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Sydney Dinner Local Star

RANDOM DIN DINS! #2 Zomato, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp, True Local, Instagram joe@randomdindins.com www.randomdindins.com

Joined 26 November 2016 Sydney, NSW

  • The North Spoon

    Restaurants McMahons Point, NSW

    What a great new addition to Blues Point Road, there?s a nice warm interior with a small courtyard garden with two tables for some al fresco action. They seem to have found their groove after opening just a month ago offering an ALL DAY BREAKFAST menu with 17 dishes to choose from. Modern Australian at its best reigns supreme for brunch and lunch with burgers, ribs, pastas, salads.

    The BEEF CONNECTION burger with wagyu is a premium patty with nice chunks of beef through it, a pickled cucumber moustache hangs off the side balancing out the caramelized onion and lime/chive aioli with a melted cheese binding. Perfect portion size with interesting flavor combinations.

    The WARM VEG SALAD with spinach, quinoa and roasted almonds is a nice winter warmer with grilled, baked, charred pumpkin, artichoke through it. It is a really fantastic salad which is easily underestimated in the selection of 4 salads.

    The slow cooked 12 hour Lamb Shank with Mash was heaven. it?s meat glides beautifully off the bone like a Disney on Ice masterpiece.

    The service is swift, friendly and surprisingly quick for a work lunch hour. Definitely worth a visit!
  • Big Daddy's Burger Bar

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    A positive experience at Newtown is what lead me here. It's more a whole in the wall, 'Coles Express' version of the beloved diner I know, but the look and feel of everything is there. The HOMEWRECKER hot dog was purely chosen because I wanted to say the name, and this place is right on Oxford Street. It was good that's for sure and the cream cheese and chunky loads on the dawg make this more than just an ordinary hot dog. As for the price - not entirely convinced when comparing it to other burger, chicken waffle items I've had on the menu. Even the curly fries are better than this in my opinion. Mate had the Veggie burger which apparently has some kick to it and by Vegetarian standards was impressive and 'more than just a token' offering.
  • Lucky Hot Bread

    Bakeries Regentville, NSW
    The bread is fresh and the fillings in their pork rolls don't seem dodgy having been here twice now. However, as we are not spoiled for choice in surrounding areas, my standards in terms of Banh Mi Rolls is quite higher than usual. This rates as a convenient stop across from the station with friendly service, competitive prices and appears to be hygienically sound.
  • Ted's Cameras Sydney

    Photography Stores Sydney, NSW
    Great service, good selection of accessories and gadgets.
  • Kim Sun Young Hair And Beauty

    Hairdressers Sydney, NSW
    I really like it here because it feels less pretentious, yet is a step up from a walk in walk out barber or hairdresser. Wide open space, phone chargers available, great staff and there's a dermatologist upstairs offering non surgical remedies.
  • Granville Hot Bread

    Bakeries Granville, NSW
    Really friendly service from the couple that run this store. Everything made fresh daily. From cakes and pies, sausage rolls, tarts, horns and pastry puffs?

    I had the Chilli Chicken Banh Mi with extra coriander. It's pretty good for $5 and they don't skimp one bit on the filling (i.e. Chicken thigh marinaded in chill, coriander, spring onion, cucumber, carrot). I've never had a chicken roll with tomato before so thank god it just blended in without drawing too much attention to itself in there - I wasn't keen to begin with and just ran with it.

    A very satisfying afternoon snack indeed! PS. get it with fresh chilli as well it's awesome!
  • Wynyard YouSave Chemist

    Chemists Sydney, NSW
    Been here a few times as its right across from the office. From Cold and Flu, Gingko Biloba, Protein shakes, random creams and the ocassional Pseudo prescription - WIll and his team have you covered! Thanks guys!
  • First National Real Estate Chester Hill

    Real Estate Agents Chester Hill, NSW
    Glad they got rid of the receptionist Kylie there, she was always quite rude on the phone. Newer team now is quite good offering support when maintenance issues arise with rental properties.
  • Saab Wer Thai Esan

    Restaurants Newtown, NSW
    EXTREMELY DELICIOUS is the english translation of the North Eastern Thai expression (The Essan Region to be exact) for ?Saab Wer"

    Sticky rice runs wild in this region, a distinct characteristic to its neighboring Laos, but a cuisine all it?s own. Another feature is the heat you will find in these dishes, and where the much loved GREEN PAPAYA SALAD (Som Tam) originated. Sticky rice is commonly rolled into a ball, eating with your hands, dipping the sour hotness of that dressing. A number of protein versions available and we opted for the Tiger Prawn one.

    The colder weather makes for a perfect dish of comfort from the family of Chefs and service staff here adding to that extra feeling of fondness you will feel for the cosy and hot pink setting. The RED CURRY WITH DUCK and CHEF?S SPECIAL RICE showcase another staple, the coconut. The milky sauce from the curry is a winter pleaser alone over rice! The presentation of the the SAAB WER FRESH COCONUT RICE (Chef?s Special) is so striking with a mix of eggs, vegetables, chicken (choice of proteins available) and scrapings of coconut through it and packed into the coconut shell! So tropical and flavorsome.

    Also noticeable are the intricate details which appear so subtlely in their entree selection. A number of these could be a light meal on their own. From the MOO PING (street-like pork skewers drenched in marinade flavor) to the hand tied wrapper strings on the PRAWN & CRAB SPRING ROLLS and MONEY BAGS.

