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Sydney Tum Tum Local Star

Food bloggers in Sydney who started to share our passion for great food and culinary adventures as we discover what this city has to offer. Check us out at www.sydneytumtum.com

Joined 21 February 2017 Chatswood, NSW

  • Masala Theory

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Masala Theory is a new Indian Restaurant in Surry Hills, about a 15 minute walk from Central station. The restaurant?s front is an unassuming renovated terrace with weathered paint, not unlike the repurposed, colourful and well-lit houses along Wigram Street in Harris Park. My girlfriend and I were recently invited to try out their new menu.

    The first thing you notice when you walk into Masala Theory is the colourful interior and the huge vintage bike hung on the wall with neon tyres. We were greeted by the manager, Ritel and one of the service staff who found us a seat very quickly.

    The interior itself is bustling with life, plastered with signs, items from India or full-length murals. We really liked the music which was modern Indian pop music; groovy and tasteful.

    We had a great experience at Masala Theory, with the lively vibe, great music, colourful decorations and polite, hardworking staff. It?s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the menu and the decor. We both of us walked away with a new perspective on Indian food. If you love Indian food, you?ll be amazed at what they?ve done at Masala Theory.
  • Mamas Buoi

    Takeaways Surry Hills, NSW
    Mama?s Bu?i is a modern Vietnamese restaurant on Devonshire Street, about a five minute walk from Central Station. A homage to the owner?s mother, the welcoming, home-style interior design provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

    For lunch, I ordered the Pho Chay, the vegetarian version of the iconic pho beef noodle soup. Vietnam actually has a large vegetarian and vegan food culture, being home to a large Buddhist population and bountiful fresh produce.

    Showing photos of my lunch to my girlfriend made her very jealous and I?m still looking for an excuse to go back. If you?re looking for a chill place to go for Vietnamese food near Central Station, give Mama?s Bu?i a try.
  • Good Pizza

    Restaurants Alexandria, NSW
    Good Pizza is a new pizza parlour in Alexandria, owned and operated by the young and friendly Alex Pisani. He spent 10 years working in restaurants at front-of-house and in the kitchen before finally opening his own restaurant after a pilgrimage to Naples in 2014. Recently, he was kind enough to invite us, along with many other foodies, to a tasting night of their new menu.

    Every pizza was served fresh out of the oven. Compliments to the kitchen staff who worked tirelessly to maintain a steady stream of pizza while us bloggers were all up in their business! Good Pizza has one wood-fired oven to cook their pizzas. It was a real privilege to get so close while the pizzas were cooking and see it in action!

    I personally loved their peas and mint pizza and their Portuguese Tart pizza is to die for.

    Alex is a very amiable restauranteur with a wealth of experience. He and his staff did well to serve 20 or so ravenous bloggers that night. With their interesting toppings, hand-tossed bases and relaxed atmosphere, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for them. We encourage you to bring your friends and try out their delicious pizzas!
  • Rocket Burger and Fries

    Takeaways Melbourne, VIC
    Rocket Burgers and Fries is located across the road from Flinders Street Station on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne?s CBD and serves up all manners of burgers and fries at this small stall.

    I ordered the Man Burger with double bacon, double beef, double cheese and lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayo in a sesame bun. What a burger this was! As soon as I picked it up, it started to fall apart, dripping with oil. Nevertheless, it was certainly a filling meal with well-done fries and delicious chipotle hummus which was smooth and very flavourful. Great value for $18!

    The service at Rocket Burger and Fries was quick and friendly. Conveniently located and serving great food, consider stopping by here if you?re around Flinders Street Station.
  • Thai Riffic

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Thai Riffic is a slice of Bangkok in Westfield Sydney?s food court. We recently took advantage of a Groupon deal for half price noodle dishes ($7.50 each) and set ourselves up for a Thursday night dinner.

    We found the service to be quick, efficient but polite. The food court was busy but we were able to quickly find a seat near the shop. The serving sizes were huge, filling both of us up to the brim! The fried tofu pieces and that sweet, spicy laksa soup were the stars of this dinner. We found Thai Riffic to be one of the better Thai food chains around. If you?re doing some shopping in Westfield Pitt Street, we can recommend Thai Riffic for a quick and easy meal!
  • Devon Cafe

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Devon Café is a chic café on Devonshire Street in Surry Hills with a Japanese-inspired menu. They?re so popular that they?ve recently opened a new location in Barangaroo. Great for a quick egg sando with kewpie mayo and nori or the special muffins they rotate regularly.

    One of the best muffins I?ve ever tasted; a soft centre encased in a thin and crispy shell. It was very zesty but perfectly balanced with sweetness. The cream on top was mixed with chocolate and sprinkled with orange zest.

