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Sydney Tum Tum Local Star

Food bloggers in Sydney who started to share our passion for great food and culinary adventures as we discover what this city has to offer. Check us out at www.sydneytumtum.com

Joined 21 February 2017 Chatswood, NSW

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  • Masala Theory

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Masala Theory is a new Indian Restaurant in Surry Hills, about a 15 minute walk from Central station. The restaurant?s front is an unassuming renovated terrace with weathered paint, not unlike the repurposed, colourful and well-lit houses along Wigram Street in Harris Park. My girlfriend and I were recently invited to try out their new menu.

    The first thing you notice when you walk into Masala Theory is the colourful interior and the huge vintage bike hung on the wall with neon tyres. We were greeted by the manager, Ritel and one of the service staff who found us a seat very quickly.

    The interior itself is bustling with life, plastered with signs, items from India or full-length murals. We really liked the music which was modern Indian pop music; groovy and tasteful.

    We had a great experience at Masala Theory, with the lively vibe, great music, colourful decorations and polite, hardworking staff. It?s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the menu and the decor. We both of us walked away with a new perspective on Indian food. If you love Indian food, you?ll be amazed at what they?ve done at Masala Theory.
  • Mamas Buoi

    Takeaways Surry Hills, NSW
    Mama?s Bu?i is a modern Vietnamese restaurant on Devonshire Street, about a five minute walk from Central Station. A homage to the owner?s mother, the welcoming, home-style interior design provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

    For lunch, I ordered the Pho Chay, the vegetarian version of the iconic pho beef noodle soup. Vietnam actually has a large vegetarian and vegan food culture, being home to a large Buddhist population and bountiful fresh produce.

    Showing photos of my lunch to my girlfriend made her very jealous and I?m still looking for an excuse to go back. If you?re looking for a chill place to go for Vietnamese food near Central Station, give Mama?s Bu?i a try.
  • Good Pizza

    Restaurants Alexandria, NSW
    Good Pizza is a new pizza parlour in Alexandria, owned and operated by the young and friendly Alex Pisani. He spent 10 years working in restaurants at front-of-house and in the kitchen before finally opening his own restaurant after a pilgrimage to Naples in 2014. Recently, he was kind enough to invite us, along with many other foodies, to a tasting night of their new menu.

    Every pizza was served fresh out of the oven. Compliments to the kitchen staff who worked tirelessly to maintain a steady stream of pizza while us bloggers were all up in their business! Good Pizza has one wood-fired oven to cook their pizzas. It was a real privilege to get so close while the pizzas were cooking and see it in action!

    I personally loved their peas and mint pizza and their Portuguese Tart pizza is to die for.

    Alex is a very amiable restauranteur with a wealth of experience. He and his staff did well to serve 20 or so ravenous bloggers that night. With their interesting toppings, hand-tossed bases and relaxed atmosphere, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for them. We encourage you to bring your friends and try out their delicious pizzas!