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starwoman8 Local Star

Joined 15 March 2011 St Kilda, VIC

  • Idyllism

    Cards & Gift Shops Olinda, VIC
    I loved this store and was so disappointed when it was closing down but it's selling its wares online! Still the same lovely things and the same lovely people. It would be nice to see them reopen a physical store at some point but it's a lovely business either way.
  • Ivy Cafe Restaurant

    Restaurants Olinda, VIC
    Housed in a lovely old sandstone building, this warm and welcoming place serves quite genuine Italian pizzas cooked with delicious buffalo mozzarella that is unbelievable creamy and delicious. The service can be a little slow and it's not a cheap spot but you should try it for the pizza.
  • Flippin Pancakes

    Cake Shop Sassafras, VIC
    The pancakes are quite good and the service is friendly and efficient. My friend adores pancakes so we had to come here while we were in the area. We had a lot of fun and the atmosphere is jovial. Prices are reasonable.
  • Clementine By Design

    Department Stores Kallista, VIC
    Gorgeous store filled with the loveliest fabrics, lace, homewares such as cushions and throws. There are lovely pictures and nightgowns in pure cotton and items for children as well as decorative items for the kitchen. It has a serene, feminine feel.
  • Miss Marples

    Cafes Sassafras, VIC
    We recently visited and found Miss Marples' quite revamped in terms of food and service. It's a charming place in the midst of a lovely area and filled with local colour. It's right in the middle of everything and boasts great views of the area.
  • Bamboo & Lilly

    Restaurants Elwood, VIC
    I love this place more each time I come here! The food is lovely and the atmosphere is great. Theres a bar at the very end and lots of twinkly pretty lights and decor. It's a warm, cosy, inviting place with an intimate air. The service is very good and prompt. Thai food is always lovely and we enjoyed our Pad Grapao and tribal curry.
  • D'Gusto Thai

    Restaurants Elwood, VIC
    We had another lovely evening here as usual, I enjoyed the Pad Grapao and shareed the tribal curry with my friend. Service is always good here and the atmosphere is lovely, with little sparkly lights on and a bar at the back. It's an intimate place to have a leisurely dinner.
  • St. Mary Star Of The Sea Catholic Church

    Churches West Melbourne, VIC
    Such a beautiful Catholic Church, I'm never sure of the style, gothic, baroque, rococo or a mixture. Definitely worth a visit for the beautiful architecture and stained glass and the feeling of peace and tranquility that pervades throughout. I'm so glad this beautiful and historical church hasn't been sold off to become apartments!
  • National Rhododendron Gardens

    Federal Government Olinda, VIC
    Beautiful gardens in the heart of the Dandenongs full of stunning flowers and plants! Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. Be careful as some of the tracks are slippery, especially in the wetter weather and it does get very busy and some cyclists are not particularly cautious about pedestrians.
  • Sherwood Handcrafted Furniture

    Fabric Stores Lysterfield, VIC
    Real solid wood, hand-made by artisans in Australia! Most people don't realise that cheap chipwood products contain volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde in the glues. Real wood is beautiful and safe and nothing beats a bespoke piece made to measure!
  • The Lace Shop

    Fabric Stores Olinda, VIC
    Gorgeous shop with a frilly feminine feel and lots of cute things, including lacy nighties in all cotton and lovely fabrics and giftwares. Delightful staff is happy to gift-wrap items and help you with sizes. Reduced items are good value!
  • Balance Mountain Day Spa

    Beauty Salons Olinda, VIC
    Lovely day spa with great services and friendly staff. There is a nurturing atmosphere and services are not too expensive. We had an enjoyable visit and it certainly helps get you into relaxation mode. It's situated right near the main drag and all the shops which is handy. This was formerly an art gallery in case you're looking for it.
  • Mountain Ash Trading Company

    General Retailers Olinda, VIC
    Lovely gift shop in the heart of Olinda filled with gifts and wee treasures. Friendly, smiling staff is keen to help and gifts are beautifully-presented for giving. Lots of cute things and very tempting to bring back way too many!
  • Divine Gift

    Cards & Gift Shops Olinda, VIC
    Lovely new age shop filled with crystals, cds and lots of interesting things. There is a "gratitude board" with post-its from visitors listing what they are thankful for. Friendly staff is always happy to help or have a chat.
  • Mangana Arts & Crafts

    Department Stores Olinda, VIC
    An amazing shop filled with beautiful treasures- warm wooden tones, sailing ships, furniture, intricate wooden screens and lovely paintings. Some of the solid wood furniture is just beautiful! You must take a look if you're in the area, it's a remarkable space filled with lovely pieces.
  • Pie In the Sky

    Bakeries Olinda, VIC
    The pies are good value, especially if you choose take-away. The chicken and mushroom pie was very good and very fresh. The salad was really fresh and nicely served. The service is really good considering how busy they are. I took some pies to try at home but didn't really like the spinach and fetta one but the pumpkin one was lovely. The food is ok. The queues are ridiculous but well-managed. Service can be a teensy bit slow. On a nice day sitting outside is great.
  • Treasures Of Istanbul

    Home Decor Retailers Healesville, VIC
    Filling a void left by the closure of the Grotto for exoticwares, Treasures of Istanbul is a magical place filled with amazing and beautiful things and mostly at reasonable prices overall. It's usually packed but don't let that put you off. There is another shop at Olinda and one at Sassafras.
  • Treasures Of Istanbul

    Cards & Gift Shops Olinda, VIC
    This is an Aladdin's cave filled with beautiful and exotic treasures from Turkey. The ceramic-ware is amazing as are so many of the unique and lovely pieces to be found. There are rugs, leather bags and jackets, shoes and jewellery. There's now a second shop in Olinda. Very well worth a visit.
  • Zanini Bakehouse

    Restaurants Elwood, VIC
    I ordered the new vegetarian pizza with the stracciatella cheese which was absolutely wonderful! The only downside was that some cheese dripped out of the box and all over the floor but it was worth it!
  • Whiting & Co Pty Ltd

    Real Estate Agents St Kilda, VIC
    We recently had a terible tenant in our rental property and despite instructions to give the tenant warnings and an eviction notice, nothing was done! By the time we realised what was happening the police were involved! Not happy!