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Spooning Australia Local Star

Joined 15 January 2017 Allambie Heights, NSW

  • Cucinetta

    Restaurants Woolwich, NSW
    It was a pleasure to dine at Cucinetta?, easily one of my favourite venues of 2017 so far. It is elegant and affluent with top notch fine dining and wonderful harbour views but it still manages to be relaxed, non-pretentious and a superb place to indulge in a wine paired degustation. Review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Masala Theory

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Masala Theory is easily my current favourite Indian restaurant in Sydney. Even if the food was horrible I would love it for the interior kaleidoscope of colours and modern Indian art. As luck would have it the food is as good as the walls.
    Full review is now up pon Spooing Australia.
  • Cafe On Johnston

    Restaurants Annandale, NSW
    CAFE ON JOHNSTON is much more than you would imagine on paper or from the outside. Its Middle Eastern influences in the cafe food are a marvel and something I look forward to return to. Especially for more of that Fattoush Salad ? simply divine.
    Full review is now up at Spooning Australia.
  • Vivaldi

    Restaurants Matraville, NSW
    Vivaldi - Italian Kitchen & Pizza is up there as one of the best modern but traditional Italian restaurants in Sydney. Wood fired pizzas, pastas and a la carte mains to make you drool. If Matraville was only closer to Manly this place would be a regular of mine.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Drunken Admiral

    Restaurants Hobart, TAS
    Oh me hearties, Drunken Admiral is one of ye finer joints to wet ye pipe. X marks the spot for this thirty eight year old treasure of Hobart and the greater Australia. A seafood institution worthy of rum addled shanties.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Chin Chin

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Melbourne?s Chin Chin? is easily my favourite restaurant of 2017 (so far). There is a reason it is so fracking popular!! It?s rockstar street Thai food served in a rockstar venue. It?s not about quality over quantity ? it?s epic quantities of consistent quality. Can?t wait to hit up the new Sydney venue!
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • East Village Sydney

    Bottle Shops Darlinghurst, NSW
    I love East Village Sydney? and will most definitely return ? can?t wait to see what they do for their spring or summer garden because the winter garden experience was a marvel. The place borders on perfection with the climb up the tower being the only downfall of the place I can see. But my (insert chosen deity) you are rewarded when you make it up ? that view is one of the best in Sydney. Bravo!
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Saigon Bowl

    Takeaways Strathfield, NSW
    If Saigon Bowl was a lot closer to were I lived I would be a regular. The Vietnamese food was marvellous; beautiful to look at and packed with flavours and respect from the chef. The people of Strathfield are highly fortunate for this place being in their hometown. Review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • One Tea Lounge & Grill

    Restaurants Chatswood, NSW
    If you?re in the Chatswood area and after a great lunch (or dinner on some nights), be it in worship of matcha or not, ONE tea lounge & grill is for you. The burgers are a cacophony of flavours you need to get jiggy with and it?s visit worthy even if only for the best loaded fries on Earth.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Phamous Kitchen

    Restaurants Balmain, NSW
    Two inconsistencies in the food saw Phamous Kitchen lose some points but the food that hit the mark smashed it out of the park. I will return for Khot and if I lived near Balmain Hanoi rolls would be a staple of mine. If you want some good gourmet Vietnamese food in the Balmain area give the peeps at Phamous Kitchen a look in.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • His Boy Elroy

    Cafes Wollongong, NSW
    Absolutely love this venue - it's just b-alls I live in Sydney and can only visit when in town for work. Smashed the DUKE burg recently and loved it and the layout of the boutique bar and burgers is something that would go mental in Sydney - it would be a VIP place with queues down the street. Loved it all and can't wait to be back here for work to smash a few more of the burgs! Nice work guys and gals!!
  • Ministry Cafe

    Cafes Wyoming, NSW
    I got to return to my old home area on the Central Coast of NSW a little while back - used to live there and miss it dearly. A work colleague had been banging on for ages that I HAD TO VISIT Ministry Cafe in Gosford so hit it up I did.
    This was their B-MAK BURG, their take on Maccas' world famous icon. They offer it as a single patty for $17 and a double for $22 and recommended bacon. So for a single patty burger with bacon and a can of drink it was $23-. It needed to be mind blowing for that price. I loved the patty, cooked perfectly, the pickles, raw onion (bonus for raw onions - love them) and their sauce was on point, not quite Mac sauce but close and tasty - it could have had some avocado in it but not 100% on that?? The burg looked grand but my gripes were that the bun was quite cold on the fingers when I touched it - may have come direct out of a fridge. Needed to be at room temp and/ or slightly warmed. The cheese was passable but with American cheese it would have elevated and the one thing that got me was price, it was just too expensive. Overall the burg was decent and I will return if in the area because the burgs sound decent.
  • Two hungry bears

    Cafes Brookvale, NSW
    It's been a little while now since i visited Two Hungry Bears in Brookvale, I am cleaning out my desktop and found this folder of pics hiding there. Oops.

