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xbabydollx Local Star

i love food, and especially desserts. i love to eat, and trying new places. i am picky on menus though. i enjoy fitness and recreation and trying new things.. outdoor activities, getting out and about and being active. i also love being pampered. i very much enjoy my massages, i like to have my 'relaxing-spoilt-me' time every once in a while..maybe sometimes a lil too much...and that goes for all my three likings - food, recreation & pampering.. oh well..its time & money well spent :)

Joined 21 September 2010 Pg, SA

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  • Mobara Japanese Restaurant

    Restaurants Salisbury, SA
    My girlfriends wanted to take me out for my birthday before I had left for my little Europe birthday getaway so they organized a dinner here at Mobara. I had never heard of this restaurant before but I am glad we went. The menu was quite extensive that we found it hard to actually decide what we all wanted because all the dishes looked/sounded good and we wanted to try them all ? so what we did was order different things and we would just pick and share amongst each other. All the food we ordered was good and the prices were pretty good too. Was very happy with this place, the staff and the service. I would recommend this place and I am sure I will be back next time I am near or around the area :)
  • Bahn Mi Nhu Lan

    Takeaways Woodville Gardens, SA
    I was on the way to visit my brother and decided to swing by to get some Vietnamese Meat Rolls for us while we hung out and caught up at his house. I do like the Vietnamese meat rolls here at Nhu Lan. Nothing fancy but their meats options are good and it is normal-priced. They do have other items/snacks on the counter as well to choose from not just meat rolls.
  • Big W

    Department Stores Torrensville, SA
    I had my dad?s 60th birthday party to organize within 3 days and that included balloons also. I knew I could rely on Big W Party section to do me up some balloons at last minute so I gave them a call to make an order over the phone for pick up. I didn?t know what color-scheme or what balloons they had so I left it up to them to do up the color of bouquets and they did a good job. I picked up the balloons the Saturday morning as planned without any hiccups :)

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  • Went here last year because I purchased an online voucher for teeth whitening and I wish I never did. When arriving the place wasn't welcoming and I had been already told from a good friend about their service because she had her treatment a couple weeks before mine. I took insult to a comment the lady made to me regarding my teeth when she was looking at them prior to starting treatment. I wanted to leave but I knew I wouldnt get my money back so I did the one treatment and never came back. Even though I was entitled to another. The Service was bad, staff was snappy and rude. I would defintly not come back nor recommend any of my family and friends.
    • sorry to say, but for me, no.. and for my friend.. no either. i've had teeth whitening done elsewhere and I noticed the difference straight away. but, could be different now.. good luck.
  • This place is my relaxing 'me' time. the girls are lovely, very helpful, nice and welcoming. after my first time there having a facial and massage, i knew i'd be recommending the place straight away. its a great local place to relax and get some pampering done. the prices are very good and decent as well, and they often have monthly specials which is great! i've already bought vouchers there a few times for friends and they too loved it. waxing there is good as well, pricers are very decent. have made this place my local for beauty. :)