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whynot12 Newbie

Joined 15 December 2012

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  • T & R Sports Pty Ltd

    Sporting Goods Retailers Northmead, NSW
    Great customer service until I paid for the pool table. The biggest issue I had was the amount of promises I was told. Not to mention I had to get fair trading involved to resolve a few of the issues.

    1. We were told the table would be delivered in 5 days and we'd be called a day prior. No one called. When we followed up, we were told that that was never the case and it would be at least a week. We had to fight them on this and ended up getting it delivered after hours.
    2. We were promised as part of the current promotion that we'd receive an additional 2 "riley" pool cues. They were never delivered. When I called and advised them, they said someone will call on Monday. No one called. I wrote them an email with a full list of issues I had with them and also asked for an explanation regarding their poor customer service. They never acknowledged the email. When I got Fair trading involved, they said to Fair trading that the Riley pool cues were never part of the deal. I then called them as a "new customer" to ask what specials they had on a 9ft slate table and they mentioned the Riley pool cues. Fair trading got them to agree to give me my pool cues. They said that it was as "good will" as that promotion was only for the 8ft pool tables and the new promotion had only just started for the 9ft to be included. It's funny how I knew about this promotion before it was released... I even took a photo of a 9ft display table which had the Riley pool cues sitting on it as an inclusion they day I purchased the table.
    3. The brown leather pockets I ordered were not in stock, so I was given beige leather pockets and told my pockets will be sent to me once they arrive. I was never given a date. I was told I could keep the beige pockets too. Bear in mind, I paid $100 extra for leather pockets and they were happy to let me keep them as well. Makes me think how much they profit from this. I ended up getting my brown leather pockets again with fair trading's help and magically, they were in stock straight away...
    4. I purchased lamps which had a missing piece
    5. The numbers for Kelly pool had 2 number 15s and no number 8
    6. The pool table construction dvd is hopeless. The instructions advise you to place folded up pieces of paper under the slate to help level it! The dvd also leaves you with a bit of guess work as well.
    7. The slate comes in 3 pieces. The end pieces were not level. After placing pieces of cardboard under as paper was not doing the trick, I realised that the timber slats were missing (not glued to the slate). Had a trip to Bunnings to buy some timber which I cut to size in order to level both ends of the table.
    8. I asked the staff whether there'd be a marking guide for the table included. I was told that we'd receive a marking guide. That didn't happen either.
    All in all, they're tables are cheap, you get what you pay for. Typical overseas stuff. Out of the full range they have on display, the 9ft slate and the full sized snooker table are the only ones that look good. The rest of the tables are really cheap and poorly assembled.
    Thanks for the headaches and horrid customer service post money being exchanged. The mangement would be better off running a used car dealership.
  • Driven Vehicle Inspections

    Vehicle Inspections Sydney, NSW
    Really happy with the report you pulled together for me.

    Thanks so much for it and the Roadside Assistance. I'm happy it's only $45 for the year..so much cheaper than others!