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Sam78 Local Star

Joined 14 April 2016 Deagon, QLD

  • Belvedere Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Woody Point, QLD
    I came here after some work mates recommended it. Apparently a huge improvement after the renovations. Just did a Sunday 'brunch'. But we arrived and they had stopped serving meals between breakfast and lunch. After walking around trying to figure out what the go was, we finally found a staff member and menus. Arriving early meant we scored a table with a water views. The menu looks good. Lots of nice, fancy meals. But pretty expensive though and they don't even offer table service. (This is a pet hate of mine) When we got the meal, the only thing that was the same as the menu description was the type of meat. All the sides and extras were not a described at all with some things like the pancetta missing completely. We left disappointed and even after being sent a 2-for-1 meal voucher, won't be back.
  • Sheeno's TMC

    Cafes Deagon, QLD
    What a wonderful, little coffee shop! Came here with a friend after we saw it pop up. Sheeno is so friendly and it's obvious that he's passionate about his business. Customer service here is perfect! There are some seats, but this is pretty much a takeaway coffee shop. There are pies, wraps and sandwiches for lunch along with some muffins, fruit and other goodies on the counter. I'd definitely recommend trying a coffee from here!
  • Golf Central

    Golf Brisbane Airport, QLD
    Came here for the mini golf on a Friday night and it was pretty quiet. Although still got stuck behind a few slow groups so the course took a while. It's not a challenging course with pretty much everything being a 2 par. Each hole is named after a country, but there doesn't seem to be a theme or anything. This was fun for a little night out but we wouldn't go back again anytime soon. Glad we also used the Entertainment Voucher to get good value for money.
  • Hoyts Cinema

    Cinema Stafford, QLD
    We really enjoyed our movie here and would definitely be back again! Firstly because parking is so much easier than other centres with cinemas. Secondly, it's pretty darn cheap! I have to buy tickets online to get that price at Event. Thirdly, the seats - every seat in every cinema is a leather, reclining seat. Although we'd love to see some couple reclining seats. There are signs for hot food so we might test that out next time...
  • Three Little Pigs Tavern

    Restaurants Stafford, QLD
    Went here for lunch after a friend recommended their parmigianas. There is a big variety, all named after a country. They were pretty good. Real chicken is used unlike some other places and they have two sizes. Both very reasonably priced. The only real disappointment for us was the side of chips that were cold and over seasoned when we got the meal. It was quite popular for lunch on Saturday but the food was quick, lots of seats and plenty of parking.
  • The Humpybong Distilling Company

    Cafes Stafford, QLD
    I popped in here with a friend for a coffee. There was just one lady working and she was very friendly. We each had a drink and shared the most amazing muffin. Seriously amazing. You should go here and try a muffin. It's a bit hidden in an industrial area and there's a small car park out front. At night, it becomes a bar which would be interesting to check out. It's had lots of social media attention which was how I found the place.
  • Westfield North Lakes

    Shopping Centres North Lakes, QLD
    I'm loving the new North Lakes. I've never had an issue with parking here (unlike some other shopping centres where you can get stuck for 40 mins trying to exit) There's everything you need here. However, it is smaller than others and doesn't have the wide range. But Ikea kind of cancels that out :) there are cinemas and a pretty good restaurant area. It is awkwardly layed out like a Y shape rather than a circle so you'll get some exercise walking up and down.
  • Zarraffa's Coffee

    Cafes Boondall, QLD
    This is definitely a takeaway shop. There's some seating inside but it's not too comfy. With the location, no one would really stop in for a sit down. Drive through is very popular. It's also super quick. Which it should be with three coffee machines!! They have a pretty big menu of hot and cold drinks plus the cabinet of sandwiches and muffins and all the usual stuff you'd find in there. Staff were quite friendly. I enjoyed my drink and would pop in again.
  • DFO

    Shopping Centres Brisbane, QLD
    I find DFO hit and miss. Sometimes I walk away with a whole new wardrobe. Other times I leave after half an hour empty handed. There's a huge variety of stores here though from clothes to homewears to manchester to stationery to shoes and more! The extension has really added to the place. Parking can be frustrating if you time it badly - be careful with the pedestrian crossing as you can get stuck waiting there for AGES!
  • The Bavarian

    Restaurants Chermside, QLD
    Popped in for dinner with a friend. They have a great happy hour with a variety of drinks for just five bucks. We decided to order a platter to get a bit of everything. It was huge! We couldn't finish it but staff were great and suggested we get the rest takeaway which we did. Really liked the atmosphere and service. The food was pretty standard. Not overly fresh though as it took less than 10 minutes after ordering for all that food to arrive and it wasn't piping hot like it was straight off the grill. I would probably go back for happy hour specials and snacks but not for a meal again.

