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starwoman8 Local Star

Joined 15 March 2011 St Kilda, VIC

  • Yochi Frozen Yoghurt Pty Ltd

    Chocolatiers Balaclava, VIC
    I just want to clarify that I've never really been a big frozen yoghurt person until now! One night, I decided to order some frozen yoghurt from deliveroo because it was too late for ice cream...what a revelation! The frozen yoghurt at Yochi is delicious! I tried the chocolate and salted butterscotch and have been back again and again!
  • Barzar Lounge

    Restaurants St Kilda, VIC
    Still good and still delivering! Great food at reasonable prices with nice staff! The gnocchi are really good as is the barramundi and the chicken served with delicious mashed potatoes. Can't go wrong here, good value and nice food.
  • Deliveroo

    Restaurants Balaclava, VIC
    Deliveroo started off with free delivery which is now sadly gone but I suppose to be expected. The thing that puzzles me is why Deliveroo cannot offer the same menu items from the same restaurants as Uber Eats? Nevertheless, they do a great job overall and you do get Qantas Frequent Flyer points if you're a frequent flyer. I've had a couple of issues with orders and Deliveroo was pretty good at dealing with them. The one other frustration is having to email and chat, rather than having a customer service number to call when things go wrong. This could be handled a lot better and faster by having a number.
  • Priceline

    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers Malvern, VIC
    It's small enough that you can get what you need quickly without much fuss but doesn't have the whole range found at larger stores. I did manage to get my terracotta bronzer that I had visited two other stores to find with no luck. Priceline has some competition from the Chemist Warehouse chain for haircare and other items but Priceline still has the best range of cosmetics overall.
  • Priceline

    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers Chadstone, VIC
    My favourite Priceline with a great selection of products including some hard to find brands that I like. It keeps moving within the shopping centre so best to check on the map before arriving. The online website also offers more products such as Nyx blushes and powders.
  • Gloss Hair Dezign

    Hairdressers St Kilda, VIC
    Great salon with a really practical approach to hair colour and styling. No point getting something you can't be bothered with the upkeep. Moshe asked me about my routine and gave me a great cut and colour. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment.
  • Lau's Family Kitchen

    Restaurants St Kilda, VIC
    If you love Cantonese food you will love the Lau's family kitchen. There are heaps of interesting fusion-style dishes and everything is cooked from fresh authentic ingredients. It's a cosy environment, so not the best place for a large group or deeply intimate discussions. Service is great, unobtrusive but prompt and effective. It's a real treat.
  • Di Stasio Cafe

    Restaurants St Kilda, VIC
    Di Stasio is amazing! It was as good if not better than the last time I came! The atmosphere is intimate (there's not much space so it's possibly not the best place for a private conversation) Staff is fantastic and very friendly. You feel as if you have come to a friend's place for dinner ( a sophisticated master-chef-type-friend) Every dish was cooked to perfection!
  • La Porchetta Restaurant

    Restaurants St Kilda, VIC
    Still fairly reliable although not quite as cheap as it used to be, La Porchetta still has some good choices. It's usually busy and the take-away is good (wish they'd deliver though!) This is definitely one of the better La Porchetta's in the chain.
  • Leo's Spaghetti Bar

    Restaurants St Kilda, VIC
    Leo's does what it does well...late night meals, great coffee and great gelato (not that many flavours but the ones they have are good and authentic) Service is prompt and it's always busy and sometimes noisy. They also deliver now which is great for those late night snacks with friends.
  • Brighton Spinal Group

    Physiotherapy Brighton, VIC
    I came back for an Ayurvedic cleanse to help me shed some excess pounds and help me get back into balance. The oily herbal massages are great and the dietary and lifestyle changes are very helpful. If you're having the Ayurvedic massages bring old clothes and undies as the smell of the herbs and oils is really strong and you might have trouble getting it and any stains out.
  • Tranceformations

    Massage Sandringham, VIC
    I try to see Tracey at least once a year for a healing massage and her calming aura. She also uses Hawaiian Tarot cards for help with life direction. Tracey uses high quality essential oils and makes you feel very comfortable and loved.
  • Charlotte's Harmony

    Beauty Salons Brighton, VIC
    Fabulous salon! I had the lymphatic drainage and a microdermabrasion and my skin was so much better for it! I was feeling sluggish and tired from lack of movement due to a recent accident that I was recovering from that limited my movement. Everything feels so much better! Thank you! :)
  • Sapa Hills Vietnamese Restaurant

    Restaurants Footscray, VIC
    Fabulous pho and great variety of tasty dishes. It's a good value spot with prompt service and great noodles. Servings are a good size too. I liked everything I had and will definitely come back to try more dishes.
  • Christmas Cave

    General Retailers Flemington, VIC
    I love Christmas in July and December and am always looking for new decorations and lights. This is a wonderful shop filled with delightful Christmas decorations. Staff is friendly and helpful and you need time to explore all the lovely things (and bring your car too!)
  • Classic Pet Enclosures

    General Retailers Preston, VIC
    Great little business that will help you design and build enclosures to keep your pet safe. We came for a cat enclosure/tunnel which was perfect for our purposes! It gives us so much more freedom and a better quality of life for the kitties.
  • The Christmas Elves Store Melbourne

    General Retailers Preston, VIC
    I guess I'm one of those people who really love Christmas and Christmas decorations so I absolutely love this place! It's packed with fabulous decorations and it's pretty hatd to resist. Best to allow plenty of time and come with a car.
  • Grill Kings of New York

    Restaurants Preston, VIC
    I guess American food isn't notable for it's health-giving properties but I went with some friends who raved about this place. I must say I was pleasantly surprised both by the quality and the size of portions. Try the amazing fries! It's good value and fun!
  • Budapest Restaurant & Palinka

    Restaurants Elsternwick, VIC
    You can get a fabulous chicken schnitzel with the delicious Hungarian potatoes here! The food is tasty and good value and the atmosphere is quite fun. It does get quite busy and sometimes a bit rowdy at times! The desserts aren't bad either.
  • Brighton Savoy

    Restaurants Brighton, VIC
    I attended a work function here and it's centrally-located with nice views of the beach (which is just across the road) Everything was well-organised and ran smoothly. The food is unexciting but reliable.