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  • Jay just completed a slab for our shed and it looks amazing. It was a small job but the finish was on point!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES!!!
  • delivers a service with a high level of proffesionalism!
  • i just want to thank Wayne. Again, to do the pest inspection for the property we are interest to buy. & found big termite nest around the fence area. Save us $$$ by paying ourselves and now the seller will sort it out. He is so patient, and explained his finding and how he thought about the place to us. He has spent almost two hours onsite to go through every corner of the house and then came back another time to do another check and measurement. Only charge us $200.. it's so worth it. compared to all the other trades i ever come across. Highly recommended! and he is also very knowledgable. and Prices are so competitive. We have used him as our pest and termite control guy for years.
  • Got great advice, the install happened on schedule and best of all cold air for summer! Thanks guys!!

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  • Trev Scott
    Have always been interested in adventure. From driving a jet boat for tourists in Te Anau New Zealand. An ablone diver for some years in Tasmania. Then worked on an off shore rig as a deep sea diver for a number of years. Back in NewZealand, mountain climbing, fishing and photography. Canterbury Search and rescue team. Have over the years travelled around the world to many great destinations. Now spend nine months of the year travelling around Australia as a freelance write ...read more
  • David Sarkies
    I'm a bit of an explorer and I like going to places that I haven't been to before. Okay, I'm not necessarily going to point you to a good accountant (or a dentist), but I know what I like and if I like it, I'll tell you about it (with in reason of course, because I'm not going to tell you which doctor gives away free sick certificates).
  • Ange Kenos
    Civil Marriage Celebrant J P Beach weddings, parks, gardens, historical settings, sports grounds, on motor bikes, out on the water, in chapels and in hotel rooms... I have married couples in all sorts of wonderful locations, renewed vows, named babies & even conducted very special divorce ceremonies. And I have respected different faiths and cultures at all times. After all, YOUR wedding is YOURS to decide. My goal is always to help create great memories that will last an eternity.
  • CB&D
    Lovers of food, travel and new adventures. Sydney based :)
  • Miss Dissent
    Food writer for more than a decade, Miss Dissent writes Does My Bomb Look Big In This? - Sydney's most comprehensive food blog. You'll find well over 1500 reviews. On Zomato over 23 million views of reviews & photos. On Trip Advisor Level 6, #22 Sydney reviewer, 175,000 readers. Yelp 143,000 viewers in last 90 days. The blog: http://missdissent.livejournal.com/
  • Kurt & Sarah C
    We are a couple that love eating out, drinking, playing and watching sports, travelling, going to the gym. Sarah also loves a good hairdo and spray tan, whilst Kurt is happy to head for a surf.
Bottle Shops
This patisserie has had a change of staff since my last visit. We found the service was good, staff helpful. Inside is modern and comfortable, with good seating configurations. An excellent
Stirling, SA
The By Blackbird Cafe has an industrial format, with a large ornate table and chairs, as centre piece. Also historical photos on the walls, with a large well arranged serving area. We enjoye
Goodwood, SA