    Apart from the construction work going on outside, Devon has a great vibe, excellent service and I?ve never been disappointed by the food. Definitely worth checking them out.
  • Manmaru

    Cafes Dulwich Hill, NSW
    The Graff Caff has been a long-loved venue of us for quite a while. Recently, the family relaunched their little café while Erich, one half of the dynamic duo who runs this amazing eatery, was on holiday. To his surprise, he came back to a Japanese-inspired café with the interior designed by his artistically-gifted daughter, Lara.

    Must tries are the vegan pie, Tofu salad and iced chai

    The talents of both their children are showcased in both the decor and menu. The revival of The Graff Caff had some big shoes to fill but we feel they?ve done a great job introducing a new theme to the café. We?ll be back soon!
  • Sister Of Soul

    Restaurants St Kilda, VIC
    We first visited St Kilda during a long weekend trip to see the fairy penguins at St Kilda Pier. Despite experiencing less-than-ideal weather during our first trip, we managed to brighten our day by visiting a vegan restaurant called Sister of Soul. It turned out to be so good that, on my recent solo trip to Melbourne, I decided to come all the way to St Kilda again just to try it! Luckily, the weather was much more forgiving; the surrounding area turned out to be disarmingly beautiful on a sunny day.

    I ordered the Udon Noodle Sister Stir-fry. This amazing bowl of stir-fried udon was presented with a colourful array of veggies topped with black sesame seeds and snow pea tendrils. The sriracha teriyaki sauce gave it quite a kick and the crispy soy nuggets worked perfectly with the fresh, crisp veggies and snow pea tendrils. The serving size was huge, too! Just the way I like it! All in all, a delicious and satisfying meal packed full of the good stuff.

    If you?re in St Kilda and looking for a filling meal and/or a great place to hang out with your friends, visit Sister of Soul for some cruelty-free, wholesome goodness!
  • Oakleigh Quality Cakes

    Cake Shop Oakleigh, VIC
    Oakleigh is known for its prevalent Greek community. Walking out of the train station, I was met by a wide array of Greek souvlaki stores and cafés. My friend recommended we stop by at Nikos for one of their delicious paninis. The giant glass panelled shopfront lets in plenty of light in making the café feel very open. The decor looked modern with plenty of space to move around.

    For brunch, I ordered the pizza panini. The panini was toasted to perfection and was served in a delightful heart shape with a side of fresh salad. There was a good measure of salami and ham which went perfectly with the fresh sliced mushrooms, olives and capsicum. the cheese and salsa rounded out the flavours to provide the complete pizza experience.

    If you?re in Oakleigh, it?s definitely worth visiting Niko?s to hang out and meet some of the awesome locals.

    Oh, and the coffee was great too!
  • Takumi

    Takeaways Sydney, NSW
    Takumi is located on the top level of Market City in Haymarket. It?s a favourite meeting spot of my friend and I all the way back to our uni days. The reason for this is that everything, no matter what, is $3 a plate ($2.50 if you have a student ID)! Though this excludes udon and drinks, it means you can eat a lot of sushi for a reasonable price. Takumi serves great sushi at a very reasonable price. Their location is hard to beat, too. This is certainly far from the first time we?ve been here and probably far from being the last.
  • Mitzu

    Takeaways North Ryde, NSW
    Mitzu is a popular sushi train in Macquarie Park Centre. They serve really good sushi for a really good price; $3.80 a plate except for fancy stuff which is $5.50 a plate. À la carte and drinks are also priced differently. This place is a favourite of one of our friends who we met up with for a quick lunch. Mitzu was a pleasant surprise among the other great options in the Macquarie Centre. If you?re in the mood for reasonably priced sushi, maybe after a having a go at ice skating, Mitzu is definitely one to check out.
  • Golden Lotus- Vegetarian Eatery

    Restaurants Newtown, NSW
    For Valentine?s day, my girlfriend and I decided to try a place we?ve been meaning to go to for a while: a vegan restaurant in Newtown called Golden Lotus. Opened in July 2015, Golden Lotus aims to blend together healthy food and fresh ingredients with a great atmosphere and friendly service. The restaurant itself is quite small with very limited seating. We were happy we made a booking beforehand as we got seating immediately but others we left out in the cold.

    As it was Valentine's day, my girlfriend walked out with a parting gift from Golden Lotus, handed to her by a very nice waiter who wished us a happy Valentine's day. These sweet and salty biscuits were so light and delicious. Perfect with tea!

