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sanph Newbie

Joined 18 December 2012

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  • Kuan Ng

    Alternative Medicine Mascot, NSW
    Have you ever been in so much pain for such a long time that it becomes a part of your everyday normal life? You can't run because your back is twisted, you have four bulging discs and to top it off, every year or so your back goes into multiple spasms just to have you back in hospital and at physio three or four times a week?

    I did and for almost 20 years. I was in and out of hospital, constantly taking days off work and worst of all, on so much medication that it made me crazy. No more!!

    During my last painful bout of back spasms that lasted almost 5 months and three regular visits to see a physiotherapist who is great, I was allowed to walk all by myself (yes that's how bad I was). While on my little old lady and almost need a walking stick walk, I ran into an old 'Chi in the park' friend, Amy. She told me that her husband had completed his studies in Osteopathy and how he has been using his old Eastern methods with his new Western methods and had been creating miracles in his tiny little work room. Out of sheer politeness, I made an appointment to go and see him. I have never looked back.

    Kuan grew up in Malaysia and immigrated here in 1981. He practices an ancient Chinese art Ru Yi Bagua ('Roo-Yee-Baa-Gwa') that emphasises the role of body equilibrium, balance, fluid movements, and clarity of mind in a person's health and wellness, and acknowledges the link between a healthy mind, body and spirit. Through his learning's he has successfully treated people for postural pain and musculoskeletal conditions for over 20 years.

    While on my last visit, one of his clients, who we will call Mr X gave me permission to watch Dr Kuan work on him, I felt very honoured and privileged.

    In more recent years Kuan's interests in the area of health lead him to discover and study Osteopathy, a western approach to medicine that (like Ru Yi Bagua) emphasises the role of the musculoskeletal system in health and disease.

    He studied a bachelor and masters for 5 years while his wife worked and kept the house going. At the ripe young age of 59, Dr Kuan Ng is a healing miracle to me and many of his other clients.

    Taking time in explaining how the body works, how we think the body works and how much our mind has to work at making things work in our body was a lot to take in. I have not had a back spasm since I saw him on the 9th of June 2012. In the beginning my visits were weekly and now every two to three months. I can put my hand on my heart and recommend his work if you are willing to listen to him and do the homework.

    Dr Kuan Ng's working hours are On Tuesdays (all day), Wednesdays (all day), Thursdays (AM) and Saturday (AM), Kuan is available at 'Airport Osteopathy' located at 84 Robey St, Mascot.

    On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays (2pm - 8:30pm) Kuan is available at 'Ryde Natural Health Clinic' located at Shop1/22 Blenheim Rd, North Ryde (see map).

    Dr Kuan is his name and Osteopathy is his game. Personally, I like to call him the Wizard of Mascot but most of his other clients call him Dr Harry.