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swatieshekhawat Newbie

Joined 30 January 2013

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Latest Reviews

  • Lady at Bay

    Beauty Salons Neutral Bay, NSW
    As far as the treatments provided at lady at bay are concerned ... I could see no difference at all in my skin after a series of treatments suggested to me to take as a package- omnilux-- made no difference at all on my skin, chemical peel- I took peels before and it resulted in skin peeling for a few days therefore reducing my scars atleast temporarily for months but the one given to me here wasn't medical grade and my sister could not even believe I took a peel, oxygen booster facial- no visible affect on my skin. I clearly mentioned my reason of being there was reducing my acne scars on a long term and expected them to suggest a treatment for that. I was disappointed... forget scars.... after spending $300 I could not even feel get the clean feeling that I usually get after a simple clean up or scrub. I was told after all these treatments i will walk out with a glowing new skin kinda look but when I asked after the treatment why I see no difference, I was told you don't usually see a major difference after one treatment of Omnilux and I should book for more. I don't mind spending provided I see results as promised. I think it is a low budget place, with dirty linen, not so great equipments coz such treatments usually give results...They (showing extremely poor client service) instead of talking to me and explaining why I had no results ... they instead did not allow me use my $75 worth coupon that i wanted to use to buy a beauty product... DONT EVER EVEN STEP in this place.. they will just charge spa prices for a little place with no results.
  • Chaska Punjabi Cuisine

    Restaurants Neutral Bay, NSW
    main course dish is for 16$ but in a city where dominos charge 22 dollers for a crappy pizza i would happily pay 16$ for pure authentic straigh from punjab kinda taste. its not a very high end fine dining but the food keeps us calling back. me and my husband who is from punjab tried it a few months back and since thn we never looked back to those famous but manupulated indian tasting food at last train to local and many more.. we are big foodies and can't recommend thm enough. if you want desi style typical punjabi food, come to this place. some things to keep in mind.. if you like spicy food , mention that to them but specify u want more chilly and not more garam masala( if thats what you want) . and they give complementry dishes to try which is amazing.. its a new place. so nt many ppl know abt it so its not very busy but don't go by the crowd , u might miss the most amazing indian food in sydney.