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sushirawl Local Star

Joined 21 March 2016 Bondi Junction, NSW

  • Lettuce B Frank

    Cafes Wollongong, NSW
    On google search, Lettuce B Frank comes up as one of the best cafes/breakfast spot in Wollongong, but in reality I think its so far from it. We went down to the gong to attend a 30th, and few of us went to get breakfast the next day. Do understand we are from Sydney so maybe our expectations are higher? Maybe we are just insane foodies? I don't know. But what I do know is that my breakfast (ordered something called a Middle Eastern breakfast) was an absolute disappointment. It came with a little slob of hummus (probably the best thing on that plate), 2 toasts (not even buttered!?), poached eggs (average), a roast tomato, and the rubberiest haloumi (which, i ordered extra for it, but still was the pessiest amount?). So what was 'middle eastern' about this breakfast? I'm guessing the haloumi and the hommus? And that plate itself was $16 (well, $20 including the extra haloumi). Honestly, i could not even eat half the plate because it was that bad. For $20 too, come on guys. Our bill came to more than $100 at the end (4 of us, ordered pretty much exactly the same thing price wise and juices), which i think is absolutely ridiculous for wollongong, let alone the portion and the quality of food we were served. So unfortunately, I have to be real and break the news that Lettuce B Frank is NOT one of the best cafe/breakfast spot in wollongong.
  • Eight Spoon Noodles

    Restaurants Campsie, NSW
    My friend absolutely love this place, but me, not really. The noodle is waaaay too soft for my liking, almost mushy. The soup - the colour of the broth looks so flavoursome, however it literally tasted like nothing, just extremely oily. I had no idea what i was eating half way through, as I just covered the whole thing with soy to get some sort of taste. Very disappointing.
  • Campsie Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Campsie, NSW
    I did not expect much when I walked past it and decided to have a quick bite in there. Very outdated decor, old carpet, non existent vibe. Unfortunately the food really did not change my expectation of this place either. We ordered the Friday special which was the chicken schnitzel, and I guess for $10 it is what you get - chicken, potato mash that tasted like it was made from those instant powder, quite a bland gravy and a sad salad. Compared to many pubs that does today's specials for similar price, it was pretty disappointing.
  • Campsie Rsl Club

    Associations & Unions Campsie, NSW
    Had a birthday lunch with one of my client here at her request. I was surprised at how nice it was when i stepped inside, not what I imagined a RSL to be. A lot of the part was under construction, which blocked off quite a large section of the RSL upstairs. The food was a little pricey for a RSL. I was not too hungry so i ordered some wedges, which was a shame as the ratio of sour cream to sweet chili was way off (I am more of a 80% sour cream to 20% sweet chilli - it was more like 40/60 :(). My colleague and my client had a Caesar salad, which was apparently pretty good (big portion size too).
  • Yok Yor

    Restaurants Haymarket, NSW
    We decided to try out a new place in Thaitown instead of going to the usual. This place was packed and unfortunately had outside tables left, but it was the windiest and the coldest night so it was painful sitting their copping the wind. However, the food did make up for it thank god! I had the Pad Kee Mao which was spicy, flavourful and wonderful. Unfortunately my boyfriend got the wrong order which he didn't realise and ate half the dish (he did say he liked it but not sure what exactly it was), then the waitress realised it wasn't the right dish so they brought him the right one...but by then, he already ate half his rice and was half full, so he wasn't that keen on eating the rest of his curry. Overall we liked the dishes, it was a funny experience and we had a great night.
  • Deus Cafe

    Cafes Camperdown, NSW
    Since they refurbished the cafe recently, I think the food quality has definitely gone up. The burger here is pretty awesome, and their salads too. It gets pretty packed and noisy so if you are looking for somewhere quiet to have a conversation with friends, this place may be tricky. Oh and their fried chicken too - must try!
  • Casa Ristorante Italiano

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    A friend and I came here for lunch and it was great. We had a great view, we ordered the halloumi salad, and who says salad isn't fun! The waitstaff were efficient and friendly, the price was pretty reasonable considering the location and neighbouring restaurants.
  • Ashin Japanese Restuarant

    Restaurants Campsie, NSW
    Normally I would not bother going into a sushi train when I know that it is not run by a japanese person...however I was quite surprised when I stumbled into this place after my friend's recommendation. Yes it is not japanese (koreans) but the fish was fresh, decent varieties, staff were friendly. I do have to say the price is a little overpriced considering the location and the authenticity, but it must be quite popular as it was packed at lunch time with all the tradies.
  • Results Laser Hair Removal Clinic

    Hair Removal Burwood, NSW
    As the name says it, definitely can see results! I used to do IPL which was so awfully painful and so expensive (brazilian and underarm) so i switched to laser, and it is amazing how fast you can see the result. I have heard from people that they usually push you to buy the 6 session package and pay upfront, which did happen but i declined and pay as you go. It is so affordable (currently on special for $40 for brazilian and underarm) and they are super efficient, fast, and easy. It's only 5 minutes max so I'm not bothered with customer service. They do their job well to get rid of unwanted hairs so that's a win for me!
  • Baia The Italian

