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  • Minchin Garden Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Minchinbury, NSW
    Me, my mother and my boyfriend decided to take my mother out for lunch to this restrant.
    First impressions of the place was a runned down restrant, when we entered the place the lady did not even say hello. We sat down in the restrant then she gave us our menu. my mother ordered the king prawn omelete.and I wanted to get 2 garlic chicken lunch specials one for now one for home.she rudedly said "you can not eat here with the lunch special!" the place was empty. I told her "so we seriould cant eat here" , her rude response was "no!". the place was empty with dishes on 3 of the 7 tables around us. So my boyfriend did not order because how rude she waa. We just wanted to sit down, enjoy our meal after a long days work on mothers day. To top it off no where on the menu, sign outside or inside does it say you can not eat there with the lunch special.

    The walls had marks all over them, they needed a good scrub,the failed attempt to decorate the place with broken furnture, her two kids occupioning a table on a laptop (dont really care but unprofessional) and having a dirty frezzer in the dinning area. . . yeahhh.

    So after waiting for 25mins for our meals that we could eat there I asked her if I chould have chopsticks, she then rudely said "why?"
    I looked at her weird and said "because i want them, with my fork?".
    she then gave me a filthy look and gave me chopsticks.

    When we got home to eat the meals the rice was cold the meat was hot. .

    My mums king prawn omelette had raw prawns in it and i mean it was literally swimming with sauce. my garlic chicken speacial was 4/6 rice 1/6 half cooked chicken with no garlic and 1/6 half chopped onion.

    Never returning there, my mum didnt want to eat her meal i half ate mine and chucked it out. a waste of $36 dollars with rude customer service.

    I will be amazed if they pass another food inspection.
  • Bringelly Family Medical Practice Dr Daniel Kim

    Medical Centres Bringelly, NSW
    The best doctor I have seen by far. The surgery has a booking requirement which I think Is a great idea since he is always in high demand and the receptionist is really kind. They even rang me up and gave me my results. Wonderful Surgery.
  • Mt Druitt Medical and Dental Centre

    Medical Centres Mount Druitt, NSW
    WAITED 4 Hours yesterday only to be told by the receptionist over and over again "it will only be a minute".... Was not impressed. The receptionist where really nice but there management needs fixing immediately. One of the female doctors is rude (totally forgot her name) but all the male doctors are really nice. They try to be nice but having to wait 4 hours to see a doctor for some test results was absolutely wrong. I was in and out of the doctors office in 5 minutes. there where only about 15 people waiting. I had gone to this doctors surgery since it was opened . . the hours of waiting is just getting longer and longer. .(average waiting and hour) . . Once I was having a injection done and I had to buy the vial for it I was first in line to be served in the other section of the doctors surgery they took 40 mins to serve me . . The vial needed immediate refrigeration. . . I brang it to there attention and they still didn't care . . To put the some it; if I where seriously sick and dying this is the last place I go.