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Sam78 Local Star

Joined 14 April 2016 Deagon, QLD

  • Kmart

    Department Stores Chermside, QLD
    I've found this store to have much more variety in stock than others in the area, although it doesn't seem any bigger then other stores. The checkouts are still at the front of the store too. It's my favourite Kmart to visit despite being in Chermside with horrific parking. I find myself here at 7pm on a weekday when it's quiet. Perfect time to shop!
  • Matilda Fuel

    Petrol & Service Stations Deagon, QLD
    This is no longer a Matilda, but Pacific Petroleum. It's quite an old store with only a handful of pumps. Because of that it's usually very quiet so easy to fill up quickly. The price matches those around and I've noticed recently it's one of the last places to jump in price so it's been getting my business quite a bit because of that. Service is always friendly and efficient.
  • Red Rooster

    Takeaways Deagon, QLD
    Where to go if the KFC line is huge and you're in a rush! It's generally pretty quiet here and their menu seems to look more and more like its competitor's each time I'm here. Plus they have some great lunch specials. Food and service has always been fine. If you like Red Rooster, you won't be disappointed.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Deagon, QLD
    I haven't had any issues like the previous reviews - although I don't normally request specific parts of the chicken. It's usually crazy busy during lunch and dinner and the staff are all quite young and don't always seemed equipped to handle the busyness. But we always get our meals in a timely manner (considering how busy it is) and the food is fine.
  • Brumby's Bakeries

    Bakeries Sandgate, QLD
    I really like the Brumby's bread in comparison to any other bakery. It's just outside Woolies so easy to stop before or after your grocery shop. The staff are very friendly. I've always had good bread from here. The opening hours are the only thing stopping me from giving five stars as I've gone there a number of times and the store is closed quite early.
  • IGA

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Deagon, QLD
    This IGA has recently been renovated under new management. It's so much nicer than what it was before. If you're coming in for a top up or a few things, you'll generally find what you want. Weekly specials also mean it's a similar price to the larger stores. I can't do main shops here however, as they just don't have the variety. Parking can be a little crazy, but the roof is usually pretty quiet. They open early but close early too (8pm before the normal supermarkets)
  • Domino's Pizza

    Takeaways Sandgate, QLD
    We probably do pizza from here once a month. We always find a voucher online and order online. Pick up is easy as there are plenty of car parks out the front. It's definitely the cheapest pizza around. It's always been consistent and never any problems. Great for a cheap, lazy dinner.
  • Salvos Stores

    Community Service/Non-Profit Sandgate, QLD
    This is a tiny store with pretty much no parking. It's a bit of a pain to get to with very little variety. But, it's all for charity so it's worth stopping in for some bargain hunting every now and again.
  • Taigum Discount Fruit Barn Market

    Fruits & Vegetables Taigum, QLD
    The prices here are definitely cheap, but then the quality reflects the price. If you're using it that day, then buy up big. I keep giving them a go and 90% of the fruit and vegetables I buy aren't great. The staff are always friendly and helpful. It's fairly easy to navigate your trolley through if you've just done your grocery shop too.
  • Big W

    Department Stores Taigum, QLD
    I really like shopping at Big W, but this is just not a nice store. It just has an old, dirty feeling to it. I've been in on a number of occasions, looking for something in particular, and they just don't have the stock that other stores have. I still come here occasionally, as it is my closest store, but always leave disappointed. It's not really a Big W that I can just browse in.
  • The Reject Shop

    General Retailers Taigum, QLD
    This Reject Shop is in the middle of Taigum Square. The service has always been outstanding! There's a great range of products and I've found many bargains here from wrapping paper to fairy lights to party stuff to garden supplies. There's a good chance that these guys have something for every occasion. This would be my favourite Reject Shop!
  • The Reject Shop

