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Urban HippieCowgir

Joined 17 June 2011

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  • Fusion Appliance & Maintenance Service

    Appliances & Repair St Georges Basin, NSW
    I highly recommend Fusion and will be using them for all appliance installations and repairs from now on. Natalie gave me advice on the brand of dishwasher I needed to purchase for a rental property and arranged for it to be delivered to their premises as it needed to be installed on a day where existing tenants were leaving in the morning and new tenants were arriving in the evening and I didn't want the outgoing tenants to have to deal with its arrival. Andrew has a high level of attention to detail and customer service and is very knowledgeable about brands of appliances - how they work, how to maintain them to get the best performance and longevity, and which are of better quality. He did a great job with the installation and sorted out a few items in the kitchen that needed some TLC from a handyman at no extra charge. I can't praise Natalie and Andrew enough. Thanks guys!
  • Floss Dental Broadway

    Dentists Broadway, NSW
    Today I visited Dr Leo for the first time and wanted to share what a great experience I had.

    The surgery is modern and clean and I was greeted by a friendly receptionist.

    When the examination began, in addition to examining my teeth, Leo also checked my gums and tongue and asked me if I experience pain in my facial muscles (yes, I do!) as it appeared from ridges in my tongue that I grind my teeth at night. I didn't realise that I did but it fits with some symptoms I have been experiencing, and Leo explained if the problem persists I may need to wear a mouth guard while I'm sleeping. I have been never to a dentist that is this thorough!

    There is a TV screen on the ceiling which gives you something to look at while the examination and cleaning is taking place, but it is also used to transmit to from a video camera which he places over every tooth and shows you the issues and explains them. Some of the issues that Leo showed me, that I didn't realise I had, and that I had never seen, included thinning enamel with yellow showing through on some teeth, a cracked filling, and dark spots indicating decay.

    With other dentists, I usually find the cleaning to be unpleasant and I am desperate to rinse before it's even half way through, but the cleaning process was not uncomfortable at all.

    At the end of the treatment, Leo showed me my x-rays and explained the issues they revealed. He recommended I return to get the cracked filling repaired as soon as possible, and calculated how much it would cost me, taking into account my health insurance rebate.

    I highly recommend Floss Dental!
  • Excell Glass Services

    Glazier West Ryde, NSW
    Excel Glass replaced a cracked mirror on the door of my built-in wardrobe. They took rough measurements over the phone, arranged a day and time that suited me, called when they were on their way, and arrived on time. They removed the door and took it down to their truck to cut the replacement mirror to size and then re-installed the repaired door, and the whole process took about half an hour. They did not leave any mess behind, and I can recommend Excel Glass as being punctual, courteous, efficient and professional.