    What a great way to celebrate Valentine's day! Great food, electric atmosphere and polite service. I have to say, I think that Golden Lotus is living up to their dream. We'll definitely be back, especially because it's so close to the station, to try out more of their delicious menu. We're still dreaming about that laksa and hot pot!
  • Bliss and Chips

    Restaurants Newtown, NSW
    Bliss & Chips are a guilty pleasure for my girlfriend and I. We first heard about the vegan fish and chips joint from their launch article back in November 2015 in Good Food. Since then they?ve gone from strength to strength, expanding their menu to include burgers and even selling vegan cookies and deep-fried candy bars. The shop certainly looks like your local fish and chips joint and a quick scan of the menu would leave you none the wiser. Looking closer, they actually have a remarkable range of products they?ve managed to ?veganise?. They also do breakfast and lunch! We love visiting Bliss & Chips for some plant-based (but not necessarily guilt-free) stodge. If you?re looking for a different kind of vegan eatery in Newtown (of which there are many), we recommend giving Bliss & Chips a go!
  • Ginza Yakiniku

    Restaurants Burwood, NSW
    Burwood?s skyline has changed considerably over the last few years, with the flat lines of houses and low-rises replaced with towering high-rise apartments. In the lower levels of one of these new buildings is Ginza Yakiniku. The restaurant is split into two different areas, with one being an open-air booth seating area, furnished with bare pine frames and plenty of lighting. The bar area has various Japanese art pieces and more bare pine but also has a low ceiling with exposed pipes giving Ginza Yakiniku an open and industrial feel to it.

    We did bring a bottle of wine with us but it was shocking to hear that corkage at Ginza Yakiniku was $6pp! This was one example of a few questionable pricing decisions at Ginza Yakiniku. Another example is that the fine print on the buffet selection states that they charge you $2.50 for every hotplate change. Though this might be a small amount in the grand scheme of things, the fact they snuck this term into the fine print and have strategically priced their corkage to match their own drinks really tarnished the experience.

    The presentation of the dishes and quality of the ingredients were decent at Ginza Yakiniku, however, I couldn?t help but get a ?shopping centre food court? vibe from the exposed piping and open, bare wooden framing which gave us a front row seat to escalators and glass shopfronts. The whole experience felt a little off-balance regarding food quality, ambience and price point.
  • Smokey's All American BBQ

    Takeaways Port Melbourne, VIC
    Smokey?s All American BBQ is a Southern BBQ House located at Port Melbourne, just a block away from Port Melbourne Beach. Parking was tight but we were lucky enough to find a parking spot just in front of the restaurant. Walking into the restaurant is just like entering a little slice of America. The walls and even ceiling are plastered with artefacts of Americana. This American diner served great food with very polite service. The restaurant reminded me of a Southern BBQ diner in North Carolina with huge servings and great ribs to match. The location also meant we could stroll along the Port Phillip Bay foreshore to aid in our digestion. If you?re in the area, be sure to drop by to try out this slice of Americana. You won?t regret it!
  • Udon Yasan

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    The ordering experience begins with the speedy udon serving station, then moving onto the tempura bar and other fixings.

    I really enjoyed the udon here. The noodles were very long and had a great chewy texture. The slurp was very good too. The beancurd was a large sheet with plenty of flavour and sweetness while the soup was light and provided just the right amount of umami. Mixed in with the fresh grated ginger, this was a very tasty bowl of noodles.

    I can definitely recommend Udon Yasan for a quick, fresh meal on the go. There?s nothing flash or fancy here, just great noodles and delicious flavours.
  • Ippudo

    Restaurants Chatswood, NSW
    Japanese food is usually our go-to when it comes to eating out. Luckily, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to Japanese food on the Lower North Shore. With this in mind, we set out to try another international chain from Japan called Ippudo.

    Everything was beautifully presented and the place was very open.
    well worth a visit!

    From the perfect placement of decorations around the shop to beautifully presented dishes and flawlessly balanced flavours, everything at Ippudo shows their attention to detail and care. If you want to experience a new level of ramen, Ippudo is the place to go.
  • Mamak Village

    Restaurants Crows Nest, NSW
    Mamaks Village is a new Malaysian eatery in the Woolworths building at Crows Nest. Walking past on a quick grocery run, we were stopped by a display of flying bread at the window. We couldn't get enough of the roti and the delicious curries that came with it. Highly recommended. The drinks are a bit hit and miss but the laksa is very good.

    We love eating there and it's well worth it.
  • La Boca Bar & Grill

    Restaurants Mascot, NSW
    La Boca Bar and Grill is a new Argentinian restaurant located 10 minutes from Mascot train station. We were invited to the launch event of their new menu called Chef?s Table. It was a great night hosted by a passionate management team. It?s clear there?s a lot of skill in the kitchen and out front. I encourage you to try out their extensive and delicious menu!
  • Wollstonecraft Cafe

    Cafes Wollstonecraft, NSW
    Located next to Wollstonecraft station sits the only modest eatery in Wollstonecraft for those of us that live around the station, apart from the pet restaurant right next to it. This charming little café serves fresh juices, coffee, the normal café fare as well as Malaysian dishes. This small, unassuming café is easy to walk past as we hurry to our train or back home after work. I recommend stopping by and trying out their dirty ginger latté (my personal favourite) or chatting with the ever-friendly and helpful staff.