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Rima D

Joined 21 June 2010 Kings Langley, NSW

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  • Laser Clinics Australia Rouse Hill

    Hair Removal Rouse Hill, NSW
    I agree with SL42. My first 2 sessions at this place were great (customer service wise) but my session 2 days ago was hopeless. Don't know if I should name names but the staff there was rude, blunt, didn't talk unless I said anything, and shut me down in responses. I asked for that staff name to make sure will never be my therapist in future. The full legs laser session took the shortest time ever, less than 30 mins when the previous 2 sessions were thorough at 45 minutes.
    Knowledge wise it's a mixed bag. I had one session on one type of machine which I was told at the time it's new and great for my skin type. Then the next session I had a different machine and was also told no this one is better and don't know why I was assigned the first machine. Just shop around and stick to one therapist.
    There is no feedback forms and the only forms online are enquiries and bookings.
  • www.catchoftheday.com.au

    General Retailers Mulgrave, VIC
    Catch of the Day -you don't even deserve half a star.
    My order is 5015257. I ordered 3 things. A single quilt cover set, girls Wayne cooper shorts and a girls Wayne cooper shirt.
    After of course you took my money, staff emailed to say that the shirt was out of stock and they cannot source it from anywhere. This was after I got order confirmation for the Three items. Pretty disappointing because it was showing as in stock when I clicked add to cart (not low stock, IN stock). I was told that the item and relevant shipping charges will be refunded but they didn't say how much. I have to wait and see. It was $12 postage capped.
    So I thought ok, because it hasn't been dispatched yet I will reply straight away and say I don't want the shorts because it's for a gift and I don't want a shirt missing from the set. Yes you guessed it, no reply and it's been 7 days since I said I don't want the shorts anymore. Have contacted them by reply a d by a new email and nothing.
    If anyone at Catch of the day is reading these, can you get back to me. I don't want your usual apologies for the inconvenience bla bla bla I want a refund for the shorts you sent me which I said I didn't want anymore nor am I going to pay reply postage to post them back.
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Kings Langley, NSW
    Kings Langley is my local store - and twice in the last 3 weeks I have had terrible service. Once, being interrogated for having to exchange something less than $20, and second for questioning an item that scanned higher than ticket price and they would not fulfil their scanning policy. I had a baby in the car, customers were waiting, and was made to feel like all I wanted was a freebie.
    Not going to be my local anymore.