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xbabydollx Local Star

i love food, and especially desserts. i love to eat, and trying new places. i am picky on menus though. i enjoy fitness and recreation and trying new things.. outdoor activities, getting out and about and being active. i also love being pampered. i very much enjoy my massages, i like to have my 'relaxing-spoilt-me' time every once in a while..maybe sometimes a lil too much...and that goes for all my three likings - food, recreation & pampering.. oh well..its time & money well spent :)

Joined 21 September 2010 Pg, SA

  • Forever New

    Clothing Retailers Adelaide, SA
    I needed some warm clothes for my upcoming Europe trip and was walking passed Forever New last week and could not help but walk in! I ended up purchase a super cute, warm vest and I am very happy with my purchase! Forever New had such nice clothes!!!!
  • Creperie Bruxelles

    Cafes Mile End, SA
    I do love the poffertjes here but this last trip I did here took foreverrrrrr for the one plate of poffertjes to come out! My friend and I waited what feltlike nearly an hour. Unsure why it took so long, we were trying to be patient but my friend couldn't hack it anymore so we did ask once and they said it would be another 5 minutes. I kept my cool as they were busy but my friend was quite annoyed by it. It was a very long time just for the one poffertjes order. It would have been nice if they advised us or checked up on us.
  • Brahma Lodge Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Brahma Lodge, SA
    Came here for drinks with family to celebrate the life of my uncle after his service.. we all raised out glasses in memory of him. The Brahma Lodge Staff were lovely, they were friendly and chatty to us all that were there and the service was great behind the bar and on the floor.
  • The Cheesecake Shop

    Cake Shop Salisbury, SA
    Tonight My girlfriends wanted to delebrate my birthday early as I won't be here for it and they got me an early birthday cake from the Cheesecake shop. It was such a cute small cake - was perfect size !! It was a marble mudcake and tasted delicious! Loved it!
  • Charlesworth Nuts

    Wholesalers Oaklands Park, SA
    Charlesworth Nuts make such great gift options, even for Easter! Got a nice ready-made hamper for my parents as my 'byo-plate' to bring for the Easter BBQ we had! Such a great idea!
  • Emperor's Crown

    Takeaways Salisbury, SA
    We had a last minute family reunion dinner here the other night in remembrance of my uncle because it was his favorite place to eat. There was nearly 30 of us and the restaurant and staff catered / attended to us all very well. They would have been loving it with such a big booking! There was so much food we ordered, such a feast! Everything was delicious and everyone all enjoyed! Thank you!
  • Bakers Delight

    Bakeries Goodwood, SA
    Freshly baked breads, rolls and savory and sweet treats! The staff here at Goodwood Bakers Delight are so lovely, I came here to buy some hotcross buns to bring to a friends place and the girls serving were so friendly and good for a laugh with some jokes. Very lovely staff.
  • Mediterranean Cafe Ristorante

    Restaurants Glenelg South, SA
    I took my dog to the groomers in this area, and to kill time decided to have breakfast while we waited. I ordered the eggs benedict and it was delicious !! My friend ordered the Turkish bread with dips and it was a little too much on the crispy side but was yummy still. The Acai smoothie was so good also! Think I'll be back every time I take the dog to the groomers! :)
  • Milano Cucina

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I hadn't been here for a long time so decided my girlfriends and I caught up here for dinner last week. The service was friendly and quick and the meals we ordered to share amongst us were delicious. I really liked the pork and veal Ravi, the pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce was not plain. The vegetarian pizza we ordered was delicious also! Loved it all! Well-made coffee also!
  • Brown Charlie Co

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Adelaide, SA
    I've had the coffee's and healthy treats here (delicious by the way!) but I had yet to try a juice so last week that is what I did! Turtle Power was my choice which consisted of spinach, apple, lemon, celery, cucumber and ginger. It was so refreshing and healthy-tasting! Made me feel quite good about myself! haha...
  • Bellezza Gourmet Chicken

    Takeaways Mawson Lakes, SA
    I came into Bellezza Chicken to get a hot chook to share with friends for a catch up at a friends house who lived around the corner. The staff were so friendly and they were so quick. The chicken was huge and the hot chips were soooo good and crunchy, tasted the freshness! It was all well-priced too!
  • Gelatissimo

