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18 year old brain trapped inside 63 year old body with bits failing all over the place, but I'm here and I'm upright, so that's what counts.

Joined 26 July 2012 Duncraig, WA

  • Daya X - Ray & Ultrasound Centre

    Specialist Medical Services Marangaroo, WA
    Busy place - you might need to wait, but excellent professional service and it's generally bulk-billed. You can choose any provider, whatever is written on your referral, you don't have to go to your GP's choice - the chances are you'll pay less (or nothing) at DAYA.
  • The Bank Restaurant

    Restaurants Yarraville, VIC
    We arrived at The Bank by default - it was the only place still prepared to serve up dinner in the area as we arrived back in Yarraville after 9.30pm on a Wednesday after a trip to the the slush, sorry, snow at Mt Buller.
    We declined any alcoholic beverages as the pricing was a bit over the top for our budget, but the wine list was interesting, with a featured french wine.
    As it was so late, we decided to have just an entree, and were a little surprised that it took as long as it did - we were the only customers waiting for food. Best guess is that they had to restart the kitchen just for us, so if that was the case, then lots of brownie points - we'd have gone hungry without!
    Pricey it is, but the quality is good. The only downside of the food was that the 'crispy pork bellies' part of the pork belly with scallops was not at all crispy. All very tasty, and the friendly waiter who looked after us made it a pleasant experience. A busier time or evening would have made for a livelier atmosphere but we were glad to be fed, so it was good to be able to talk without shouting.
    The premises (unsurprisingly) used to be a bank, and it's well worth a visit for the interesting venue - good food & service is a bonus.
  • Trenta Cucina

    Restaurants Yarraville, VIC
    On a cold winter's evening, this was a great place to have a pasta - warm and welcoming with pretty quick service considering the place was full. Noisy and cheerful, with friendly waitpersons, it felt like a party.
    Cost was very reasonable, and the pastas were perfect. Highly recommended.
  • L'uccellino

    Restaurants Yarraville, VIC
    We were rather surprised at the look of the pizzas - being used to Domino's and such which are loaded with topping, these appeared to be a little lean. The proof was definitely in the eating, however - definitely NOT 'just a pizza' (adnil_77)! The combination and quality of ingredients was simply perfect, and the crust - words fail me - just heavenly!
    Service was good - we arrived at 9.15 pm (just in from Perth) and had a while to wait for the food, but water was kept topped up, and drinks were quick to arrive. We had a lot to talk about with our friends from the USA we met up with for the first time in a lot of years, so the wait wasn't a problem. We might have been a little less patient if we'd known how GOOD the pizzas were!
    It might be tough swallowing the next Domino's after this... Fortunately, here in Perth, there are a couple of good wood fired pizza restaurants near us (La Vita in Joondalup and Topolini's in Warwick) which may not quite attain the L'uccellino standard, but still serve a quality pizza.
  • Village Idiom

    Cards & Gift Shops Yarraville, VIC
    Village Idiom has to be the star of Yarraville - a country town shopping street which has been plonked in the city. Situated alongside a plethora of gift shops, restaurants, cafes and traditional local retailers, Village Idiom stands out.
    You could spend an entire day browsing and still not see everything that's on offer. Among other items, we came away with a 'Tea Cube', which appears to be a very modern take on a teapot - but it features in the 'Wallace and Grommit' Inventions exhibition at the Science Museum as having been around since the early part of last century. The stainless steel infuser - which eliminates the need for a tea strainer as it's so fine - may be a recent invention, however.
    Service and people skills are absolutely first class - nothing was too much trouble, including sending on a part that was missing from the box.
    Although some items are a little above our budget (and luggage allowance!), the prices are very realistic, and there were thousands of really different, unusual items which cost less than $10.
    Well done you Idioms! (I LOVE that name...)