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Spooning Australia Local Star

Joined 15 January 2017 Allambie Heights, NSW

  • The Glass House

    Restaurants Hobart, TAS
    If you are after a high end dining experience on a fairly decent price tag that offers some of the best views in Hobart then The Glass House is a must. I recommend a minimum of two dishes per person to get the most out of it and most definitely indulge in cocktails. You won?t be disappointed.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Grolla

    Restaurants Neutral Bay, NSW
    GROLLA is a wonderful "fusion" venue in Neutral Bay. The hosts, Paolo and Lek, make you feel incredibly welcome and Lek?s food is fanbloodytastic. There really is nothing to fault and I can?t wait to dine back here again. Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Oceans Dining and Drinks

    Restaurants Coogee, NSW
    If I had known about the Après by the Sea design early in June I would have booked my birthday here. If I lived east side I would be down at Oceans Dining & Drinks for Sunday Fundays and as for the food ? it is marvellous and you want it on your plate. The venue is great and the design for Après by the Sea is warmly comforting and reminded me of the snow. The mulled wine and cocktails definitely aided in this. Check it out my first full review in the new design Spooning Australia.
  • Dunalley Waterfront Cafe And Gallery

    Cafes Dunalley, TAS
    Mum and I managed to come across the Dunalley Waterfront Cafe when were on our Tassie trip, making our way to Port Arthur. We needed a loo and a cuppa and we were stoked this was the place we found.
    Beautiful waterfront local that would mostly be visited by tourists and a small number of locals.
    The view as awesome as was the lovely art they had for sale around the place. The staff were friendly, the coffee good and we were lucky enough to get some raspberry friands straight out of the oven. I will remember the friand as one of the best I have ever had, never had one so fresh.
    If were in the area at a different time we could have had a full lunch and experienced more of their good looking menu but as it was this will always be my friand place.
  • Burger Got Soul

    Takeaways Dynnyrne, TAS
    I had to get my burger on while in Tassie staying in the Hobart area and there was a brochure in our AirBNB that proclaimed Burger Got Soul had the "Best Burgers in Tassie." I devoured the FUNK SOUL BROTHER - Double 100% lean beef, bacon, tasty cheddar, egg, smoky BBQ mayo, caramelised onion and relish.
    It was quite tasty but sauce heavy for me and I did find the meat a little over-cooked, I did love the caramelised onion and the egg was the winner for me. I liked that you could choose your own buns but overall I wasn't hugely satisfied.
    I will give it credit though for the burg looking so gorgeous and for the venue catering to vegetarians and with plenty of Gluten Free Options.
    Sadly mum's lamb burger was a letdown and even though we also smashed their incredibly delish fries we were both unfulfilled after and went out for further snacks. I would compare them to Grill'd from the mainland and if I lived in the area I would return and eat all their burgs - it's very hard to fully judge on one burger smashing when they have so many to offer.
  • Fratelli Fresh

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Fratelli Fresh and their takeaway joint Fratelli Famous are a godsend for me on some nights in the city. They are one of the only places open for dinner in the Westfield Pitt St food court. If I have events on at the State Theatre I can grab a cheap pizza and a drink in a fantastic venue. The pizzas are delicious and somewhat simplistic in flavours but so moorish you will want more than you order. I have taken friends, business meeting people and also kids to the venue. It's a true all-rounder venue. It's large, it's licensed and you can eat here without busting the bank. The black truffle, egg and fontina pizza is my favourite and makes me salivate every time I order it.
    The kids love the place and I love getting a sneaky beer. Also, while I order mainly pizzas on every visit it should be known it is not just a pizza place, it's a fully fledged Italian joint so lots of pastas to choose from also.
    It's worth a visit if you want a no fuss and decent diner style Italian venue.
  • Makanai Chatswood

    Takeaways Chatswood, NSW
    I visited Makanai, in Hawker Lane Chatswood Westfield, a little while back. When Hawker Lane opened this place had queues galore and I finally managed to get in when it was a little quieter. It's a fantastic dark wooden interior and I loved siting in the venue to eat. It's a little oasis removed from shopping centre towards the back of Hawker Lane.
    I only managed a small lunch for one but ordered the miso and pork bone broth ramen with teriyaki chicken. Fantastic deal - they offer four choices for broth. Pork bone, chicken and soy, chicken and miso and pork bone and broth. I tried out the miso and pork bone broth because I had never had it before and I quite enjoyed it - quite a strong flavour - like a heavy miso. The teriyaki chicken on the side is very hard to mess up and it was as delightful as you would imagine.
    The patronage has settled down quite a lot in Hawker Lane as a whole but the meal game is still strong. As a food area Chatswood is impressive and Asian heavy, Hawker Lane offers many treats worthy of feasting, Makanai among them.
  • Mama Rosy's

    Restaurants Newtown , NSW
    Modern Italian Palermo-styled food influenced by tradition and the best person in the family, the mama. There iis a lot to love about Mama Rosy's in Newtown. That antipasto platter is a dish you can live on!
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia
  • The Whale

