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SabrinaWee Local Star

Joined 05 May 2016

  • Bunker

    Takeaways Milton, QLD
    Absolutely love this hole in the wall (literally!) coffee shop! Super aesthetic, and really good coffee whether you want a cold press or freshly made hot cuppa
  • Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

    Cafes Bardon, QLD
    Absolutely loved this place- they make great brunch and cute coffees. Will definitely date here again!
  • First

    Cafes Wellington Point, QLD
    Great little corner coffee shop. Loved the dirty chai! They make killer brownies too
  • Corner Store Cafe

    Cafes Toowong, QLD
    Did a coffee run here and it's really cute. Coffee is milky but still pretty strong, and I'll def be trying this place for breakfast one day!
  • KFC

    Takeaways Indooroopilly, QLD
    I usually drive through for a bucket of wings and stuff, but I find that the chicken is often a bit dry- whether it's the thigh or breast meat (which is even more so) so I'm not as satisfied as I normally am after a fast food run, and often end up trying to pass around the last few pieces
  • Sushi Edo

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    I've been to both the newmarket sushi edo and this one. Loved the vibes here much more, quality for both is great
  • Sushi Edo

    Specialty Food Newmarket, QLD
    I think one of the better sushi places in town, especially for its price range. Somehow became my go-to for sushi because my friend absolutely loves it here
  • The Bakers Arms

    Cafes Woolloongabba, QLD
    Normal prices, not particularly cheap, but the food is really good! I've had a lot of like just-okay cafe food but the food here is really satisfying and really aesthetic! Coffee a little bitter than I like, but nothing sugar can't fix. Will definitely bring a date here
  • First

    Cafes Wellington Point, QLD
    Loved the coffee- tried the chai and dirty chai. Brownies were really good too!!
  • Brooklyn Depot

    Restaurants South Brisbane, QLD
    Our go-to place for burgers all the time in South bank and it's always the perfect amount of filling and great when there are new flavours and menus being updated, and even though I get full really fast (I'm a small person) I get the fries anyway
  • The Burrow

    Takeaways West End, QLD
    Very cosy interior and chill outside diner if you're feeling alfresco with nice beer and not-basic pizzas. I had 5 (we were in a group I was lucky) and they were all good
  • Zeus Street Greek

    Restaurants South Brisbane, QLD
    It wasn't too bad, one of the more affordable eats in South Bank and a very aesthetic environment, but food was a little disappointing because the inside was cold
  • Genkotsu Ramen

    Restaurants Toowong, QLD
    One of my favourite places in toowoong to eat! The broth isn't the best I've had, but it's pretty value for money and a decent eat here! Favourite is the soft shell crab ramen- sweetest broth there
  • Hakataya Noodle Shop

    Takeaways Sunnybank, QLD
    one of the less madly crowded japanese eateries here at sunny bank on a weekend night with decent ramen which is not too thick. Small place and limited variety but still good
  • Mister Fitz

    Specialty Food Fortitude Valley, QLD
    Definitely the ice cream you'd want to try at least once in brisbane, but don't be greedy and try to have an ice cream sandwich to yourself! It's really sweet and it might give you a sore throat. Still a 10/10 ice cream experience- cute ice creams and flavours, aesthetic shop
  • Brisbane Market

    Farmers Market Rocklea, QLD
    Wonderful place with great steals for fresh foods! Also have your brunch there- love the street food type, though it's not that cheap
  • City Botanic Gardens

    Botanical Gardens Brisbane, QLD
    Small park, but really pretty spot in the middle of the busy city area and I love to go there to chill with friends for a date
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

    Zoos Fig Tree Pocket, QLD
    I loved this place! I felt like a little kid again exploring every inch of this zoo! The koalas were lovely especially and though we didnt pay to hold the koala for a picture, one of the zookeepers brought one out for us to pose next to.
  • Hungry Jacks

    Takeaways Brisbane, QLD
    It was okay. Like fast food average okay. Maybe I'd invest in a good burger next time but this was satisfying enough since I was really hungry
  • Specsavers Optometrists

    Opticians Toowong, QLD
    Very friendly and helpful staff who helped me find the best deal for contacts!