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starwoman8 Local Star

Joined 15 March 2011 St Kilda, VIC

  • Brighton Savoy

    Restaurants Brighton, VIC
    I attended a work function here and it's centrally-located with nice views of the beach (which is just across the road) Everything was well-organised and ran smoothly. The food is unexciting but reliable.
  • Mergellina Pizza Bistro

    Restaurants Elsternwick, VIC
    It's been refurbished with a new menu which was probably timely. The pizzas are stll good but there is much more to choose from as well. It's got a better atmosphere as well. It's not fancy but the food is pretty good overall.
  • Como Cottages

    Bed & Breakfast Olinda, VIC
    Lovely place to spend a romantic weekend away from town in the fresh air and ferns. It is secluded and peaceful. It's got an old world feel to it with lovely roaring fire places and beautiful views. It's also well-located to access many of the nearby attractions.
  • Alfred J Camilleri Accountant

    Accountants Elwood, VIC
    Alfred is such a lovely person and so helpful! He never rushes through a return and is great if the matter is a bit complex and he needs precedents to back up his decisions on whether something is deductible or not. His staff is really friendly and watch out for that large ginger cat- he's my lucky mascot!
  • Chic Ta Thai massage

    Health Markets Coburg North, VIC
    As I get older I realise the value of the ocassional massage to manage neck and shoulder pain and stimulate the immune system. I loved my massage and found it be incredibly good value! It loosens up all the tension and stiffness and relaxes you deeply.
  • Nila

    Restaurants Coburg, VIC
    We came back after a long break and found everything to be lovely as usual. There's a great selecton of dishes so it's ideal to come with friends and share so you can try lots of different things.
  • Pinarbasi Restaurant

    Restaurants Coburg, VIC
    I love coming here when visiting a friend's place to petsit! The food is fabulous and the natural exuberance of the staff is great. It's great value and service is attentive. Leave room for dessert- it's full of appetising surprises! Try the salads, they are delicious!
  • Polo Pizza - North Coburg

    Restaurants Coburg North, VIC
    I thought the pizzas were well-cooked and good value overall. Service was prompt and it was quite busy for a week night. Staff is friendly and helpful. It's not fancy but the pizzas are nice and made from fresh ingredients.
  • The More The Better

    Restaurants Elsternwick, VIC
    This place keeps going from strength to strength and now offers home delivery! The crab croquettes and prawn gyoza are simply sublime. The Korean fried chicken is fabulous! It's a very generous serving and there's nothing quite like ordering home delivery and just tucking away!
  • Circa The Prince & The Prince Deck

    Venues & Event Spaces St Kilda, VIC
    Great venue for a function with ample room and right in the heart of everything in St kilda. Fabulous staff kept us fed and watered the whole time and we enjoyed every moment of it. The Deck has a wonderful combination of indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Little Black Truck Coffee Co

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Warrnambool, VIC
    Great business that provides excellent catering services! They use good quality coffee and tea and deliver on time! They are happy to cater to special requests for niche products too.
  • Thai Thai Restaurant

    Restaurants Hawthorn, VIC
    Thai is one of my favourite cuisines and Thai Thai serves lovely dishes made from fresh ingredients and lovingly cooked. Staff is friendly and it's an unpretentious place. It's good value and service is prompt, which is great when you're hungry!
  • Thai Sawasdee On Canterbury Road

    Restaurants Blackburn South, VIC
    Beautiful Thai food and lovely staff! The food is good value and considering all the competition in the area it would have to be. It's always fairly busy so book ahead especially for a group. Some of the dishes are sublime, such as the Pad Grapow.
  • Vue De Monde

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    An amazing culinary experience with fabulous views to boot! It's not cheap and degustation is not for everyone but if you're in the slightest adventurous or curious, I think you will love it! The wines that accompany the degustation are sublime and service is amazing.
  • Indochine Vietnamese Restaurant

    Restaurants Box Hill, VIC
    Really lovely food made from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection! I loved this place years ago and was not disappointed on my return. I wished I was in the area more often to enjoy it; it's fabulous and reasonably-priced.
  • Sorrento Queenscliff Car & Passenger Ferry

    Public Transportation Sorrento, VIC
    It's definitely worth a trip to take the ferry at least once when visiting the area. It's not cheap but it's a lovely trip and shows you sights you won't see from land or by car. The area is rapidly changing so it's worth checking out.
  • Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat

    Serviced Apartments Broome, WA
    Eco Beach cashes in on the glamping craze: high class tents with their own bathrooms in a spectacular natural setting! It's utterly stunning and utterly relaxing for those times when you really need to get away from it all.
  • Pets At Chadstone

    Pet Shops Chadstone, VIC
    Run by fabulous staff and an owner who is pretty much as obsessed with animals as I am, this is a great store to ogle the cut puppies and kittens, stock up on supplies or rescue a rescue pet they have in store. I'm really glad petshops are starting to have rescue animals- these poor creatures deserve a good home just as much as designer pups.
  • Matso's Broome Brewery

    Breweries Broome, WA
    So many weird and wonderful things to try! Lots of interesting beers from smaller breweries and micro-breweries. Try something truly different like the mango beer or a cider. It's a cute place full of local character and characters!
  • Runway Bar and Restaurant

    Restaurants Broome, WA
    You will love this funky little place for a beer or a meal! Filled with local characters and travellers and staff who can navigate their way around most obscure requests, it's a fun place for a relaxing time in Broome.