientele and leisure visitors!

    The service team today led by Andrew and Bradley, reflect the personable warmth you would expect from a community based hangout where it?s just as important ingredient to local clientele as are the herbs and spices used in their recipes.

    The choice is varied to suit the vegetarian diet offering more than just token dishes, for the health conscious - protein boost add-ons to your smoothies and shakes or salads are available and the rest is couched in comfort food of classics and on-trend indulgent treats. Essentially it?s a bakehouse and everything is delivered fresh daily, the dessert range an art in itself.

    Portion sizes of entrees and mains are quite substantial making it very easy to turn into share plates. Highlights for me were the CALAMARI, the BIG BREAKFAST and ANTIPASTO PLATTER!

    All in all, service, menu, and the complex as a whole deliver an experience hard to match!