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Rosey rose

Joined 17 December 2012

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Latest Reviews

  • Bridal Vision

    Bridal Wear Retailers Wetherill Park, NSW
    Worse customer service ever!!!! Walked in on Thursday night and the staff were just sitting didn't approach us at all. Very Poor customer service skills.
  • Twobirds Bridal

    Bridal Wear Retailers Wetherill Park, NSW
    I loved purchasing my dress from Two Birds Bridal! They have great customer service. All the staff were very friendly. I had never been to a bridal store where I had the option of mixing and matching from different designs or create my gown of my dreams. My dress came in 7 weeks before my wedding which was a bonus. I highly recommend Two Birds Bridal to all the Brides out there.

Latest Comments

  • My experience at two birds bridal started off brilliantly. Smiling staff more than happy to help, a nice selection of dresses and veils etc etc.
    I tried on a beautiful dress and everyone in the store said it looked amazing on me. BUT! The very second that my mother asked for a price, they made up prices! The price on the belt I wanted: they said $650. My bridesmaid turned it over and the price on the belt actually said $450. Same as the headpiece they so desperately wanted to sell me (even though i said i just wanted a veil) After I specifically told them "this is only the second dress that I have tried on, I want to try some more on" they said "this looks beautiful, don't confuse yourself by trying on another one". THEN after I said I need time to think about it before putting down a deposit, the dressmaker was out taking my measurements. They then told my mother that because the measurements had been taken they require a $100-$200 deposit on the dress and 60% paid after 2 weeks. But hang on! I didn't even know if this was the dress I wanted and they already had their hands in our pockets! They pretty much refused to let me try on another dress, probably because it was the most expensive dress in the store! I'm so jaded by this experience that even if that was my perfect dress, I won't be buying it from them now.
    • I thought that the staff there were very friendly and more than happy to help (which is more than I can say for the other stores).I had the same issue with set pricing as well but the boss came and explained to me what the package would include and if I bought my bridesmaid dresses and suits I would be saving as a whole. He was more than happy to negotiate the whole package. He had also explained to me their 60% policy. I went to so many different places and this was the only store that had gorgeous gowns. I took my best friend there last week and they had a sale and on top offered a package that if she bought her b'maid dresses, her mum's dress, her dress and accessories she will get a bigger discount on top of the sale. The b'maid dresses were $450 and he gave us $50 off each of the 5 dresses. They have a set price but the more you buy the more they can move on the price for you. If you have fallen in love with your dress perhaps you should go and negotiate.