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Sydneyguyrojoe Local Star

Long time foodie with over 1000 reviews on zomato with over 4 million views of my reviews and over 10 million views of my photos. On instagram is where my best food pics are! instagram.com/sydneyguyrojoe/ Google Level 5, Yelp Elite and Tripadvisor Level 6

Joined 09 January 2017 Greystanes, NSW

  • 80 Proof

    Nightclub Sydney, NSW
    I came to try there Show case lunch and we tried various dishes

    The Hawker Plate which had BBQ pork and hat yai Crispy chicken and satay chicken. The chicken satay really stood out for me,it's not your average satay stick! I was told it was marinated and you can tell when you see the yellow colour seep through most of the chicken,this is a must try!

    Everything I had was nice which included the Thai Style Spaghetti with Crispy pork belly, Jerk Chicken (thank goodness it wasn't crazy spicy like I had in this Jamaican restaurant but it had a nice kick to it) Beef Rendang and Chicken and Mushroom Pesto Pie

    We shared sum roasted Veges and the other dish that really impressed me was the Vietnamese Salad with Crumbed Fish,the dressing and the flavours all combine really well together

    We had the mocktail version of Dutch Kitten which has a Apple,pineapple,lime combination and the Green Tea Berry! I prefer the latter and I prefer the less sweet option

    Disclaimer: thank you for the invite and being a guest to try there winter menu by 80 Proof/Tim and Katey,appreciate it!
  • Steel Bar & Grill

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    You know the song that goes
    "If you like Pinacolada's"
    If you do the Steel Bar and Grill have this in Dessert format

    I was invited as a guest from the Entertainment Book and Steel Bar and Grill to try their winter menu

    A classy venue,I was impressed with the ambience of this place

    It gets a "A" for presentation of the food
    The winter menu consists Mushroom Wonton Risotto,Cabbage Pork Roulade,Truffle Mushroom Risotto,Twice cooked lamb rump, 2 cheeses and Pinacolada dessert

    What stood out for me was the Pinacolada dessert (obvious reasons why!) and the Twice Cooked Lamb Rump (lentils are a nice touch but the green pea purée made this dish so much better!)

    The Asian side green Veges dish,for sum unknown reason,I really liked! My partner felt it was a little salty but I liked it the way it is,it wasn't salty to me

    If you want to impress someone,here is a good venue to try

  • Hombre Mexican Street Food

    Takeaways Stanhope Gardens, NSW
    Better than expected
    I had the fish,pork and chicken tacos. All tasted nice and I can't figure which type of taco I liked better,soft or hard because they both are good
    The chip and dips was a little disappointing because you get guacamole and had sour cream and the citrus salsa? Nothing stood out here
    Food took a while to come out but I do like the wall art here and in terms of price I can't say because I had this half price deal
    Overall impressed! Better than expected.
  • Little Hong Kong

    Takeaways Mount Druitt, NSW
    Better than expected Chinese food here. Had the satay chicken and curry chicken,not your usual satay chicken but it had this nice light taste to it. Chicken curry was nice but a little spicy
    Prices are cheap and there is seating there
    Worth a try
  • Oporto

    Takeaways Blacktown, NSW
    Currently the entertainment book has vouchers for this place. Had the double fillet chicken burger,despite its look it's filling and nice tasting but the mild chilli is what gives it that nice kick in flavour. I guess I can see why they are popping up everywhere still
  • Event Parramatta

    Cinema Parramatta, NSW
    Parking is the main problem There is nothing wrong with the cinema,it's near the train station and plenty of food options but if you drive here,the cinema can not validate tickets as they said they have no control over it so any movie which takes too long as well as grabbing food to eat will cost you! With a lot of movies being 2 hours nowadays it's a rush to time everything so you won't have to pay at least $7
    Broadway validate tickets for 4 hours,if this events is losing money,now you know why!
  • Chongqing Street Noodles

    Restaurants Burwood, NSW
    95% of the menu is spicy! So if you can handle your chilli ?? don't come! And I can't! Even my missus pickled Veges and chicken had so much pepper in it I had s coughing fit after one taste
    My mushroom chicken noodle soup was disappointing,the noodles were chewy and there is 5 pieces of chicken with the bones!
    At least the shredded potato was nice but even they put chilli oil in this but don't tell you it's had chilli on it.
    Did not enjoy it but it's busy so they are doing something right
  • Koh Chang Thai Restaurant

    Restaurants Campsie, NSW
    Went through Dimmi to book with a 20% discount and had to remind staff about it
    It's s brand new place with new decor and it looks like it can fit big groups
    We ordered the lamb with tamarind sauce,nice flavours and decent size lamb chops but the Veges that came with it was raw
    My missus didn't like her chicken green curry because it just didn't taste like green curry we had elsewhere and the baby corn wasn't cooked,it had more of a red curry taste to me. The menu said they had these Thai eggplants in the green curry but there wasn't any in our dish
    The crab and prawn rolls to me was nothing special but my missus liked it
    Food did come out fast
    Prices are what I expected
    Service friendly
    But it's not enough for a return visit for me
  • Bliss and Chips

    Restaurants Newtown, NSW
    Imitation meat,someone's it can be very close to the real thing,other times not at all!

    We came to order and the counter staff was like if we were at a fast food joint,asking if you want fries with this,and how about this and that,it felt like she was virtually trying to sell every product they got!

