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werxj Local Star

Exploring locals where I am in.

Joined 20 August 2012 Melbourne, VIC

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  • Powershop

    Electricity Supply Melbourne, VIC
    Carbon neutral, green power, in control of power-purchase. Superb customer service. Very patient every time I called in. We are with Powershop since last year and never look back. Contributing to a better future.
  • Macpac Chadstone

    Outdoor Gear Retailers Chadstone, VIC
    Was here to get a sleeping bag. Asked to have it open and check so that of there is any defect, we won't have to go back and return it. The staff was not keen but opened it. When packing it up, he kept on saying that is why he did not want to open it and was rushing and and careless in packing it back impatiently. I offered to pack it up and he said that He didn't think I would be able to do it any better than him. That is just plain rude. I did manage to pack it up easily outside the store, standing up, without any surface, just on my knee- easily.
  • Barry

    Cafes Northcote, VIC
    After a couple of times here, this has become one of our favourite cafe. Beautiful food, especially the gluten free salads I have tried. Salad-wise, the best so far. Good coffee, fast paced. Seatings are fine but not overly comfortable. Very very popular so it could be jam packed, it is most times. Long queues most times too. Highly recommended.

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  • werxj Local Star reviewed Lilette
    Newly opened for about 7 months, this authentic little French patisserie cafe is run by a couple who trained as pastry chefs and worked in Australia and abroad with some of the biggest names. Excellent service, friendly, delicious $8 mini baguettes (they are also sold plain big and small). Beautiful croissant, divine hot chocolate. Crepes are served after 2pm. The patisserie is almost always full and a steady stream of customers come and go, cakes and pastries quickly disappeared. They do take orders for functions and birthday cakes. The only drawback was a long wait for food. Or maybe it was just that afternoon. Will definitely be back.
    • werxj Local Star 
      Takeaway cappuccino and latte are beautiful. Staff is always up for a little chat.
  • The price is quite high compared to many others. Professional and detailed through the phone with sms confirmations as well as email. Called the day before the cleaning was scheduled. On the cleaning day, cleaners were about 40 mins late, no calls. 2 cleaners, finished faster than expected. Did a good move out clean. Can be paid with cash or card, but has a 8% surcharge if paying cards.
    • werxj Local Star 
      Dear MoveOutMelbourne,
      Thank you for your reply to my post. I would re-post in regards to the credit card surcharge. About the traffic, I agree that it is unpredictable. A call would be a great help if the cleaners are running late. Thanks again for your clarification and customer-focused service!