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xbabydollx Local Star

i love food, and especially desserts. i love to eat, and trying new places. i am picky on menus though. i enjoy fitness and recreation and trying new things.. outdoor activities, getting out and about and being active. i also love being pampered. i very much enjoy my massages, i like to have my 'relaxing-spoilt-me' time every once in a while..maybe sometimes a lil too much...and that goes for all my three likings - food, recreation & pampering.. oh well..its time & money well spent :)

Joined 21 September 2010 Pg, SA

  • Movenpick

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Adelaide, SA
    I do like the Movenpick icecream flavors but this time sat inside with friends and had dessert and drinks. I ordered the swissroll with icecream on the side. It was nice but it wasn?t amazing as I thought it would be. The fruit drinks we all ordered were quite disappointing, it tasted more like flavored soda water than fruit juices we were expecting.
  • Boomers on the Beach

    Pubs & Bars Glenelg, SA
    A nice walk from Henley Beach to Glenelg Beach deserved something yummy for brunch so my friend and I decided to give Boomers on the Beach a try as the pancakes on the signboard caught our eye! It was delicious! I loved the coconut and blueberry pancakes with icecream and my friend enjoyed her Salt and Pepper Squid, I had some of her fries and they were delish!
  • Pirie & Co

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I came here the other week for a Hens Night which consisted of 25 girls so we kinda knew the meals would all come out all over the place as it was pay your own/everyone ordering from alacarte. Anyways, the waitress taking our orders at the start was very friendly and patient, very helpful also. The entrées and mains were a little all over the place as expected being served as expected but they all did a good job and the food did taste delicious! I ordered the Pork Belly and Barramundi dish with Asian salad and that was amazing! All the other meals looked mouth-wateringly tempting too so I think definitely have to come back! We had a good start to the hens night here at Pirie and Co, so chill and spacious for us catching up over dinner before we continued on with the night!
  • Mamachau

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    As I only have a 30 minute lunch break on most days, it just doesn't give me enough time to change out of uniform, find something to eat and eat it, all before needing to go back to work. I was super impressed on how quick the service was here at Mamachau's when I came in to get a Bao meal and being it was my first time here also, I was very happy with the food, the bao's tasted amazing and the lotus chips were crunchy and delicious. Very happy meal deal that was for lunch! Definitely would come back here and also recommend this place!
  • Cafe' Bravo

    Cafes West Lakes, SA
    I came here to Cafe Bravo for dinner before a movie last month. The service was friendly and pretty quick which was good, I ordered the lasagna and it was pretty huge. The taste of the dish itself was okay, not the best lasagna I've had but they didn't skimp out on the sauce which was great, so thumps up to that!
  • North Indian Cuisine

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Between a quick pop into the mall after work and visiting a friend in hospital, I needed to grab something quick to eat so as I was walking on Hindley street, noticed North Indian Cuisine and decided to pop in to quickly have butter chicken and naan for dinner. Have not been in here before but seemed it couldn't be bad as ther were quite a lot of people inside eating. The space is small but it was more a fast food place where you have a quick dine in or else order takeaway. The butter chicken and garlic naan tasted okay, not the best I have had but it was still nice enough. It was decently priced I suppose for city takeaway, not sure if I would come back anytime soon but at least I know of an Indian Cuisine place I can go to if I have had a craving.
  • Malobo

    Cafes Henley Beach, SA
    OMG - Felt like heaven when I walked into this place. I looked at their window and counter goodies and there was so much I wanted to have! Everything they were selling looked so good, unfortunately my stomach and wallet was not as big as my eyes, so I was only able to settle for one item this time around (Apprle Crumble which was amazing!) but I know I will definitely be coming back here after seeing the menu and what they have to offer.
  • Hermanos Cubanos

    Cafes Henley Beach, SA
    A girlfriend and I decided to make use of sunshine and weather the other week and decided to that we had lunch on the beach while we soak up some rays. We didn't have anything in mind of what to eat but we knew we wanted to go to Henley Beach. We took a walk down Henley Square and saw this place - Hermanos Cubanos. We decided to order salad, fish and chips and onion rings to share. The wait on the order was not long at all, the service was very friendly and the food was great. We really enjoyed the jerk chicken salad and the onion rings were delicious, crispy as and the housemade aioli went so well! We were very happy with our food choices!
  • CoCo