    My butter chicken roll was ok. It very sloppy and messy to eat but it taste more like paneer than chicken

    My friend has the number 2 burger and while he liked it he was thinking this is weird,eating food that is similiar to the real thing

    We also had a pineapple fritter(pretty good) a Pluto pup (the original tastes so much better and bigger) and the sweet potato scallops (nice but they put too much salt on it)

    Food came out at a reasonable rate and prices are fair

    Was expecting more!
  • The Corner McCafe

    Cafes Camperdown, NSW
    A few options here,I had the chipotle chicken wrap and surprisingly it was better than expected
    We had cheese and Tomato sandwiches and other things and in general it's a little expensive for what you get
    It's a popular place though
  • Green Peppercorn Lao and Thai Restaurant

    Restaurants Fairfield, NSW
    It's been a long time since I've been here! Last time was a few months after it opened
    Food wise it's not bad. None of the mains stood out but the desserts are great! Fried ice cream,banana fritters and fried dough sticks with coconut ice cream and pandan sauce are just yum!
    Service wise though I found it a bit slow for the food to come out and staff would disappear at times,I found it staff to ask for the bill!
    And our desserts felt like it took ages!
    Best thing about this place is the desserts!
  • Jade 88

    Restaurants Prospect, NSW
    It's been a while since I've been here
    Orders the mixed entree,standard stuff
    The pineapple seafood fried rice was large in portion size but not in taste. It had pieces of squid and fish and small prawns but the peas had the strongest taste!
    Prices are on the cheaper side,I think I saw a sign saying $6 lunches
    Overall It's just ok for me
  • Mojo Picon

    Restaurants Moore Park, NSW
    I'm glad they told us truthfully how long the food would take as we had a show to goto
    It's a small place and I thought it was a pop up but it's been there for a little while now
    I had the pork Chorizo paella,I quite enjoyed this,the flavours mixed well with each other and had a freshness to it
    My missus chicken paella was nice also but I prefer the pork
    Portion size was just enough
    Prices are reasonable considering the Entertainment Quarter is expensive in general
    One of the better places in the Entertainment Quarter
  • Mama Rosy's

    Restaurants Newtown , NSW
    We only orders the half metre pizzas ?? and you can half half them if it's the same price
    It took 20 mins to come out which is fine because they said it would take that long and they were right

    Two of these half metre pizzas fed 5 of us

    Had the pizza al pollo (the description states Marinated chicken but didn't feel it was as the chicken pieces were dry,it's ok), Cacciatore (liked this 2nd best as it had the strong flavours) Bufalina (my fav as there is a strong cheese taste to it) and Nonna Gina (had potato on it but was expecting more taste from this)

    Good amount of topping with a thin base and puffy crust but one pizza was burnt a little at the bottom

    Everyone enjoyed the pizzas ??

    I couldn't take a good picture of the pizza in the big furnace which is a shame

    I had the pizzas takeaway

    Overall enjoyed our experience
  • Gojima

    Restaurants Pyrmont, NSW
    Interesting burger place which has a McDonalds/fast food joint feel to it.

    I had the kingfish sweet mustard burger. I liked how they fried this rice pattie to make it a burger bun. I like how Crispy it is. While I enjoy this,the kingfish piece was slipping all the way to the back of the burger. I guess that's because it's cut like a big piece of sashimi

    The fries were nice with the mayo dipping sauce but even the sauce cost 90 cents

    That's my main issue with this place,it's expensive for what you get. But then again everything new that pops up in Sydney is expensive......
  • VegeNation

    Takeaways Blacktown, NSW
    It's location is not the best,just outside the shopping centre and near the library it's easy to walk past this place without knowing

    A interesting lunch special,a curry,soft drink,rice,naan and papadums
    You can have any curry of your choosing

    Had the paneer and they adjusted the chilli factor to mild

    I enjoyed it though the curry has a strong taste but the paneer didn't but that was fine

    Nothing special with the "carbs" and my straw for my Coca Cola has a hole in it

    The ambience is modern and staff are friendly and polite
  • Seasalt Fish And Chips

    Takeaways Greystanes, NSW
    A busy little fish and chip show with limited seating
    Despite being busy my food cane out pretty fast
    Ordered the grilled flathead with chips,it's was ok,the fillet is long but not much taste and the chips were at least not dry
    Need to come back and try more!
  • Lone Star Rib House

    Restaurants Blacktown, NSW
    It was almost empty when I came for lunch
    Ordered the chicken schnitzel burger,the chicken meat was long but funny enough when I tried to tear the ends off I really struggled tear the chicken meat off
    The chunky chips that came with it was a bit dry
    The meal was substantial but I think that's the chips
    There is also a barrel where you can get free peanuts
    That's a nice gimmick
    But overall it was just a ok experience
  • Beloli Cafe

    Cafes Newtown, NSW
    It's a cafe plus Vietnamese food!
    So I tried the Vietnamese side,spring rolls with vermicelli
    It had a different taste to it,the spring rolls were not Crispy though it looks like it is and the food took a little longer than expected
    It was ok but it's not the size you would get from other Viet places and it's more expensive than other Viet places
    A little disappointing
  • Pizza Hut

    Takeaways Blacktown, NSW
    Got this Dipper pack from Pizza Hut as it looked in interesting
    10 cheesy sticks (it's ok,not much taste to it) 4 chicken wings (the best out of the lot but not fried evenly,the batter didn't cover the entire chicken wing) and cheese potato bites (not much taste) and dips (none of the sauces stood out and the tomato sauce was not to my liking)
    Food took a long time to come out
    I didn't know if you were suppose to use the sauces for any item in particular
    Overall disappointing