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Joined 22 January 2013 Leichhardt, NSW

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Latest Reviews

  • Paris Hairdressing

    Hairdressers Liverpool, NSW
    Once again, Paris Hair, you complete me!
    just had my colour done here and to all the ladies out put your hands up for your big sexy hair, they are awesome hairdressers, they care about your hair, they know what they are doing, their service is great, what more would you want!!!
    By the way just to let Paris Hair know ive decided to get the human hair extensions deal you have going on for $299, the sign thats displayed at the front of the salon...

    Thanks guys you rock and my hair .... ive never flaunted it so much that i feel so good about myself... see you guys soon !!
  • Paris Hairdressing

    Hairdressers Liverpool, NSW
    Just had my Brazillian Keratin treatment done over here,
    Staff are polite and calm and they know what they are doing..
    i purchsed the voucher online,
    Price is great following with the products (shampoo+conditioner)...
    Looked at my hair how terrible it was before keratin, and the results look amazing...

    OMG i cant wash my hair for four days now,
    Conclusion, ill be back for my next Keratin appointment in a couple of months.
    Paris Hairdressing is a salon id recommend for those who need treatment for damage hair.

Latest Comments

  • So I've been here about 4 times and have never had a good experience. The reason I kept going back was because staff had changed, desperate for a blow dry and just to give it another chance. First time I went there for a blow dry, the staff kept burning me with it, Staff even thought did such a bad job at blow drying that pulled out a hair straightener and started straightening the bumpy bit-which pretty much defeated the whole purpose of a blow dry.

    The next time I went was for a simple trim- the staff took one look at my hair and started going on about how dry it was and that i'll need a keratin treatment which was around $400 for my length of hair. Staff proceeded to tell another member of staff to give me the keratin, when I had to say even louder- no I just want a $30 trim. Staff looked so mad at me.

    The 3rd time I went was for another trim. Except the staff that washed my hair wash soo busy complaining about the staff and clients that didn't give me the scalp massage and didnt condition my hair!! When it came time for the trim the staff kept asking me why I didn't want layers and how good I'd look. Again when I said no just shook head.

    The last time I went in was for another trim. I was sooo desperate at this point for a trim, no where else had time and I emphasise I really needed one. The staff sat me down, asked me to brush my own hair. Went on and on about how dry my hair was then picked a whole bunch up then just started cutting. I'm talking about a dry cut. Staff didn't wash it as i was expecting to. My hair is thick, and very curly so once brushed its pretty much a fro. Staff didn't even section it off, just guessed and cut the amount thought was appropriate off! Staff didn't ask me a thing. Some people might ask why I didn't say anything, it just totally 100% got me off guard, I was speechless. I wouldn't have expected this ever from a salon. Staff was looking around while cutting my hair not paying attention like had to be somewhere else. It was just the rudest thing. And now when u straighten my hair you can see all the unevenness and choppy bits.

    Each time I have been, the staff has been so unfriendly, barely make eye contact with you. But the big one for me was the complaining all the staff do about one another and worse then that, omplaining about clients. Not happy the only good thing I have taken from this I will never go back again.
    • why would you go four times if you wearnt happy, in saying that you also made a profile to say how bad they were, thats abit un human nature .