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Sydney Dinner Local Star

RANDOM DIN DINS! #2 Zomato, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp, True Local, Instagram joe@randomdindins.com www.randomdindins.com

Joined 26 November 2016 Sydney, NSW

  • Meet Mica

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Chef Lee presents an asian inspired brunch both aesthetically pleasing and rich in flavour and tecnique. Couched in the character of Mica herself, she creates a casual warmth with her team for this casual venue on Elizbath Street. Walk-ins only, so be prepared to wait a little as there have been queues over the last few days - but it will be worth it.

    The Spicy Crab & Rice Noodle is a treasure trove of fresh crab meat, tofu, buk choy, silver fish crunch and rice noodles dressed with a house made spicy chilli jam and definitely one of the highlights. I'm not a porridge and oatmeal kind of person, however, it was the roasted almond and coconut foam that redefine my old perceptions of this gluggy breakfast. The fresh juices are going to be a hit this summer too with Green healthy and Fresh fruit sweetness variations. The "A BOWL" was a fascinating combination of Butter poached organic barley, spinach, shiitake mushroom, charcoal chicken, slow cooked egg, green shallots served with a chicken dashing broth.

    A very promising menu and warm atmosphere!
  • Duck Duck Goose

    Cafes Randwick, NSW
    Such a beautiful interior in this place that's so warm and welcoming. I can see this place for an intimate date or group function because the food is worth coming back for! Ordinary dishes have been given soft tweaks to envoke extra flare - successfully!

    Garlic King Prawns - lightly grilled king prawns dressed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic were grilled perfectly and the heat from the chilli adds to the smokey charring that comes through

    House Crumbed Calamari are sliced in nice thick strips served with a tangy lemon herb sauce. It's sounds so uninteresting on the menu but is definitely a contender for a top entree.

    We ended up sharing mains as we envied each other's view of the other almost doubting whether we had made the right choice and it was hard to pick a winner.

    That crispy skin on the Sous Vide Duck Breast, , rich in flavour bolstered by soft trims of sweet potato puree, shallots in red wine jus is immaculate. The Pork Belly passes the crackling test and served with predictable apple sauce and not so predictable fennel & tomato! Superb!

    Our cocktail selection was perfectly weaved through pre-dining and in between courses: Duck & Goose Mai Tai, The Collins and Elderflower are mixed beautifully and the subtle twists we see that theme their menu flows through into their cocktail range with 3 Mexican shooters that accompany your Margarita! There's an order to how they are consumed so make sure to ask!

    Laura, Nick and team seem to run everything like clockwork, each table being told a food story with great timing, endearing service and pro active service as they managed our table among a sea of other couple diners and several groups!

    Perfect Experience!

  • East Village Sydney

    Bottle Shops Darlinghurst, NSW
    It's a great space that will easily mould to your casual night out with a loved one, work drinks, function or po ker night and game night! So much to love about the place as each floor tries to build it's own identity under the same kitchen. It's a la id back casual lad's lad kind of place which is easy, relateable and non-pretentious which I like. The double patty custom make was off the charts with bacon, cheese and comes with a beer for $20. Total spend for a nice pre-dinner about $70 which is well worth it. The Winter Menu consists of 3 main items - honey glazed ham, beef burguignon (which was the fave had it been slow cooked a tiny bit longer) and German Sau sage (Curry Wurst) which surprisingly works well with Indian flavour. There's no elevator and the winding stair case up the three floors is worth the wait! I'd totally recommend the coc ktails mentioned as there's alot of showmanship that goes into these magical bar potions!
  • Sasuki

    Restaurants Narellan, NSW
    I haven't been back to the Campbelltown and surrounding area since the opening of the new Narellan Town Centre and there's a fantastic dining and entertainment precinct where this establishment prominently sits!Such a great selection in the NINJA Teppanyaki menu of:- Cucumber & Sesame Salad- Miso Soup- King Prawn- Cuttlefish- Chicken Teriyaki- Wagyu Steak- Fried Vegetables- Fried Ricein a prestigious and modern setting complete with fully stoked bar featuring prized Japanese Sake, fasten your seatbelts for one of the most entertaining nights as your meal is prepared and served to you by the vibrant and lively Chefs who turn every cooking session into a show of theatre and comedy!
  • Long Kin

    Restaurants Pyrmont, NSW
    The menu is Central Thailand focused with many favorites you would come across in Bangkok. High grade ingredients, coupled with classic recipes and imaginative plating in a wide open space setting provides for a momentous dining experience.

