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rina.v Local Star

Joined 26 September 2007 Summer Hill, NSW

  • Popelino Pop Up Cafe

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    What an amazing little business! I love the use of an ape, it reminds me of Italy. The coffee is delicious and they are able to park pretty much anywhere. We ordered this for a corporate event and it was a hit. They are tentative and professional. I will definintely be using their services again.
  • St Joan of Arc Catholic Church Haberfield

    Churches Haberfield, NSW
    Lovely church, very big and lots of natural lighting.
  • Sky Terrace

    Pubs & Bars Pyrmont, NSW
    Awesome place to have a birthday or any type of event. It's all outdoors and has different little sections which allows you to have you own 'private' party without the price tag. The drinks are reasonable and the view is stunning! Can't wait for summer.
  • Watershed Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Came here about a month ago to dance but wasn't expecting to pay $25 entree fee after midnight! We stayed for one drink that we drank out of a plastic cup. Not the most enjoyable experience.
  • Royal Albert Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Surry Hills, NSW
    I don't mind coming here for a quick drink during lunch time however it doesn't have the most enjoyable smell. It smells like toilet. The little dumpling restaurant attached to it has a good vibe and doesn't smell. The dumplings are good but I've had better elsewhere.
  • Zara

    Clothing Retailers Sydney, NSW
    Always so busy! And clothes are everywhere you can't really relax and browse casually through the clothes. It's always good to come here during work hours but never on a lunch time.
  • Fotolab

    Photo Film Processing Sydney, NSW
    I needed a mini photo printed to place inside a locket. I called and the man said to come in. He was able to help me in half an hour. The photo wasn't up to my standard so he changed it and reprinted it for me. Nice owner. Would go back again if I'm in a rush again.
  • Zeus Street Greek

    Cafes Dulwich Hill, NSW
    I love coming here. It's a perfect lunch if you're on a healthy diet and need fuel post your workout. The meats are never fatty and are full of flavour. I also enjoy the little portion of tzaziki you get too.
  • Commonwealth Bank ATM

    ATM Five Dock, NSW
    I had a bank cheque that I needed to cash in and decided to use commonwealth bank as I was in Five Dock at the time. The lady at the counter was really nice and said that I could use the machine at the front. They have an automated machine that allows you to insert your cheque, enter your details and then it instantly transfers you the money to your bank account. Genius! No more waiting in queues.
  • Fruitologist

    Cafes Rozelle, NSW
    Came here just for the acai bowls! Delicious and fresh acai mixed with a beautiful crunchy muesli topped with banana and strawberries. Big portion and kept me full for hours.
  • Ribs & Burgers The Star

    Restaurants Pyrmont, NSW
    Yum! I wouldn't change anything about this food! I ordered the beef slider which was a perfect size burger when you're not that hungry but need something to fill you up. The beef was gourmet and juicy and the burger was not messy. It stayed together while you ate it. The sweet potato chips weren't soggy, they were nice and crisp and full of flavour. I'll definitely come back here again.
  • Thuy Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

    Restaurants Glebe, NSW
    Great little Vietnamese restaurant! It's nice and quiet so you can always enjoy a yummy bowl of Pho. The staff are polite and friendly too. The only downfall is that the salads are a little too heavy on the dressing and made my salad soggy.
  • Snap Surry Hills

    Business Services Surry Hills, NSW
    Legendary service! Fast, efficient and trust worthy. I ordered some prints and after an hour they contacted me and confirmed my order. I paid immediately and thenthey had my prints sent out within the hour!
  • Thievery

    Restaurants Glebe, NSW
    Delicious modern lebanese restaurant! All plates are designed for sharing. The waitstaff are helpful in to what to choose off the menu and the prices are reasonable. My favourite was the fluffy and crispy potatoes and all the dips.
  • China Doll

    Restaurants Woolloomooloo, NSW
    Such a great location for a summer lunch!! You can definitely over induldge at this restaurant. The cocktails and food are outstanding, yummy, delicious, inviting and every other positive word you can think of. The staff are also very lovely. We arrived late to our reservation because of traffic, we had told the restaurant we'd be late but once we arrived, they'd given our table away only minutes before. They'd made a mistake and within 5 minutes we were given our table back, seated right at the front. I can't wait for next summer!
  • Friggitoria

    Restaurants Potts Point, NSW
    Great place to come after you've had a few drinks! Actual authentic Southern Italian food. Arancini, porcetta rolls, polpette and cinotto! Yum!
  • Hacienda

    Pubs & Bars Sydney, NSW
    Beautiful bar! Great location and really enjoyable atmostphere. We waited about 20 minutes for a table so we sipped on some cocktails in the mean time. The food was average, the sliders were dry as a bone. With every bite you took, you needed a sip of water. The chips came out cold so we had to send them back to the kitchen. They replaced them with fresh hot chips. I enjoyed the lamb ribs, they were tender and yummy.
  • Cirrus Dining

    Restaurants Barangaroo, NSW
    I've got mixed feelings about this restaurant. The menu is on the more expensive side and the portions of food are not that big. The plates are also designed for sharing which doesn't make sense to me. We had to order alot more dishes than you normally would at any other restuarant that has a sharing menu because there simply was not enough food to go around. Some of my friends were left still hungry. I wasn't overly surprised with the food, I really enjoyed the deep fried snapper that came with a side of chips. It was flavoursome, and enjoyable. Also the eye fillet was delicious too and were decent sized portions to feed 4 people but we had a party of 5. Wine is lovely, service was a bit slow that day.
  • Intermezzo

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Cannot fault this restaurant! The food and service is outstanding. We ordered a few share plates to begin with including two plates of pasta and everything was delicious! A beautiful restaurant to spend any occassion at.
  • Vanilla Blue

    Caterers Artarmon, NSW
    Lovely and delicious caterer! They arrived exactly on time, the food was still hot and we were allowed to keep the hot boxes. They said they would come and pick up the boxes the day after at no additional cost. I was very happy with the service and quality of food. One canape wasn't as delicious as the others but all in all it was good food.