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Adelaide, SA
    Trolls had just come out on the cinemas so in celebration of that Gelatissimo released three new gelati flavors! I had the Fairyfloss tasting one and it was deeeeeelish! I do enjoy the Gelatissimo flavors, they are pretty spot on!
  • Cafe Bang Bang

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    My work colleague and I decided to have breakfast before work one morning and I chose to try this café as neither of us had eaten or had the coffee before and it was just around the corner. Anyways, we both ordered coffees and a bacon and egg sandwich with a hash brown and that was made quickly and well, we very much enjoyed that. Service was pretty quick considering how busy it was. I wouldn?t mind coming back again to try some other breakfast items on the menu which I found were quite decently priced.
  • Stella

    Restaurants Henley Beach, SA
    Girlfriends and I caught up here at Henley last public holiday and it was a perfect setting, such a great location by Henley Square and the weather was perfect being it is Autumn now, was pretty much like a summer day! Unfortunately the time that we caught up was late afternoon so the kitchen was closed but we did have a quick squizze at the menu over coffee and I am too sure I will be back again for something to eat! It all looked so appetizing! The coffee though I has was perfect though, such a nice afternoon here at Stella.
  • Chuck Wagon 175

    Restaurants North Adelaide, SA
    I haven?t been here in quite a while but a friend wanted to catch up here as she wanted to try Chuckwagons ?Fried Icecream? ? I was soooo keen for that myself after she mentioned it! So we came here last week and after stuffing our faces with burgers and sweet potato fries and nachos to share, we ordered also a fried icecream to share. We were stuffed by the end of it but that was a yummy tasting fried icecream! As for the burger though ? it wasn?t as nice as what I remembered it to be. I mean, it was nice but the patty wasn?t as juicy as I recalled it, the sweet potato fries were delish but the pepperoni nachos were we found were too plain, not enough sauce topping for the nacho chips. Despite that though, we still enjoyed our meals and catchup here at Chuckwagon.
  • Movenpick

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Adelaide, SA
    I do like the Movenpick icecream flavors but this time sat inside with friends and had dessert and drinks. I ordered the swissroll with icecream on the side. It was nice but it wasn?t amazing as I thought it would be. The fruit drinks we all ordered were quite disappointing, it tasted more like flavored soda water than fruit juices we were expecting.
  • Boomers on the Beach

    Pubs & Bars Glenelg, SA
    A nice walk from Henley Beach to Glenelg Beach deserved something yummy for brunch so my friend and I decided to give Boomers on the Beach a try as the pancakes on the signboard caught our eye! It was delicious! I loved the coconut and blueberry pancakes with icecream and my friend enjoyed her Salt and Pepper Squid, I had some of her fries and they were delish!
  • Pirie & Co

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I came here the other week for a Hens Night which consisted of 25 girls so we kinda knew the meals would all come out all over the place as it was pay your own/everyone ordering from alacarte. Anyways, the waitress taking our orders at the start was very friendly and patient, very helpful also. The entrées and mains were a little all over the place as expected being served as expected but they all did a good job and the food did taste delicious! I ordered the Pork Belly and Barramundi dish with Asian salad and that was amazing! All the other meals looked mouth-wateringly tempting too so I think definitely have to come back! We had a good start to the hens night here at Pirie and Co, so chill and spacious for us catching up over dinner before we continued on with the night!
  • Mamachau

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    As I only have a 30 minute lunch break on most days, it just doesn't give me enough time to change out of uniform, find something to eat and eat it, all before needing to go back to work. I was super impressed on how quick the service was here at Mamachau's when I came in to get a Bao meal and being it was my first time here also, I was very happy with the food, the bao's tasted amazing and the lotus chips were crunchy and delicious. Very happy meal deal that was for lunch! Definitely would come back here and also recommend this place!
  • Cafe' Bravo

    Cafes West Lakes, SA
    I came here to Cafe Bravo for dinner before a movie last month. The service was friendly and pretty quick which was good, I ordered the lasagna and it was pretty huge. The taste of the dish itself was okay, not the best lasagna I've had but they didn't skimp out on the sauce which was great, so thumps up to that!