    What we had:

    Marhor - Citrus base topped with finely shredded and pork floss, caramelised coconut and chilli

    TOD MUN HUA PLEE: "Banana Blossom Cake" - banana blossom cake with red curry paste, house vinegar and sweet chilli sauce

    SALT & PEPPER SOFT SHELL CRAB - with thai chilli sauce

    LAMB CUTLETS with Thai style marinade and tamarind paste

    CRYING TIGER SPINACH FETTUCINE - spinach fettucine with brown onion, black pepper basil, whole dried chilli topped with delicious grilled marinaded wagyu beef

    Battered and deep fried banana coated and rolled with shards of unripe rice, grated coconut... Accompanied with coconut ice cream
  • Little Hong Kong

    Takeaways Marrickville, NSW
    Hungry as eff this early in the morning and had dinner for breakfast. Prawn dumplings, Chicken spring roll, Pork Dim Sim, Fried rice with satay chicken and mongolian lamb! Now THATS just a ridiculous breakfast dont u think? It was awesome!!!
  • Sushi Kaido

    Restaurants Chatswood, NSW
    I came in with a group of friends the other day and I've got to say - it was easily one of the most memorable sushi places in chatswood. There are so many sushi places in the area that I've always given the humble Kaido a miss, but never again. The grilled salmon in particular was delicious, but I also had the agedashi tofu and a few rolls. All of it was really good. My friends all said the same thing - while it looks small and basic, the food is amazing and the service efficient. Definitely recommend this place.
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  • The Biten Heaven

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    Stopped in for the lunch specials. Grilled Salmon cooked to perfection, the beef burger with chips as i skipped breakfast running late to work this morning. Great location on thr main strip and really nice fit out accessorised with a piano, lots of couches for a casual coffee, greenery and bird cages. Great friendly service too!
  • Verandah Restaurant & Wine Bar

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    There's a different reason to come into this place for lunch. You've got $13 Rumps on a Monday, $12 Chicken Schnitzel on a Tuesday. In both cases - the deal breaker for me is the control over how much gravy i can whack on to my plate and whether I want it anywhere near my chips. They leave it all to you with the huge barrel full of it next to the cutlery!!! Would you like a side of steak with your gravy?
  • Belly Bao

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    These deconstructed hybrid pork buns are awesome. I had a hard time deciding between the braised pork and roast pork with crackling so got em both. Crackling is the winner for me and braised pork sibling is a "meh, ive had better" kind of let down. Next time i work the chicken and seafood items on this menu!!!
  • The Choc Pot

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Like seriously the creations that come out of the choc pot kitchen are oozing sensations of org asmic comfort. Every bite makes you shake, every dig with your fork into the waffles and ice cream takes your breath away and would make a grown man cry. Thankyou for these gifts to the world Choc Pot - you know exactly what buttons to push with treats that make you want to scream and heave into total ecstasy! Like seriously - the way they use chocolate, caramel and ice cream in this joint will bang you every which way until sundae and now I can die in peace..... DEEERICIOOUSSSS!!!
  • O'Connell Street Cafe

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Amazing coffee and the Shakshuka with lamb is heaven sent. This is the perfect place for a nice Friday breakfast treat! Flavours just reign supreme in this dish....
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  • Sushi Hub

    Takeaways Haymarket, NSW
    From scallop to spicy crab to tuna sushi sandwich rolls and all the usual options, i opted NOT to bake cupcakes as prescribed by a family member coordinating contributions to my sister's engagement picnic. $46 for 36 pieces in this pretentiously glorious platter. So convenient, so delicious!
  • Taste Baguette

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Stopped in for a green iced tea latte. They do their own version of the watermelon cake which is really handy if ur no where near thr 3 outlets that created the original. Service times and table service were swift and friendly
  • Grandmas at McEvoy - Alexandria

    Cafes Alexandria, NSW
    Great selection of salads, wraps sandwiches and pastries. Stopped in for a quick snack and had thr Spinach and Ricotta. Flakynpastry with the filling bursting and toasty on the side. Nice open space and friendlybservice
  • sub-station cafe

    Cafes Alexandria, NSW
    These kind of places are my favorite! They are hidden treasures in the Sydney casual dining scene and it's only the workers and locals nearby that know these great secrets! The setting of this cute little cafe is a converted electrical substation with a light feature of globes suspended from bed springs. It's modest area has high celings has an open plan and is a nice getaway from its industrial location. A weekend pit stop from bunnings, also makes this the perfect destination.

