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xbabydollx Local Star

i love food, and especially desserts. i love to eat, and trying new places. i am picky on menus though. i enjoy fitness and recreation and trying new things.. outdoor activities, getting out and about and being active. i also love being pampered. i very much enjoy my massages, i like to have my 'relaxing-spoilt-me' time every once in a while..maybe sometimes a lil too much...and that goes for all my three likings - food, recreation & pampering.. oh well..its time & money well spent :)

Joined 21 September 2010 Pg, SA

  • Caffe Primo

    Restaurants Salisbury, SA
    I have not been to Caffe Primo nor had I been to Salisbury for a long time. I went with a friend to watch a movie and decided to catch up for dinner beforehand at Caffe Primo assuming they were still open - and they were. The service was quick and food was yummy, still well priced even if the menu's did seem a little fancier than what they used to look like. Anyway, it was a good feed, I really enjoyed the Primo Beef burger I had.
  • Bunnings Mile End Warehouse

    Hardware Stores Mile End, SA
    I came in to buy some light globes last week and the staff member that attended to me was quick to help and on the ball - he knew exactly where to go and knew exactly which ones I was looking for when I showed him. Very good service I received.
  • Sportsgirl

    Clothing Retailers Adelaide, SA
    I don't shop in Sportsgirl all to often but I do pop my head in once in a while for a browse. Although I do come across some items that I would love to have in my closet I still find it a bit pricey for what it is. I know its a good brand and the quality is good but sometimes I think I put a resistance barrier on myself each time I come into Sportsgirl. I did find this nice leather jacket in there.. I am eyeing it... if it comes down in price I just may!
  • Cotton On

    Clothing Retailers Adelaide, SA
    Since when did Cotton On do home wares/items? I came in tonight to have a little browse at their winter range and walked pass a section of pillows, throw blankets, mats, photo frames, candles and hand creams. The items were nice and some of the pillows and mats were on special, I was very tempted but resisted as I didn't need anything but at least I know they have home items if ever I need.
  • T2

    Cafes Adelaide , SA
    Absolutely love this place! I say it each time but it's true! I was putting a housewarming hamper together for my bestfriend and I really wanted to incorporate in part of the gift because every new home needs to have something T2 branded - like a tea pot or a infuser and delicious tea flavors ! I did spend quite some time in here trying to make decisions for which tea pot to choose and I finally came to a decision on a clear tea pot with infuser for loose leaf tea. My mate loves it! Suits the little home very well! :)
  • Myer Centre

    Shopping Centres Adelaide, SA
    I do love this time of the year and taking a visit to Myers and the Myer Center. It is especially good for womens/girls clothing! Clothes everywhere and end of financial sales! Not a good mix for the bank account in a way! I went into Myers after work tonight and they had so much sales on.. just as well I didn't have that much time on my hands otherwise a lot of damage could have been done tonight.
  • San Giorgio

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    It was about 2am and a friend and I were about to end the night but felt a little peckish so we decided to do the San Giorgio stop before heading home. That was a garlic bread and a bowl of wedges - sometimes a pizza is on the list but this time ended up having Sticky Date Pudding... Living on the edge there! Both savory options were good as always and the first time try of the sticky date was alright, bit on the super sweet side but it was nice. Left there feeling full and satisfied, certainly had me get to bed much easier on a full satisfied stomach.
  • Simon Hackett Wines Pty Ltd

    Wholesalers Mclaren Vale, SA
    On the way home from a visit to Bracegirdles, my friend and I decided to stop into Simon Hackett Wines for a last minute end of day tasting. Each time going through to McLaren of Victor Harbor I always noticed Simon Hackett Wines but never had tried it. We tried 4 bottles of wine during the tasting - 2 cab sauvs, a shiraz and a sauvignon blanc. We ended up leaving with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and drank it that night, it was nice, smooth.. and I'm not much of a wine drinker either!
  • Red House

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    My girlfriend and I had decided we?d go for a morning walk then grab breakfast here at the Red House Café. I haven?t been here for quite some time so was very keen. We came and it was so busy that we had to wait a little bit for a table. Glad it was sunny as we did get a seat outside partly in the sunshine and also glad we got there when we did because not long after there was people coming through left, right and center! Seems like a very popular place! As we had just gotten back from Paris, we were reminiscing on the yummy fresh breakfasts we had and also the croissants and scones! We saw them both on the menu so we just had to order them! They were delicious! We had a beautiful morning here at Red House Cafe.
  • Brompton Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Brompton, SA
    My friend was visiting from China just recently and her friends place where she stays when visiting is literally two doors down from The Brompton so deciding where to go for our catch up dinner was easily made ? plus The Brompton has good food and is so cosy. We both ordered the beef schnitzel and it was very satisfying! Also ordered the bread loaf with garlic and thyme butter I think it was and it was very fresh and fluffy. Another good meal here at The Brompton :)
  • Bracegirdles House Of Fine Chocolate

