True Local’s Deep Dive into Online Reviews and Small Businesses


We are living in a digital age, where consumers are increasingly looking for ways to validate their online decisions. This means that online reviews are more important than ever in creating consumer trust and giving small and medium businesses another platform to drive business growth.

True Local is excited to launch a new report that looks at how the digital review landscape has evolved for consumers and SMBs, titled the: True Local Small Business Digital Reputations Report 2017.

This report breaks down how consumers are reading, writing and using online reviews to inform purchasing decisions, and illustrates the crucial role that reviews play in building trust. Consumers are more digitally engaged than ever, and understanding their online review behaviours is the first step in helping managing your businesses online reputation.

Similarly, the report also explores the ways in which SMBs across Australia are currently using online reviews and highlights areas that need attention. The report is designed to give you clear actionable ways you can manage your online reputation and understand how you can harness online reviews to your advantage. Bolstering your online profile can be as simple as spending a few hours a week managing your reviews, and True Local wants every small business in Australia to have all the tools they need to have strong online reputations and a solid pipeline of new business opportunities.

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