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starwoman8 Local Star

Joined 15 March 2011 St Kilda, VIC

  • Adult Shop Ashfield

    Adult Novelties & Products Retail Ashfield, NSW
    Great customer service! We ordered a number of novelties for a hens' night and had so much fun! The products are quite good quality (not always a given in this industsry) and there is certainly an amazing variety of products including interesting clothing/lingerie/costumes with fun themes.
  • Botticelli of Brighton

    Restaurants Brighton, VIC
    Lovely meal with decent portions and fresh ingredients. Staff is friendly and service is great. It's a small, intimate place with a pleasant atmosphere. The food is traditional and good quality if a little lacking in imagination at times. Leave room for dessert!
  • Feathers Boutique

    Clothing Retailers Brighton, VIC
    Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay full price for something you'er in love with! Feathers has lots of lovely pieces and some of the most amazing leather boots you'll ever see. It's classic quality clothing that will stand the test of time.
  • Rodney Clark

    Department Stores Brighton, VIC
    For some reason I had always walked past this shop without going inside. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally did. There are lots of nice jumpers and pants and they recently had a 50% off promotion for Easter where I picked up some real bargains. Definitely worth a look-in.
  • Silver Maple Boutique

    Department Stores Brighton, VIC
    I love Silver Maple- they have so many unique and interesting designs with lots of larger sizes and coordinates. I got a wonderful pair of cargo pants and some lovely shirts and recently a jumper that was made in Italy. Staff is really friendly and endlessly helpful.
  • Country Road

    Clothing Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    I bought three gorgeous jumpers in merino wool and cotton with little stars on them- they were so cute and comfortable! I should have bought them during their 25% off promotion but decided to go in later and bought them anyway as I didn't want to miss out. Country Road is less pretentious than it used to be and even though their clothes are not cheap they are good quality.
  • Trenery

    Clothing Retailers Melbourne, VIC
    I love Trenery and their stores and this one is no exception. I bought a lot of items during their 30% off promotion and am really happy with my choices. The jumpers are really nice too and they had some beautiful business shirts. They also have an extended range of sizes.
  • Maggie T

    Clothing Retailers Brighton, VIC
    I love some of the Maggie T clothes, especially their merino wool range. I do wish they came in more colours and some of the styles are too large and unflattering. It's always tricky finding clothing for largers sizes but don't be put off by that, some of the items in smaller sizes are lovely.
  • Blue Illusion

    Clothing Retailers Malvern, VIC
    I love this Blue Illusion, the staff is so friendly and will offer to get things from other stores to help. They always have a range of items to suit different shapes. Some of the clothes fit really well, some are too clingy with elastane and too dowdy.
  • Paddys Plants @ Monbulk

    Nurseries & Gardening Retailers Monbulk, VIC
    Excellent nursery full of lush, beautiful plants in great health and friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have a wide range of plants, some of which you don't see everywhere and are happy to advise regarding positioning and care. Monbulk is in the heart of the Dandenongs so it's tempting to take some greenery home with you.
  • The Crunchy Nut Cafe

    Cafes Monbulk, VIC
    Good quality food made fresh at reasonable prices in the heart of Monbulk. The cafe lacks atmosphere and isn't cosy or welcoming but staff is friendly and helpful and service is prompt. The coffee is excellent and there are some yummy cakes.
  • Ranges At Olinda

    Cafes Olinda, VIC
    Popped in on Anzac Day and it was so incredibly busy! I really liked the food and the atsmophere. There is a deck and a roaring fireplace which was lovely. I found the staff quite friendly and service good overall. It's got a nice ambience and is a good lunch spot.
  • Cuckoo Restaurant

    Restaurants Olinda, VIC
    The views are magnificent and enticing and the live entertainment is fun! The food is somewhat average although plentiful and servings are generous. There's lots of variety in the dessert section. The Cuckoo has become somewhat of an institution in the Dandenongs. It's definitely worth a visit if you haven't been and if you have visitors from out of town. I would like to see an updated menu at some point.
  • Idyllism

    Cards & Gift Shops Olinda, VIC
    I loved this store and was so disappointed when it was closing down but it's selling its wares online! Still the same lovely things and the same lovely people. It would be nice to see them reopen a physical store at some point but it's a lovely business either way.
  • Ivy Cafe Restaurant

    Restaurants Olinda, VIC
    Housed in a lovely old sandstone building, this warm and welcoming place serves quite genuine Italian pizzas cooked with delicious buffalo mozzarella that is unbelievable creamy and delicious. The service can be a little slow and it's not a cheap spot but you should try it for the pizza.
  • Flippin Pancakes

    Cake Shop Sassafras, VIC
    The pancakes are quite good and the service is friendly and efficient. My friend adores pancakes so we had to come here while we were in the area. We had a lot of fun and the atmosphere is jovial. Prices are reasonable.
  • Clementine By Design

    Department Stores Kallista, VIC
    Gorgeous store filled with the loveliest fabrics, lace, homewares such as cushions and throws. There are lovely pictures and nightgowns in pure cotton and items for children as well as decorative items for the kitchen. It has a serene, feminine feel.
  • Miss Marples

    Cafes Sassafras, VIC
    We recently visited and found Miss Marples' quite revamped in terms of food and service. It's a charming place in the midst of a lovely area and filled with local colour. It's right in the middle of everything and boasts great views of the area.
  • Bamboo & Lilly

    Restaurants Elwood, VIC
    I love this place more each time I come here! The food is lovely and the atmosphere is great. Theres a bar at the very end and lots of twinkly pretty lights and decor. It's a warm, cosy, inviting place with an intimate air. The service is very good and prompt. Thai food is always lovely and we enjoyed our Pad Grapao and tribal curry.
  • D'Gusto Thai

    Restaurants Elwood, VIC
    We had another lovely evening here as usual, I enjoyed the Pad Grapao and shareed the tribal curry with my friend. Service is always good here and the atmosphere is lovely, with little sparkly lights on and a bar at the back. It's an intimate place to have a leisurely dinner.