    Chocolatiers Mclaren Vale, SA
    My friend and I decided to go for a drive to McLaren Vale but didn?t realize it was the weekend of the Sea and Vines Festival so it was buzzing with people everywhere! It was a nice atmosphere that afternoon and just so lucky to be able to get a table free here at Bracegirdle?s not long after we arrived. We ordered hot chips and a delicious waffle stack to share. It was all so fresh, deeeeelicious and satisfying! The service though was very slow but won?t hold them against that being that it was such a busy day in McLaren Vale, I could imagine how hard everyone was working that day. Well done to the team for still keeping a smile on their face and delivering out delicious desserts and coffees!
  • Mr Viet

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I was cold and wanted something warm so I decided that I wanted some Pho for lunch and came here today for my Pho fix. Good serving size for the price and the stock was flavorsome. Was happy with my pick of lunch choice today.
  • Bamboo House

    Restaurants Ingle Farm, SA
    I was in the area and decided to pop in to Bamboo House for lunch and some

    authentic and delicious Filipino food. I got my usual - Tocino and fried

    rice.. I just love it! The marinade and slicing of the pork... love it!

    Always a treat coming here and always satisfied too :)
  • Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

    Takeaways Sydney, NSW
    I just did a recent trip to Sydney for the weekend with a friend and right near to where my friends apartment is is Hotstar Large Fried Chicken. I've had Hot Star before back in Adelaide so knew what it tasted like, and although I like to try new things especially if I am in another state, I was hungry and I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed if I had purchased a Hot Star Chicken for myself. I wasn't wrong there - tasted delicious and no regrets!
  • Bodywork Place

    Massage Adelaide, SA
    I needed to release some tension in my neck and shoulders the other week and

    came here to get that done ? it was great. The week after my friend and I

    were talking about foot massages and I said to him we should come here to

    get it done and so we did. Good recommendation from me there because the

    reflexology done for the both of us was so sore, but good sore and somewhat

    relaxing at the same time. My friend enjoyed it and as did I. We both

    definitely would come back again. They look after you well here.
  • Soonta Rundle Place

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Soonta is so popular now - it is one of the hot lunch picks for the city goers and office workers. Vietnamese Rice Bowls and Bread Rolls all made from fresh ingredients. Soonta is always enjoyable and filling!
  • Samtass Bros Seafoods

    Seafood Richmond, SA
    My bestfriend and I had taken a day off work last week with no plans as to what we would do for the day, but we were just going to wing it. When my bestfriend arrived to my house, after lazing about umming and ahhing we decided that we would do some little exercise go for a walk with my dog along Richmond Road to grab a coffee from a place nearby. In the end we ended up here at Samtass Seafood because they were just opening up for their weekday BBQ out front and I knew my friend loved seafood so I said lets skip the coffee?s because she must try this place while she can and its just opened for the day. No regrets there ? she loved it and could not get over how fresh and cheap it was ? especially for it being cooked for you on spot! Glad she enjoyed it, and I enjoyed my fish burger too. Such a great price and a great idea to have this fresh seafood ?bbq? store out front of the store itself!
  • IKEA

    Furniture Stores Adelaide Airport, SA
    My friend has just moved out so I have been accompanying him to Ikea lately ? so many new and cool house items that I want to buy but have to resist because I don?t need them. There are a couple of items though I am looking at purchasing in the new future, just have to clear up my messy space in my unit and make room for them before I buy it. They make everything look so good and work well in Ikea, and what makes it more tempting is the prices ? everything is priced very well, very reasonable.
  • Zambrero

    Cafes Glenelg, SA
    One warm Sunday evening not too long ago, my friend and I caught up for a take away meal from Zambrero's Glenelg to park ourselves onto the grass area overlooking the Glenelg waters. We ordered a burrito and a power bowl to share, it was so filling and it was delicious.
  • Public

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Public have a coffee cart downstairs of my office building and it is great! I have been running late nearly every morning since being back from holiday so the handiness of having this coffee cart right there has made me be able to get in on time still with a coffee in hand! The barista's are lovely and the pastries they have also for sale are delicious! Must try the Portugese Tarts! ;)