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    If it wasn't for the location, i probably would not go here. I have been here few times and every time we come here for a drink, the staff is rude, makin the experience quite bitter. We always order a bottle of wine with food, which I think is quite obvious that we will be dining in. However we have had number of staff members telling us to 'line up and order your drink at the bar' whenever we try to reorder a bottle. What happened to table service? What is the point of having so many floor staff walking around if they wont even take drink orders?
  • Stanley & Co

    Hairdressers Chippendale, NSW
    Have been getting my hair snips here recently and I love it. Really love the decor and the intimacy of this place - it kind of makes you feel like some celebrity with the big vintage mirrors and old school chairs. Big shout out to my friend Chris who is an absolute legend that makes me feel pretty! Oh and he gives the best head massage too, even going just getting your hair washed is so worth it.
  • Tio's Cerveceria

    Pubs & Bars Surry Hills, NSW
    Came here whilst waiting for our reservation time at a restaurant close by. As I was driving I couldn't get their great selection of cocktails, so i had a glass of wine. I loved the friendly staff, and the complimentary big generous bag of popcorn we were given! I have always heard great things about Tio's and it was definitely verified. Definitely coming back for some cocktails !
  • Longrain Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Normally I would avoid asian fusion because I am quite picky/snobby when it comes to asian food, but I was really pleasantly surprised with Longrain. Although the portion size for me is quite small (I know it is a 'share' plate but I was still feeling peckish) I really enjoyed their okra stir fry tofu. The flavour was close to being authentic - a nice explosion in your mouth. It was great for my friend who is a vegetarian, a lot of vego options on the menu, I love the table setting being a communal feel. Definitely would go back again
  • Orange Grove Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Lilyfield, NSW
    My boss suggested to come here for lunch and i was surprised how there is a chinese restaurant in the pub! It must've just opened for the day so we were the first customer to come in, so the food came out straight away after ordering. Considering it is in a pub i was pleasantly surprised with my wonton noodle soup. Great portion size and great value. The pub itself was quite dead and the smell of bleach was overpowering the entire place which was a bit annoying.
  • The Balmain Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Balmain, NSW
    We had a baby shower for a colleague at the beer garden (tiki hut) and we loved it. The beer garden is spacious and nicely decked out, we ordered a whole bunch of food to share (Thursday is 2 for 1 pizza so went a little crazy), the aranchiniballs were deveine and the chicken wings were pretty good too. At night the fairy lights came on and it made the beer garden even more awesome. Friendly staff, good vibes, it was great.
  • Albee's Kitchen

    Restaurants Campsie, NSW
    I come here almost everyday as my work is around the corner, and I can honestly say this place is so good! Their haianese chicken rice is a must go to, as well as their laksa ad their crispy chicken. Their laksa especially is gigantic so either go with an empty stomach or go or share. Although it gets super packed at lunch everyday, I like the vibe of this communal eating situation. It is so good for the value, definitely recommend it.
  • Montes Lounge

    Restaurants Alice Springs, NT
    The moment I saw and walked into this place I was amazed I was in Alice and not somewhere in the inner west Sydney! It felt like it used to be some sort of circus with all the old worn out circus equipments, which i thought was really cool. I loved the seating areas too facing the main road, with good tunes. Few of my friends are living in Alice and they said this is definitely their fave place to go.
  • Nutrition Station

    Specialty Food Bondi Junction, NSW
    Decided to try this place after my friend who's been obsessing over it. I ordered the Acai bowl which was so sweet and way too much of it. My friend ordered sweet potato fries which i thought was soggy/oily. Apparently the salad is good but I felt having 2 disappointing things on the menu i didn't bother contemplating on going back again. Oh the coffee is pretty terrible too.
  • Brunswick St Cider House

    Restaurants Fitzroy, VIC
    I don't even know how to start with this place. Simply put, AMAZING. As you can tell from the name, everything they have, cider. And most are all Melbourne made which was fascinating for a Sydneysider, The weather outside was freezing and so we decided to get the mulled cider - one word, jackpot. I have had mulled ciders before but nothing like this one. It was honestly drinking apple pie, could not believe how delicious it was. The atmosphere is so nice inside, especially the seat we had in front of the big wall length front window watching people walk by on the busy Brunswick street.
  • Speakeasy Kitchen Bar

    Restaurants South Yarra, VIC
    Situated nicely in the middle of Chapel St, it looks really small from the outside but it goes waaay deep and it opens up to a really cute open space dining area at the back. Really digged the decor too. The coffee was great and the foot was great, the only downside was we had to wait around 40 mins to get our coffee and food (the waiter did tell us it will be a wait - but didn't think that long for breakfast). The staff were friendly, good vibes, definitely can start your day happy here.