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Joined 14 July 2008

  • Caltex

    Petrol & Service Stations North Albury, NSW
    A busy little service station on the outskirts of Lavington. It is close to the offramp of the new Albury Freeway bypass and is very convenient for travellers nd locals alike. Nothing much to buy instore - just the usual drinks, candy bars and magazines.
  • Shell

    Petrol & Service Stations Albury, NSW
    A busy service station with only 1 diesel pump. There is a drive-through carwash behind the Shell. They take the Coles 4c discount vouchers and there is only a limited number of things to buy in store 9to get the extra 2c discount). Nice staff and clean facilities.
  • The Last Tangle Hair Company

    Hairdressers Albury, NSW
    The Last Tangle are on Dean Street near the Cinema Centre. They always scoop the pool of awards and have the best colour technicians around. Be prepared to wait for an appointment as they are always close to being booked out. Nice looking salon and friendly staff.
  • Temple Hair Body Soul

    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers Albury, NSW
    Temple Hair design is found on Dean Street opposite the Commercial Club. Michelle is their best stylist and is usually booked out weeks in advance. Prices are expensive but the service is second to none. You won't be disappointed.
  • Lola Wigg Hair Cafe

    Hairdressers Albury, NSW
    Lola Wigg is an institution in Albury and is found in the AMP Lane on Dean Street. They are wonderful hairdressers but the prices are very expensive. They make great coffees and capuccinos and make your visit relaxing and indulgent.
  • Albury Hair Gallery

    Beauty Salons Albury, NSW
    A locally owned hair salon. Wayne is a brilliant hairdresser and I wish I could afford to go there more often. He does the best foils ever and is an expert cutter too. Friendly and reasonably priced. Lots of parking nearby at the Commercial Club. Definitely recommended.
  • Ribbons & Curls Hairdressers

    Hairdressers North Albury, NSW
    They are situated on Mate Street, North Albury (which is the Hume Highway). They do the best style and sets - particularly for deb balls and graduations. They are popualr with teenagers and older ladies too. Reasonably priced and easy to get an appointment.
  • Albury Hair Works

    Hairdressers Albury, NSW
    The best hairdresser in Albury. My friend, Chantel goes here and always has the most beautiful blonde hair. The cut she gets is cool too but the prices are very high. But you get what you pay for and she is happy to be a return customer.
  • Just Cuts

    Hairdressers Albury, NSW
    Just Cuts are expensive. My 7 year old son got a simple boys hair cut and they charged me $16! Next time I will go to a hairdresser, not an assembly line. The staff were semi-nice and the salon was clean and welcoming. Tried to sell me shampoos too.
  • NAB

    Banks Albury, NSW
    The National Bank is across the road from Pumpkin Patch on Kiewa Street. You need an appointment to open a savings account which is crazy - I don't bank with them but I had to cash a cheue for my husband and needed 84 types of ID despite the next teller saying Hi Vanessa.
  • Commonwealth Bank

    Banks Albury, NSW
    I really wish the Commonwealth Bank would do something about the feral entrance to their Dean St branch. It is filthy and looks like a ghetto. The interior of the branch is nice though and staff are friendly. Don't plan on a quick visit though, the lines have been seen to go out the door.
  • Coles Supermarkets

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Wodonga, VIC
    Coles in High Street Wodonga has access from both front and back. Friendly staff and fresh produce stand out. Parking is very hard to find on high Street though - the back carpark is recommended. Same specials in Wodonga as in Albury.
  • Safeway

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Albury, NSW
    Albury's busiest supermarket is found in the Myer City Centre/Centrepoint complex. It always appears understaffed and I am very impatient at having to wait in line for ages. The meat is top quality though and there's often huge markdowns in the bakery.
  • Coles Supermarkets

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Lavington, NSW
    My local grocery store. I remember going to it's grand opening when I was about 6! It's not cheap like Aldi but the staff are nice and the store is always clean. There's only 1 entrance though - the 2nd set of doors appear to be there for no reason...
  • Coles

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Albury, NSW
    Coles Supermarket is forund in West End Plaza. It's usually very busy particuarly after school and on weekends. It's better than Coles Lavington as it still has it's own butcher and doesn't have the pre-packaged rubbishy meat that some other Coles do.
  • Newmarket Store

    Takeaways Albury, NSW
    A great convenience store in East Albury on Borella Road. Close to Albury Base Hospital. It has a range of foods including hot food and many drinks to choose from. Friendly staff and reasonable prices.
  • Siesta Management Services Pty Ltd

    Hotels Lavington, NSW
    The Siesta Resort is a stunning complex - it is Mexican inspired and the decor is breathtaking. It features a lovely Restaurant and an outdoor eating area. There is an enormous pool and spa area. It is on the Hume Highway in Lavington heading north to Sydney.
  • Fifield's Pharmacy at Westend

    Chemists Melbourne, VIC
    Westend PLaza Pharmacy is situated in the heart of the West End Plaza Kmart complex. The pharmacists and staff are friendly and give helpful advice. Unfortunately, the last time I visited I waited nearly 45 minutes for my prescription so be prepared.
  • Terry White Chemist

    Chemists Albury, NSW
    Terry White Chemists are situated on Dean St and offer a huge range of products from makeup and perfumes to all manner of medications and supplements. They also provide the Tony Ferguson weight loss products and are trained to assist in weight management.
  • Mate Street Pharmacy

    Chemists North Albury, NSW
    A large pharmacy situated on the Hume Highway with rear access through a doctor's surgery also. Hugely discounted prices and friendly staff make it a convenient place to have prescriptions filled or to get useful advice.