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svchu1 Local Star

I live in Preston and consider myself a foodie and doglover. My reviews are my own and are fair.

Joined 21 November 2007 Preston, VIC

  • Westpac

    Banks Footscray, VIC
    I had a great banking experience here. I came here to sign my loan docs and found the service to be very personable. They even recommended me more suitable products with a better interest rate. The bank manager Liam is super patient and friendly, he helped my dad who has poor English with setting up his mobile online banking. Joanna is also excellent at customer service as was John J the loan manager. I would highly recommend anyone visiting Westpac here at Footscray.
  • Cafe Mambo

    Cafes Sunshine, VIC
    This place has been around for a few years but is still really good. The menu is well priced and there is a wide cocktail selection. I really enjoyed the warm chicken Greek salad. My friend had a burger which she really enjoyed. There are plenty of seats so it makes for a good place to catch-up with friends and family.
  • Rudimentary Cafe

    Cafes Footscray, VIC
    Had a great dining experience here for lunch. I really enjoyed the breakfast taco and the beef rib was served with a delicious side of corn bread. I love that they have kombucha on the menu. The veggie garden is a great set up and this cafe is super dog friendly too! I will definitely be back.
  • Korean BBQ - Melbourne

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    I had a really good dining experience here. The galbi was delciously marinated and it all wemt down really well with the shoju and Hiite beer. The service was friendly and their seletion of kimchi went down a treat. The place is cosy so makes for a good intimate gatherine with a group of up to 4 friends. I will be coming back here.
  • Hepburn Pavilion Cafe

    Cafes Hepburn Springs, VIC
    Beautiful cafe set in the heart of the scenic Hepburn Reserve. They serve Devonshire tea and a selection of cakes and drinks. Friendly service and good attitude. The scenery is very beautiful and makes the perfect setting to enjoy your tea following a nice day at hot springs.
  • Pastry King Cafe

    Cafes Daylesford, VIC
    Pastry King Cafe is on the very populate strip of shops in Daylesford. They do a wonderful beef and mushroom pie which really hit the spot after a long drive here. The service is friendly and they helped with food recommendations.
  • Lawson Grove Shop

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    I really enjoyed our brunch here at Lawsons. We came just before the kitchen was closing and had to quickly decide on what we wanted. After ordering, we were surprised how fast the food came out, thinking they rushed it but the presentation of the food was perfect, and it tasted amazing. The service was great, even though they were closing, we didn't feel rushed or pressured to finish up and leave.
  • Chef Lagenda Malaysian Kitchen

    Restaurants Flemington, VIC
    This one is the original Chef Lagenda. The food here is great, just like their Deer Park sister restaurant. I've ordered a lot of the menu items here over the years but can never get over the meal deal (my favourite) and roti roll. The Hainanese chicken was also very impressive.
  • Stalactites Restaurant

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    You can't go wrong with a gyros from Stalactites. This place is an institution and serves kebab at all times of the day. The meat is juicy and the bread is very toasty yet soft. I like to get the open kebab with chips when I eat in bc it is very filling and easier to eat than a wrapped one.
  • Milky Joe's

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    Great little cafe that does delicious paninis if you are after some lunch. The coffee is great and the baristas are always fast with service. It does get busy so make sure you give yourself a bit of time if you are in a rush. Well worth a visit and lovely decor too.
  • The Moat

    Cafes Melbourne, VIC
    Great little underground bar beneath the Wheeler Centre is a smallish but stylish venue that has a literary feel. Always busy "outside" and an intimate "inside." Never had a meal there but on this occasion enjoyed an Espresso Cocktail. Great little Melbourne nook to take interstate guests for a drink.
  • Burger World

    Takeaways Arncliffe, NSW
    A good burger place! With Sydney brewing with amazing burger places everyother day, Burger World holds it place in serving a great option when you want to indulge. Variety of options, and shakes to go with. And good on pricing, i went with the regular burger and it was a good eat.
  • Royal Stacks

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    This is a great lunch spot for the working and travelling crowd! Burgers that are fresh and delicious with delicious crispy fries! Definitely enough to keep you happy for the rest of a work day! The restaurant is cool and funky, and it's not too noisy that you can't talk to your companions, but definitely has a buzz due to how busy it is! Tip: go early because this place packs out. Vanilla milkshake is a must try.
  • Pho Tam

    Restaurants Footscray, VIC
    Pho Tam as the name suggests are known for their Pho, Vietnamese rice noodles and they're pretty good at it. However, the store is always packed and it can be hard finding a seat during lunch time and on the weekend. Recommend: Beef and chicken Pho. Something different: Bun Bo Hue
  • Breadtop

    Bakeries Richmond, VIC
    They have delicious cakes here. You should try the Strawberry Gateau and the Chocolate Mocca Geatau. The rich taste of the chocolate will satisfy your strong need for sweet, professionally-made creations.
    Also their blueberry and coconut buns are mouth-watering and I recommend trying them as soon as possible.
    The staff is not so friendly sometimes, but I can live with this, it is not a big problem.
  • Laurent Bakery

    Cafes Chadstone, VIC
    I'm a big fan of baked goodies and at Laurent you can't go wrong. Their lemon tart went down a treat and I brought some cheecake home to my partner who thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I will definitely be coming back to the Chaddy Laurent.
  • Axil Coffee Roasters

    Cafes Chadstone, VIC
    This is a very popular brunch spot located at Chaddy. Menu options has some appealing options. I had the baked eggs with two slices of bread on the side and also their delicious hot cakes. Although the wait for the food was long plus the wait for the table, the food made up for it. Everyone enjoyed their meal and coffee was also a hit. Would come back despite the wait.
  • Pomodoro Sardo

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Pomodoro Sardo has moved across the road to and has relaunched itself. What used to look like an un-happyish dark dining place has now been transformed into a delciously tasty Italian pizzaria with quality foods and ingredients. I had the vongole and the past was fresh and handmade and the flavours were rich and even creamy. I was really impressed and happy with my order. They are also big fans of Aperol Sprtiz' here and I don't mind that at all.
  • Hochi Mama

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    I had a fantastic dining experience here. This place can definitely seat more people than it's neighbour Rice Paper Scissors and so used to take the spill over crowd but now has earns its own stripes. The menu here is Northern Vietnamese focussed and with a combination of east meets west experimental flavours. The Fried chicken was deliciously crispy and the oysters with the sweet and hot sauce went down a treat. I wasn't particularly impressed by the strawberry chicken salad but thought t was a good attempt. The service was super friendly and helpful.
  • Red Spice Road

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    I had a fantastic dining experience here last night. We had the $79 for 2 banquet and enjoyed it very much. Coupled with the Citibank card we also got a free bottle of wine with our meal. It was a beautiful tempernillo. The lamb ribs were flavoursome and the curry was rich too. In particular I liked the pork belly. Would highly recommend this place especially because of the friendly service that we got.