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Sheila Gidley

Joined 19 March 2008

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  • Chiswick Plumbing

    Plumbing Concord West, NSW
    Pleasant experience with the plumbing team correcting and checking my gas fittings #reviewtowin
  • DeAura Spa Clinic

    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers Sydney, NSW
    I came in here for a free facial and spent 30 minutes listening to them tell me about their products ape hitch cost $2700 for a 1 year supply. Decent facial, but be prepared for the sales pitch. Not very relaxing.
  • PhotoImaging by Jesse McCoullough

    Professional Services Sydney, NSW
    I really hate leaving negative reviews because I feel so awful, but if I had ready an honest review about Jesse then I wouldn't have wasted my time and money.

    My fiance and I got some engagement photos done by Jesse and although we had a good time on the shoot, Jesse was on time (we were 30 mins late) and very professional and got to work straight away and he even went over the allocated time slot at no extra cost.

    The problem was... we hated how the photos turned out. I was so disappointed I felt like crying. I didn't like the editing of my skin, I felt like we looked 10 years older than we did and I was devastated. I begged Jesse to re-edit them, I wanted the skin tones a bit softer, and the colours more vibrant. I think he took personal offence because he got very defensive and REFUSED to re-edit them, even when I offered to pay him!

    Some of the photos I didn't like where we were looking, eg I was looking down, or to the side. I asked Jesse if I could view the other photos (he only showed us about 30 pics from a 2.5 hour shoot), and he said "that's not how I do things" and "I chose what I think was best". I was so upset, shouldn't he be trying to make his clients happy?

    My fiance asked him if he could show us some other pics and we could purchase them off him, just this once, but he would let us PAY MONEY to see the other pictures!

    It's been over a month now and I haven't posted a single picture on facebook or instagram. I've only showed a couple of friends because I'm SO EMBARRASSED of the pictures, I wouldn't anyone to see them. We also asked to be taken off his website.

    My fiance warned me - you get what you pay for. That's the last time I find a photographer off gumtree. I do feel bad though, because he was so nice on the day.

    I wish we had a consultation about the kind of photos I wanted, and if I knew that I wouldn't be able to see more than 30 photos I would have never booked him. Lesson learnt - at least I didn't make this mistake for my wedding!