    Restaurants Narooma, NSW
    Apologies nothing I ate at Whale Restaurant is currently on the menu ? excluding the affogato. The menu is in constamt change due to them embracing the freshest of fresh - everything is local, foraged and or caught so change is embraced.
    I considered skipping the review altogether due to delay in posting but this place is too good not to share. If you plan on visiting the South Coast hit me up for a list of must do things and if in the Narooma area you MUST dine at The Whale ? the food demands awards.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Gou Sushi

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Gou Sushi would make my top five sushi venues in Sydney. It is way above standard and I recommend ordering off the menu over the train. If you visit and don?t order the green tea soba noodles with salmon and ontama you are a mug. And make sure you wash everything down with plum sake!
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Monster Kitchen and Bar

    Restaurants Canberra, ACT
    Monster kitchen and bar in Hotel Hotel will make my Top 10 Australian restaurants of 2017. It is a mind-blowing experience that incorporates some of the best architecture and interior design in the country with artworks that will impress and food to make you stand and clap. OK, maybe this was just me clapping but I love this place and who wouldn?t clap for Yabby Jaffles?! For someone mostly invited to venues to review it speaks volumes when I have visited this place, in a different state/territory to where I live, three times and paid each time. I wish this was the Monster in my closet!!
    Full review is now up at Spooning Australia. Make a cuppa - it's a full feature article.
  • Mejico

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    The food at Méjico? CBD is up to the superb standards of Méjico Miranda and INDU. I struggle to fault their food. And the drinks make my knees wobble. I just wish I attended on a quiet night because the masses of people on Friday CBD post-work/ need-drinks crowd made me uneasy. I?m a shy guy and like my space haha.
    Full review is now up on Spooning.
  • PappaRich

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    PappaRich is a decent chain of Malaysian restaurants. Their goal is to be recognised as a global brand name for authentic Malaysian cuisine and they are more than on their way. Some of the dishes were superb and some some not so much but overall PappaRich is a Malaysian venue I am more than happy to regularly dine at. Even if I just sit there inhaling fried chicken skin with roti chasers. Review is now up on Spooning.
  • Thredbo Burger Bar

    Restaurants Kosciuszko National Park, NSW
    If the Thredbo Burger Bar? was in Sydney it would give the big burger kahunas a run for their money but the venue would in no way be as cool (literally and figuratively). The venue and the location add an extra element of awesome to the wonderful food and I cannot wait to return to my spiritual centre in the mountains and stuff my face with these brilliant burgs.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Ball & Chain Grill

    Restaurants Hobart, TAS
    When compared to all the fine dining of Hobart and Tasmania that we dined at Ball & Chain Grill? faired lower down the scale. Mostly this was due to it serving more traditional food and not embracing culinary gastronomy. This is OK ? eating in a 187yr old venue was impressive and serving more modern fare would have clashed. I will always remember Ball & Chain as the first place I discovered oyster pigs in a blanket and for an epic eye fillet cooked on a charcoal grill to buttery blissful perfection.
    Full review is up now on Spooning Australia.
  • Echo On The Marina

    Restaurants Roseville Chase, NSW
    It is really hard to return to a venue where you have had a poor experience. The experience leaves a foul taste in your mouth and you will always visit the second time with that first visit at the front of your mind. I am incredibly happy we did return to Echo on the Marina. Seeing vast improvements and eating a dish I would put in a Top 10 category is something that makes me very happy indeed.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Wildbrumby Schnapps

    Vineyards & Wineries Kalkite, NSW
    I am biased towards Wildbrumby schnapps distillery?, I worship the place, always have and always will. There is only one schnapps for me and these people make it. And I don?t need more excuses to visit but the Austrian food is sublime. If you are in the NSW Snowy Mountains? any season of the year this is one of the MUST visit places. Draw straws on who drives and be patient if it?s packed. Full review is now up on Spooning Australia?.
  • Noodle & Dumpling Canteen

    Specialty Food Eastgardens, NSW
    While I worshipped the teriyaki chicken at Noodle & Dumpling Canteen, and we all loved most of the food, when the sashimi and seafood on the sushi doesn?t taste safe the venue is beyond salvation for me. The staff were just lovely and they even gave us little presents and I am horrified of such a negative food experience. Especially to such nice people. I do hope this was a once off but sadly for me I can?t bring myself to return.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Chefs Gallery

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Chefs Gallery? is a superb food chain. Their food is top notch and they win for best Asian desserts in Sydney for me. Not all the food will be for everyone, as shown by our duck feet dilemma but the dishes we enjoyed we truly loved. I will return to this place for sure.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Sirocco Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurants Potts Point, NSW
    I am thoroughly impressed by Sirocco Bar and Restaurant Potts Point?, it greatly exceeded expectations as an in-house Hotel Restaurant that is also open to the public. I will definitely be back to build-my-own burger and to devour that panacotta again. I may also need to persuade the venue to sell me jars of their honey because it?s so awesome.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.