    Visiting is like climbing Mt Everest on the Northern Beaches. It's all the way at the back and then the top of an industrial complex and may appear on face value to be the "corporate cafe" for the building. There is no parking at the top so don't bother trying but if you make the hike up you are in for a treat. A great view over the beaches and a decent feed is to be had. Clinton and his staff offer cafe fare plus some burgers that were much better than expected. I ate the Bear's Deluxe: Wagyu pattie, American cheddar, bacon jam, truffle mayo, American BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato on a milk bun. And of course I had it with fries ;)

    The patty was cooked well, the cheese was great and I liked the salad. With the bacon jam and the truffle mayo I didn't think the BBQ sauce was needed as it wiped the subtle truffle flavour from my taste however the BBQ sauce had a nice smokiness to it. It had some great flavours going on - the jam added a very nice sweetness to it. And the fries were great. I would eat this again!

    I didn't get to eat it but I took some pics of their chicken caesar salad and my gawd it looked amazing. I keep meaning to return because they keep getting mentions in social media and Clinton and his young kitchen partner were very accommodating and lovely people.
  • 678 Baekjung

    Restaurants Eastwood, NSW
    678 Sydney - Korean BBQ Restaurant? was my first ever Korean BBQ experience and I had a ball. The food, the company and the venue was all great. I love that you get a gagiliion side dishes of condiments and the like and I love I got to try ox tongue for the first time. Sadly I may have now been brainwashed into liking K-Pop and I will return to this place for their seafood pancake alone!
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Dinner by Heston

    Restaurants Southbank, VIC
    DINNER BY HESTON BLUMENTHAL is a wonderful culinary bucket list item that I am happy to have ticked off. It may have cost me one kidney, but hey, we have two right? Meat Fruit is a dish I will dream of for years and the service is something all venues should aspire to. I cannot wait to win lotto so I can attend again.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Friend In Hand Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Glebe, NSW
    Jake at the Friend is much more than a burger joint in Jake Chalmers? and much more than a pub in The Friend In Hand Hotel Glebe?. It is a nostalgic trip to a retro pub museum ran by a cockatoo serving some of the better burgers in NSW with a side of beer. What more do you want?
  • The Glass House

    Restaurants Hobart, TAS
    If you are after a high end dining experience on a fairly decent price tag that offers some of the best views in Hobart then The Glass House is a must. I recommend a minimum of two dishes per person to get the most out of it and most definitely indulge in cocktails. You won?t be disappointed.
    Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Grolla

    Restaurants Neutral Bay, NSW
    GROLLA is a wonderful "fusion" venue in Neutral Bay. The hosts, Paolo and Lek, make you feel incredibly welcome and Lek?s food is fanbloodytastic. There really is nothing to fault and I can?t wait to dine back here again. Full review is now up on Spooning Australia.
  • Oceans Dining and Drinks

    Restaurants Coogee, NSW
    If I had known about the Après by the Sea design early in June I would have booked my birthday here. If I lived east side I would be down at Oceans Dining & Drinks for Sunday Fundays and as for the food ? it is marvellous and you want it on your plate. The venue is great and the design for Après by the Sea is warmly comforting and reminded me of the snow. The mulled wine and cocktails definitely aided in this. Check it out my first full review in the new design Spooning Australia.
  • Dunalley Waterfront Cafe And Gallery

    Cafes Dunalley, TAS
    Mum and I managed to come across the Dunalley Waterfront Cafe when were on our Tassie trip, making our way to Port Arthur. We needed a loo and a cuppa and we were stoked this was the place we found.
    Beautiful waterfront local that would mostly be visited by tourists and a small number of locals.
    The view as awesome as was the lovely art they had for sale around the place. The staff were friendly, the coffee good and we were lucky enough to get some raspberry friands straight out of the oven. I will remember the friand as one of the best I have ever had, never had one so fresh.
    If were in the area at a different time we could have had a full lunch and experienced more of their good looking menu but as it was this will always be my friand place.