    For me the love in this food comes not only from the rich history of recipes and ingredients, but from the owners, Bruce and Noi and their large team of friends and family that hand their love for food and family into a bowl/plate to your table! Deliveries are also done personally by Bruce so if you can?t drop in, chances are they will literally come to your door.
  • Rose of Australia Hotel

    Restaurants Erskineville, NSW
    Great drinks venue with different versatile spaces both indoors and out for any kind of meet or night out. All the usual gaming and sports screening and as a member you are priivy to special promotions, events and discounts. My local!!! Xxx

    The newly renovated upstairs space, Howard's has a great menu by Head Chef Chris Bell showcasing great local produce into culinary works of art that are beautifully complimented with high tea and a satisfying cocktail selection!

    Having had the ribs here twice now, it's one of the standouts on the strip.
  • Erskineville Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Erskineville, NSW
    Wow this place has changed. $20+ dollars for snapper, krispy kale and quinoa salad. I remember coming here on a weekly basis for good ole rustic pub grub and comfort food.

    Dear erko, when did your menu become so pretentious and expensive? Id complain but every time i come in here, the service at the bar and at the tables and the food is always top notch (youve chosen your people well) and everything else is still exactly the same since the menu change a few months ago... So you've kind of won me over but i really miss "Thursday Ribs" night!

    The same fun atmoshere is still there, the pool tables, the beer garden and big screens with the footy, the shoestring fries and snack share plates are still there but the menu - as delicious as it is - feels so out of place! Other than that, it is still the same cool pumping venue it's always been xxxx
  • Li's Takeaway Food

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Not bad at all - came in here the other day for my own version of 'Tightass Tuesday' and well surprised. 3 Choices with Rice or Noodle sets you back $10 and because that particular junction of Elizabeth Street (in between Kippax & Devonshire) attracts all sorts, cheap eats for $1 (chicken wings, dim sims, spring rolls) are available. This option to their off the menu order makes sense as you've got Centrelink up the road, Backpackers lodges in between the bustling work and commuter routes from the Central Station thoroughfare and surrounding office blocks. Thai Chilli Chicken was questionable but good, the Sweet & Sour wasn't heavy on the batter which I liked, however it was the Malaysian Satay chicken with veg that won me over and will bring me back again. This whole spread complete with makeshift entrees - just $16.80 - value at it's best in my opinion, enough choices to explore and find your perfect meal.
  • Speed Bar Espresso

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Gotta say nothing impresses me more than a good well executed takeaway meat pie! Pepper Steak was what one my attention on that visit, flaky pastry and the chunkiest cubed steak and gravy was absolutely mouthwatering! Was not expecting that at all!

    For dessert I went with the Caramel tart which was rich in sweetness and harbored a swirl of whipped cream! Nice crusty base and just love that sugary sweetness of the caramel as you break through that short crust
  • Niko Niko Sushi

    Takeaways Chester Hill, NSW
    Great little casual dining shack at the CH Shopping Centre. I've had both the takeaway rolls, bento as well as ordered off their menu. Highly recommend the Chicken Katsu, Takoyaki and California Rolls. Inside and outdoor dining.
  • Top Juice

    Juice Bars Sydney, NSW
    Incredibly refreshing to come here and not have something healthy for a change
    Remember being here when they had left over chocolate dip strawberries from Valentines day and of course I had to do it! two strawberries fused together with fudge to form a love heart kind of shape. Da mn that chocolate was good - I'm thinking these guys should just drop the whole fresh juice and fruit salads (which I've had in both the medium and large serves previously) and just run with the strawberry chocolate thing! Thanks Cupid - you made my day!
  • Lok Lok Dumpling Bar

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Nice one Lok Lok. All the flavours are there. All the feelings are invoked for one in search of comfort food on a wet day like today, but my only critique is the presentation of standard takeaway at first glance that doesnt seem to match the nearly $30 price tag which is up there in terms of food court fast food. Otherwise, great food!!!
  • The Burman Kitchen

    Restaurants Granville, NSW
    I've never tried Burman food before and I must say it was a nice change from the many predictable choices in the area. Light airy ambience in the small-medium space for casual dining. Burmese cuisine is based on a very different understanding of curries to the main ones we are use to. There's more of a fishy taste to the curry I had and is a very unexpected yet enjoyable gravy in which the slow cooked beef is immersed into. It might be a bit too salty if you like your spicy curries but I was open to something new. With influences from neighbouring countries of India, China and Thailand, there's familiarity in the Burman Squid Salad. The crunch and spicy kick is reminiscent of the Thai papaya salad but instead uses Cabbage with Wasabe-like whiffs of ginger that's evened out with shredded Apple. Summer in a bowl!
  • Two Daughters

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    For $7 you can create your own with up to 3 choices and the tiers, choices and price moves up or down depending on how you order. For me, the nice street setting of Surry Hills set the tone for a morning tea break with Apple & Watermelon with hints of lemon (it's good for your skin or keeps it young I read somewhere). Friendly service and attentive acknowledgement of every single person that walks in, even while they are waiting in the queue I noticed. I like that.
  • Zaytoon Cafe

    Cafes Bass Hill, NSW
    Everytime I come in here to visit the butcher or groceries at Woollies at the plaza, this place is always so busy with all outdoor and indoor seats full of people spilling out of the store, so it's hard to ignore the apparent popularity. More impressive is the efficiency of managing all these people while serving the takeaway counter. Long Black to go please - thank you! Tempting pastries and a solid cafe menu with items that have caught my eye, always a regular.
  • Mina Bay Seafood

    Seafood Bass Hill, NSW
    Across from Chicken Depot, the fast food items and gourmet salads themed with seafood are guaranteed fresh because it's also a seafood shop where you can find the latest daily catches. Love the Seafood Cold Salad with prawn and crab and have also had the calamari rings and grilled fish here - you can stop in and pig out while they clean and scale your fish. Nice family run business.