    The service is charming, characteristic of the local clientele they've been looking after for the past couple of years they've been open.

    The menu is on trend featuring an ACAI BOWL of summer berry with an adorning of buckwheat groaties, coconut, chia seeds, a side of granola and fresh fruit (rockmelon, kiwi, strawberry and apple). Thee midday sun was starting to come through and the slushee like texture of the base and mixing of crunchy and fruit components was filling yet light and refreshing.

    The SUB-STATION BREAKFAST is one hearty mountain of comfort! Sumac bacon, oregano seasoned shrooms, avo, carrot & beettroot, tomato relish covered the entire plate AND there was a tiny little pot of youghurt topped with fresh strawberry!

    The outside courtyard is a cute little space that gets a lot of light and fresh air and the greenery in the corner really adds to the ambience. The fresh juices were just perfect ? LEAN GREEN and SUMMER BREEZE were just perfect.

    This is definitely the kind of cafe I would actually make a trek out too!
  • Chippendale Hotel Pty Ltd

    Pubs & Bars Chippendale, NSW
    Packed Saturday night and was surprised at how fast the mains and entrees came out. It honestly took a lot longer to line up for drinks at the bar but the service makes up for it. We shared everything and loved every bite. SIRLOIN STEAK cooked perfectly, crispy skin on the SALMON FILLET and a touch over cooked but balanced out with the CAULIFLOWER and HALOUMI CHICKEN SALAD. Loved the cumin on the eggplant base of the CAJUN SHRIMP, juicy MEATBALLS. All in all a great meal with friendly service. Great night out!
  • Crystal Seafood Restaurant Blacktown

    Takeaways Blacktown, NSW
    For Blacktown, its pretty impressive if you haven't gone out dining for a suburban outing. On the rooftop of the Westpoint Complex we had the private room for a family function for 20 people. Set menu of $32 was quite substantial of steamed asian greens, satay beef, salt and pepper calamari, sweet and sour pork and fried rice. The service was great when we got it, but at times were left a little abandoned as its quite a large space and after food was served we had to call for attention outside the private room for drink top ups at times. All in all a good experience and would come back.
  • Wests Ashfield Leagues Club

    Sports Clubs Ashfield, NSW
    Finally, a genuine farm to fork destination where ingredients sourced support our local farmers.. From the Bone Marrow toast to the Roast Pork, the design of the menu ensures there is little wastage. Casual dining with simplicity at its core. Favorites on the menu were the Mundroola Farm LAMB RIBS - slow cooked and so tender they completely fall off the bone with lightest brush of the knife. Drenched in BBQ sauce and laid on top of Tzatiki - it is impossible to fault this dish and provides all the comforts and satisfaction you would expect from your local Leagues Club.The TASMANIAN OCEAN TROUT had a crispy skin and was nicely cooked. The Toolangatta Farm ROAST PORK was also great, called THE FARMER'S PLATE its accompanied with seasonal vegetables and home made gravy. A nostalgic homestead meal that will definitely do well. The restaurant space is bathed in alot of natural sunlight and lush vegetation, an open bar and cafe area, there is a conservatory that looks down onto the main Ashfield street. Open plan kitchen and woodfire pizza oven, it's definitely an inner west destination venue...
  • Treetop Cafe

    Cafes Waterloo, NSW
    So much to choose from for a Sunday morning brunch after a big night so we just ordered everything to make sure our bases were covered...

    The DOUBLE STACK PANCAKE plays on bitter and sweet with the lemon ricotta, mixed berry compote and ice cream... Too much? You can get this with whipped cream too if you like. The HOMEMADE CORN FRITTER has two cheeses weaved into it of ricotta and parmesan. The CLUB SANDWICH uses a homemade aioli and it's little touches like this in their dishes that make the dishes so loveable and their own. The BACON & EGG ROLL is our benchmark dish in case things go wrong and the whole selection seamlessly surpasses expectation. Also, their FRENCH TOAST should be called a 'French Loaf' because its massive! Topped with yoghurt, berries and toasted muesli drizzled on the side, it's kept to standard, as all dishes are so beautifully presented and a flavour bomb of explosion for the tastebuds.

    The service is gentle and friendly and it's the kind of place that will welcome you with open arms after a hard day at the office, a wild night out or during the small break you get in between dropping off and picking up the kids.

    Would definitely come back.