    General Retailers Deagon, QLD
    This is a great little shop. It's rarely busy and there's a wide range of products. The Reject Shop is really starting to stock some fancy products. Lots of great bargains to be found! The car park can be a little hectic sometimes though and there's very little in the centre if they don't have what you want. But I enjoying coming in for a browse every now and again and finding a few bargains.
  • Goldstein's Bakery

    Bakeries Carrara, QLD
    Popped in for a quick breakfast. There was only one staff member but no one else in the store. She was very friendly and patient as we looked and made our decision. We both got pies and they were both good. Pastry was crispy and the fillings good. They won't be amazing but they did they job as a quick breakfast. There were lots of sweet options available too.
  • Zarraffa's Coffee

    Cafes Carrara, QLD
    My partner and I came in for a quick breakfast. After seeing the prices of items in the cabinet, we ordered drinks only. It was very busy and there were only two staff. However, they seemed to be in no huge rush. Service was quite slow. So slow that we ordered, went next door and bought pies, ate the pies and still waited for our drinks. It was quite pricey and drinks weren't that great. I've normally had good experiences at Zarraffas. Won't be back to this one though.
  • Guzman y Gomez

    Takeaways Chermside, QLD
    If you haven't been to GYG before, I'd highly recommend. Especially if you like Mexican food. They have a great menu and are licensed. Alcoholic slushies are great in summer! Each one is pretty much the same. I've had some awesome burritos here - and some that are average due to the way they are rolled. It's the same at every store I've been to. Make sure you download the app so earn credit for future purchases. I love the mini burritos (perfect girl dinner size) and my friend always goes for the burriot bowl. Everything is good!
  • Byrne Ford Service And Spare Parts

    Mechanic Geebung, QLD
    Had the car in for work under warranty and was very impressed. When the issue couldn't be fixed in the first day, they went out of their way to get me home and set me up with a car. The staff were all so friendly and helpful. They have a comfortable waiting room with tea and coffee plus a courtesy bus that does runs to the train station and Chermside. I was very impressed with the service here. I can't comment on price, as it was all covered under warranty. But I'd definitely go back again for future services after my experience.
  • Belvedere Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Woody Point, QLD
    I came here after some work mates recommended it. Apparently a huge improvement after the renovations. Just did a Sunday 'brunch'. But we arrived and they had stopped serving meals between breakfast and lunch. After walking around trying to figure out what the go was, we finally found a staff member and menus. Arriving early meant we scored a table with a water views. The menu looks good. Lots of nice, fancy meals. But pretty expensive though and they don't even offer table service. (This is a pet hate of mine) When we got the meal, the only thing that was the same as the menu description was the type of meat. All the sides and extras were not a described at all with some things like the pancetta missing completely. We left disappointed and even after being sent a 2-for-1 meal voucher, won't be back.
  • Sheeno's TMC

    Cafes Deagon, QLD
    What a wonderful, little coffee shop! Came here with a friend after we saw it pop up. Sheeno is so friendly and it's obvious that he's passionate about his business. Customer service here is perfect! There are some seats, but this is pretty much a takeaway coffee shop. There are pies, wraps and sandwiches for lunch along with some muffins, fruit and other goodies on the counter. I'd definitely recommend trying a coffee from here!
  • Golf Central

    Golf Brisbane Airport, QLD
    Came here for the mini golf on a Friday night and it was pretty quiet. Although still got stuck behind a few slow groups so the course took a while. It's not a challenging course with pretty much everything being a 2 par. Each hole is named after a country, but there doesn't seem to be a theme or anything. This was fun for a little night out but we wouldn't go back again anytime soon. Glad we also used the Entertainment Voucher to get good value for money.
  • Hoyts Cinema

    Cinema Stafford, QLD
    We really enjoyed our movie here and would definitely be back again! Firstly because parking is so much easier than other centres with cinemas. Secondly, it's pretty darn cheap! I have to buy tickets online to get that price at Event. Thirdly, the seats - every seat in every cinema is a leather, reclining seat. Although we'd love to see some couple reclining seats. There are signs for hot food so we might test that out next time...