    Juice Bars Adelaide, SA
    Thought I would give this Coco Bubble tea please a try last week as my friend said she tried it and liked it. It was different to the other bubbleteas I have had, I found they didnt have the range in flavors like the other shops did, however I still did enjoy it.
  • Skechers

    Shoe Stores Adelaide, SA
    Skechers Rundle Mall has such a big range and varierty to choose from. They do pretty constant specials in-store also from what you see at other shoe stores and they stock the latest range also. I came in last week looking for comfortable casual walking shoes and found and tried on two pairs that I liked. Still deciding which one I am going to get but I know I will come back for either of them.
  • MP3 Cafe

    Cafes Brighton, SA
    My friend and I just finished a walk down by the beach and were on the hunt for some breakfast. We ended up here at MP3 Cafe because the menu seemed pretty darn cheap for breakfast these days and also there was outdoor seating so it was nice to be outdoors with the sun shining. The breakfasts we ordered were huge! It was such a big serving size and we paid quite minimal for it unlike other breakfasts places we have been to lately. It was definitely value for money and our eggs on toasts and sides of bacon were delicious! Definitely could not go wrong with our orders or that menu! It was great!
  • Larry And Ladd

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    Another new coffee shop for me to try in the city! Larry and Ladd is located in Regent Arcade and the times I've walked pass in the morning before work they have been quite busy from what I've noticed! I decided to pop in last week to give their coffee a shot and a well-made coffee it was. The smiley service from the lad's were friendly so double-thumbs up for that visit!
  • Singapore Delights

    Specialty Food Adelaide, SA
    Met a friend for latenight shopping in the city last Friday and we decided to get dinner out the way beforehand. We ended up here at Adelaide Plaza Foodcourt after walking around from a few places prior as we couldn't find something we liked. I decided to get the wet flat rice noodles with fishballs. Unfortunately it didn't have much flavor/taste to it so I didn't enjoy it like I thought I would have being as starving as I was.
  • The Deli

    Cafes Thebarton, SA
    Some friends had invited me to catch up here at The Deli for lunch on the weekend but unfortunately I had plans already so couldn't stay but I did stop in briefly as I was passing through to have a Chai Latte. I was happy to know they were a dog friendly cafe as I did have my pooch with me at the time. The staff were lovely and were more than happy to have my dog there giving her water and cuddles.
  • Hindmarsh Stadium

    Stadiums & Arenas Hindmarsh, SA
    Located just outside the city outskirts near the Adelaide Entertainment Center is the home of Adelaide United! I have been here a few times in general admission and in the corporate boxes to watch a few AUFC matches. The most recent was last month in general admission and the stadium was not that busy but the atmosphere was still fun and cheerful. I find though the drinks are a little limited (alcoholic beverages anyway) and the hot food for sale were standard pies, sausage rolls and hot chips. I do believe though you can bring in your own food as I saw someone eating Subway.
  • On The Run

    Convenience Stores Bolivar, SA
    Great pit stop point here at OTR Bolivar! Big space and gets very busy. It's like a petrol station, bakery, coffee shop, eatery fast food joint, convenient store/mini supermarket.. it's got the lot!
  • Speranza Woodfired Pizza

    Takeaways Warradale, SA
    Totally had a craving for pizza last week so my friend and I decided that we'd get a take away pizza and eat it by the beach! Being semi-new to this southern city area I googled good pizza shops around the place and Speranza came up - decision made! The pizza was good, good base, well-made and generous enough on the toppings. Was happy to had given it a try and will keep it in mind for next time :)
  • Nordburger

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Got super excited when I walked through Chinatown the other week to buy a bubble tea and saw that Nordburger had just opened up here!! A Nordburger even more closer to me.. don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing for me! Haha... Anyways, I ended up picking up a burger on my walk back to the car because I hadn't had dinner yet so heck, why not?! Tasted just as good as the Hindmarsh branch! Yummmmmm!
  • Madame Hanoi

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Wow oh wow! That Pork Belly and Pawpaw Salad is amazing! I have been here about 3 times for dinner and each time have not been dissapointed with the food and service. It is a little on the pricier side but the place, location, vibe ontop of the food and service is great. Excellent location on North Terrace right downstairs of the Adelaide Casino.
  • Sports Runouts

    Factory Outlets West Beach, SA
    So many shoes and at pretty good prices too! I came past here last week and saw that they were doing really good prices on Asics so ended up buying myself a pair for $79. So comfortable and they look great!