    This was my first eyebrow threading experience and I definitely won't be back. It was so expensive! So much more than waxing!! Especially when you're not even in a private room. They say it includes an 'eyebrow massage' which was just a quick rub over the eyebrows. The staff were friendly enough but I really felt as though they took off as much I could have myself with tweezers and that I need to go get it waxed properly. They offered to take more off but they just can't get into those little areas. I might try threading again in a more private setting, but won't be back here.
  • Suttons Juice Factory And Cidery

    Agriculture Thulimbah, QLD
    Stopped in the check out the cider tasting. Was a bit disappointed with that side of things as you get a small plastic shot glass that is refilled with the two different types. They do have a large selection of juices you can taste in the same way. We tried one of their homemade beef pies, and it was definitely homemade - wasn't amazing, but was fresh. It is quite pricey there, but I found everything in the area to be expensive. It's definitely worth stopping in the taste the juice and check out the photos of everything they do with apples.
  • Granite Belt Brewery & Retreat

    Breweries Stanthorpe, QLD
    Love the vibe of this place! Beautiful wooden building with lots of entertaining decorations around. And a fire place! We only stopped in and got the beer tasting platter. There are some interesting flavours. I also like how it comes in two sizes for those that are driving. Which is probably the biggest negative as it's quite far from town. Although they do have accommodation. Will definitely be back to check out the food next time!
  • Foot and Ankle Experts Podiatry Clinic

    Podiatrists Hamilton, QLD
    Dr Kim is wonderful! She operates out of the Hamilton Harbor Medical Centre on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I went to her with heel pain and got custom orthodics to help. I've been back for follow ups and she's always helpful and friendly. They recently purchased an ultrasound machine so they can accuratley diagnose your problem. Although Dr Kim got it right without the machine! She's been a great help to managing the pain and I can walk again. Highly recommend her services!
  • Coles Supermarket

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Taigum, QLD
    A newer store so it still feels clean because of that. I can usually walk in and get everything I need with the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables - there never seems to be enough stock for some items, no matter the time of day. There's plenty of parking and some with shade. It can be quite slow driving through if it's busy. I'm very rarely left waiting long for a checkout. It's that reason I come here so frequently.
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Taigum, QLD
    This is quite an old store. I don't really like coming here as the stock variety isn't as wide as others and I usually can't get everything I need. Parking is usually a little crazy and I find it difficult to navigate the trolley through the park. The upside is that they discount bakery products earlier than other stores so you sometimes grab a bargain there. Not the best supermarket but will do when you need the essentials.
  • Toombul Cinemas

    Cinema Nundah, QLD
    A very quiet cinema because of its location. There aren't really any restaurants around at night except up the road at Nundah. They are so quiet that I frequently get emails from Cinebuzz, the loyalty program, about $8 movies. So enjoy a movie with all the comforts of other Event cinemas and a smaller ticket price!! There are no issues bringing your own snacks either. Just no hot food.
  • Smart Clinics

    Medical Centres Bald Hills, QLD
    I'd previously been to the Chermside office, but moved further north and wanted something closer and with easier parking. Booked an appointment here and arrived early to complete any paperwork but they rolled it all over. And then I was seen EARLY. Yep! I don't think this place has been discovered yet, as there's hardly anyone in the waiting room so there are no wait times! Service was outstanding. The doctor took her time asking questions and was absolutely wonderful. They aren't a bulk billing practice but you get what you pay for and this was worth every cent. Cannot recommend this place enough!
  • Australia Post

    Post Offices Sandgate, QLD
    The usual Australia Post customer service - even if the line is out the door, they still move super slow. Be prepared to wait in peak times. Because you probably can't do what you need to anywhere else. They have all the usual stuff. Parking is ample across the road and in the Aldi car park behind. Can't say I'd ever recommend an Australia Post, but you'll have a pretty standard experience here.
  • Alpha Car Parking

    Parking Hendra, QLD
    The address for this business is different now as they have recently relocated to the old BAP site. Check the Alpha Airport Parking listing for more reviews.
    These guys are the cheapest airport parking near me and I use them most of the time. I've had no issues. We always take the older car, just in case. My car is usually parked undercover by the time I arrive back so it's not boiling hot. Staff are efficient at the counter. Some drivers are chatty and others are quiet. I'd happily recommend this place.